Daft Punk - Alive 2007 (Live) [Deluxe Edition]

℗ 2007 Daft life limited under exclusive license to Parlophone Music a division of Parlophone Music France

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Daft Punk is like Pink Floyd. Not bad for a duo that just made like four albums in less than 20 years. When they make an album or even play live, new tracks are made with the standard tracks that are known and loved. Anyway, Daft Punk is like Pink Floyd because their albums stay on the charts for a long time and it’s constantly my playlist for years. Also, I had to keep repurchasing their albums in the past because I wore them out. Even when I changed from an iPod to an iPhone, I kept buying their tracks even though I already have their music. What more can I say, they’re great. Make a new album already; It’s been tooo long.


It's absolutely insane how PERFECT Daft Punk mixes everything together. Daft punk is timeless and extremely satisfying in every way. Turn it on, CRANK IT UP, feel the awesome!!!

Let it the F Go

I had an opportunity to see this live in Chicago, before I was into Daft Punk and opted to not pay the guy $80 for a ticket....d-u-m-b, genuinely regrettable. The album is excellent for the uninititated in its own right, but having an appreciation for the original tracks that were mixed to make this takes the experience up a notch, as does the live recording (IMHO). Just pay the $9.99 already.


Still sounds absolutely amazing even 10 years afterwards. A masterpiece, no doubt. Also I have to say, even after a decade, only Daft Punk can remix Daft Punk, only them can do this properly.

Matty boo boo 13579

I'm not huge techno or electronic music fan, but I listen to this on repeat!


Best live album. EVER. Any genre. ANY. Songs flow together creating an awesome listening experience. PERFECT. The only complaint with this album is that I can't listen to all the songs at one time. It gets no better than this. SERIOUSLY.


It is very rare that an artist goes in an tweaks their material for a live album. This album is by far one of my favorites. The mash-up of some of my most favorite Daft Punk songs into new songs that stand on their own makes this a must have for any Daft Punk fan. If you don't have this in your collection yet, I strongly recommend you add it today.


This is one of the greatest live albums of all time!!


Stick your Tedious Word "Boring" up your................


One of the best if not the best live set and album I've ever heard. Just push play and sit back and enjoy. A must have album in any collection.


My favorites on this album are "Robot Rock/Oh Yeah", "Too Long/Steam Machine", "Around the World/Harder Better Faster Stronger", "Burnin'/Too Long", "One More Time/Aerodynamic", "Aerodynamic Beats/Forget About The World", "Prime Time of Your Life/Rollin and Scratchin/Brainwasher/Alive" and "Da Funk/Daftendirekt".




This is by far my most favorite album of Daft Punk the mixes of their songs are pure gold I rate every song on this album 10/10 I luv every song on this album my top 4 are :1.Television Rules The Nation/Crescendolls 2:Prime Time of Your Life/Brainwasher/Rollin and Scratchin/Alive 3:Face To Face/Short Circuit 4:Superheroes/Human After All/Rock n Roll Like I said I luv this whole album,those are my top 4 songs and I can't wait till ALIVE 2017


That beat drop on track ten will leave you wondering why you are alive


Surpasses their studio albums. Inspired.


WOW. The only thing better than this album is to have been there, I would think. Put your headphones on, turn that %#*& up and bask in the glory of DAFT PUNK! BEST EVER!

Daft Jono

The album is Harder, better, Faster, Stronger. My first physical album I ever bought and a big influence on my life <3


I had always heard of Daft Punk but had never listened until I came across this album in a library. Many people on here are saying this is the best live recording ever. I might have to agree with them. Normally I really do not enjoy live recording albums, but this one is so well recorded and mastered and with the mixed in audience noises makes it almost seem like you're there. The concept of taking and mixing your own songs together to make a live concert is nice too, for those who might already own the original recordings.

Th3 Kn1f3

This is by far the GREATEST Daft Punk album ever!

Jack Avilla

If this album wasn't live it would be an easy 5 out of 5..


It's so cool to hear music like this performed live from a group like this. If you're new to this genre this is a good place to start.

House OG

I'm a house OG dating back to the late-80's in San Francisco and am always on the lookout for interesting music. I've avoided this group for fear that it would be too mainstream and predictable - unfortunately I was not disappointed. The kids too young to know good house music will love this album. I found it to be boring and kept waiting for it to finally start pumping. Way too predictable.

Coyotes Fan101

It takes a lot to give me goosebumps, this did it! Outstanding!!!


Oh god, I believe I came upon the best album in the entire earth. Daft punk gave us a treasure. Homework was a great start up, discovery, a masterpiece, human after all, prime time of your life is still in my head. And this, this unearthly greatness is the best album, and daft punk being the 3rd best band next to green day and queen. Daft punk, thank you for this album. I'll see you at alive 2017!


This has to be the best Live CD ever. Perfect blending of the tracks and sound quality.

Will delete this app

It's great, but I can't find the digital booklet


Great mix and everything but I wish it wasn't live.


Wow! I love this album so much! This is the greatest live recording ever! Daft Punk mixes there songs creating incredible new songs! And I still don't know why iTunes is deleting the reviews for all of Daft Punk's albums but RAM. Anyways, first review! Robot Rock/Oh Yeah - This is a awesome live mix! Epic and creative! (10/10) Touch it/Technologic - I love this mix! Weird voices, a awesome song! (10/10) Television Rules the Nation/Crescendolls - A awesome mix! I love it! (10/10) Too Long/Steam Machine - A very interesting and cool mix. (9/10) Around the World/Harder Better Faster Stronger - The best live recording song in this album! I love the mix! It is so awesome that they mixed two of my most favorite Daft Punk songs of all time! (excluding Get Lucky) The mix is amazing! (10/10) Burnin'/Too Long - Awesome Song! Very cool! (9/10) Face to Face/Short Circuit - My 2nd favorite album in the album! I almost like it more than the original! I love Face to Face so much, and the mix makes the song even more interesting! A awesome song! (10/10) One More Time - I love this mix! It's so cool! They didn't change the song up that much but it's a awesome mix! (10/10) Aerodynamic Beats/Forget About the World - A awesome mix. The songs are new and i like the mix/new song. (9/10) Prime Time of Your Life/Brainwasher/Rollin' And Scratchin'/Alive - A very long and awesome mix! Cool and creepy! (9/10) Da Funk/Dafendirekt - This is such a cool mix! I love this mix so much! Just so cool! (10/10) Superheroes/Human After All/Rollin' And Scratchin' - A cool mix! Nice song! Very awesome! (9/10) Human/Together/One More Time/ Music Sounds Better With You/Stardust (Instrumental) [Bonus Track] - A very long and cool track! Very awesome! (9/10) Overall this is truly the best live recording ever! I love this album so much! Daft Punk is absolutely amazing and I can't wait for their next Live release! This is a must buy album! (10/10)