℗ 2020 Leidseplein Presse, B.V.

POWER UP Tracklist:


Thank the Rock Heavens for great music that is still strong after decades. I feel bit similar to my first experience toBack in Black.


Rock n Roll only has 4 letters...AC/DC 🤘🏼

nj scizo

How are they still going and still better than most bands today? This is true rock and roll. Shot in the dark is just a little taste of what they can do


Please get this trash out of the metal section.

I'm For Beatles

Love this band, but the vocal track has so much top end (10k sizzle) it’s difficult to listen to it at a proper AC/DC volume. Which is Loud!!


These guys just keep bringing it! [email protected]&$’ng amazing! 🤘🏻


Predictable? I hope so. I don’t want ballads and I don’t want them to re-create themselves. I want what I’ve listened to and loved since the 1970’s. I want rock and roll. I didn’t expect them to change because they never have. Thankfully, Axl was only a temporary patch. Malcolm, RIP and know your mates have carried on.

terzy 49

Listening to the new song is super great. It was a great loss of Malcolm young but to have Stevie young Malcolms nephew stepped in is what they needed. Also Phil Rudd back on drums!


Hell yeah.


They never disappoint! They stay out of politics and just keep rocking that’s what us fans want!!!!


Came here to preview the album and totally got what I expected! The same style of music that is classic ACDC! Some may say that’s too predictable. I say it still rocks so who cares! I can roll the windows down and crank this stuff all the way up to 30. Ya aint gonna do that with your bebop pop electronic crap with your singer that sounds like they’re about to cry. Give me something to jam to! This is shaping up to be another great album!

All about the 90s

Another AC/DC Hit! Wel all soon be singing and blasting in our vehicles! Cheers boys!


Sounds just like good old AC/DC - exactly as I hoped it would! Anyone expecting anything else will be sorely disappointed. Thankfully, it is classic AC/DC, doing what they do best, not one of hundreds of bands that bend their approach with the musical fads of the day. Which is exactly why they've been around for almost 5 decades!!


I have only heard the one song but I know I’m gonna love the whole thing


This takes me back to rocking and enjoying music in my 66mustang. It’s just that fierce and feel good. This bad should never die.. it’ll just b a crime against humanity. I don’t give a f$&ck who’s left as OG ‘member.. u have to realize all the greats r dying so be appreciative of the greats we still have


Finally something going right in 2020. AC/DC ROCKS!!!!!


Thankfully Classic Rock endures! Most of the new stuff today is absolutely awful.

Trans Am 82

Hey what can you say? Nothing they are still brand new !


Not much to say. Been an AC/DC fan for almost 40 years. Last good album was Ballbreaker 1995. If you can count it has been much too long overdue for them to hang it up. Even the death of Malcolm was not enough sign. At this point they would have to do some experimental type album with a different singer like hint hint Axl Rose to get my attention and $$$. Sorry AC/DC should have let this rest forever.

Micius Porcius

Maybe we’ll be alright. New AC/DC album. Take that 2020!


Gd vey


OMG Love Shot in the Dark!! My favorite group! So glad they're back! I'm 78 years old and i love them! Hope they will go on tour when it is safe again. Rock on!!!!


Because it seems as if 95% of musicians are now more interested in creating music that fits industry standards. Thank goodness AC/DC has not joined that parade. From the first note, there is no mistaking whose sound this is.




Covid 19 - im gonna destroy 2020 AC DC - Hold my beer Eddie Van Halen passes, AC DC drops new album. The Lord giveth and he taketh away.

Dig Hey Zoos

Of coarse you know how it sounds, stupid! It’s AC/DC! You know what you’re gonna get with some cool surprises! If you’re expecting a new version of the band, you obviously don’t know them. Just hard drivin’ Rock n Roll. Shut up and go back to your room till your mom calls you for dinner.


The new single is so good it sounds like it’s been taken back to the roots like the original AC/DC. Excellent 🤘🏼


very nice


The new single sounds classic! In these times it’s good to have some good rock n roll comfort food. Looking at the song list it’s the same raunchy titles. (Which is a good thing) can’t wait to hear lyrics to “ money shot” lol .


I can't wait for the rest of the release, classic ACDC all the way! The riffs you recognize and vocals that are unmistakable, pure rock!


Just sampling the one track “Shot In The Dark” you’d think it was the eighties all over again. These guys are in their sixties and just keep getting better. Unbelievable!


So frickin excited! Can’t wait for this album to be released! I really recommend shot in the dark. This album to me sounds like back in black with some black ice👍🏻


Ac/Dc doesn’t disappoint shot in the dark awesome song can’t wait till the album comes out it’s going to be an amazing album highway to hell baby 🤘

Mickey Mike

Was hoping they would sound a little different this time but no. He only knows 3 chords. All the songs sound alike. Save your money on this one!


Never disappoints


This is the best they’ve sounded since “Flick of the Switch” and that is very exciting. A great single!!!! AC/DC is bringing it at a level not heard for quite some time. Fantastic!!

Tony 2Toes

So sick of the lame music these days! Keep them coming to drown out the rest!!!


Keeping it rocking all these years later!!


Love it! Sounds great!!! GravyDan, your grandpa loves it because he knows what real music is! Go back to your pop music.

SATCH 1962

Been a terrible year for the entire world!! The loss of Eddie Van Halen really kicked me in the balls!! I am soooo hapopy that this band is going to be back on-top very soon!! they sound like they always have been, clean, heavy, and it seems their talents are as stong as ever!!! I cannot wait until COVID goes away and see them on tour once again!! Christmas has come early for the AC/DC Fans!!

The Sensitive

AC/DC are back and transmisison is in full gear!

Elita One aka Causeway

I been following AC/DC for years they sure are a amazing rock band and I will always love their classics! Cannot wait to get my copy of SHOT IN THE DARK!






If this song, (A Shot in the Dark), is any indication of how this whole album will go,..... Man, Oh, MAN!!! I can't wait!!!! Im very hopeful for this album. Pre-Order Now!


This song deserved to be on top! So glad real music is back on the top of the chart!


If there is one constant in the music world, it's AC/DC. They never fail to disappoint, and their music is still as great as it was 40+ years ago - if not BETTER. Can't wait for the new album - "Shot in the Dark" is AWESOME.

Country Guy4587

This song sounds like it could've been recorded in the early 70s, that's that classic and timeless sound of AC/DC. New album is going to be 🔥

Jordan McCough

I’m sick of people getting mad about todays music and wanting older artists to come back only for them to hate on them too. Glad I haven’t seen it with these guys 🤙

Mango machine

There needs to be a 6 star option. This is Ac/Dc!!!!!!