Alter Bridge - Walk the Sky

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Walk the Sky Tracklist:


If you love AB and their maturity as awesome musicians then give this album a listen you will love it




Not much great guitar work. A bit of a vanilla album. Disappointing.


I remember when they first came out I thought a creed remake boy was I wrong! There a different breed and there’s a reason why Mark Tremonti is guitarists of the decade!!! Miles is amazing the notes he hits... I’m a fan for sure and the last two albums have me hooked I honestly can’t say enough about Alter Bridge they Rock n Roll without question! Really the only rock album I’ve had on repeat!!!! 🤘on Brothers!!!


First 3 albums were awesome but have been sinking since. Stapp’s new album is awesome though. Ironic.

Patrick M. Doran

I have always felt that Alter Bridge has straddled the line between hard rock and heavy metal. On 'Walk the Sky', they stay more in the hard rock lane. Perhaps only having five weeks to record the album is to blame, but the metal elements of the band's previous material are largely absent. There are some heavy riffs, no doubt, but the intricate solos and double bass passages are gone. Yes, Tremonti has some nice lead work, but they're few and far between. Overall, the album is worth having, but it's not their best.


I’ve been a fan of these guys since the first album but this record felt a little forced. I don’t have a problem with it being heavy but the riffs just don’t do much for me on this album. The record feels like one long song without much standout anywhere. Hopefully, next album they’ll have taken some time off and come up with something special

fudge happens

I’ve been a longtime fan of Alter Bridge. They’ve had consistently put out awesome records, however this one literally falls flat. The producer over compressed the highs. Listening to the album on a long drive was the real test, volume was up and I tried getting a feel for the music. It’s just not there on this one. The cymbals and highs from the guitars are missing. The keyboard is a nice change but overall the music is a bit muddy, it’s unbalanced. I really hope they remaster this in the future.


I miss the soul of Blackbird and ABIII. This album has some decent songs, but they still lack the feeling of some of their earlier albums. Many of the songs sound a lot like Tremonti, with Myles as the lead.

Baba Heath

I can’t stop listening to this new album. Admittedly I’m biased because AB is one of my all time favorite rock artists but dang! the guys just bring it on this album with every awesome song. The arrangement of every note, lyric and guitar solo is perfection. This album just pumps me up with mega positive vibes! AB delivered again.


Ty ab new sounds new direction amazing compilation enjoy 🔥🔥🔥


This is different but still AB, I like the change of pace and direction great vocals and sound just a little different. You cannot expect bands that have been togheter this long to keep doing the same thing everytime they just get bored and breakup, it is fresh and different BUT still AB the best in the land!


Mark Tremonti is in a league of his own when it comes to shredding and writing hard rock/metal material. With Miles Kennedy’s vocal talents and the thundering rhythm section, Alter Bridge, unlike almost any other band in this genre, consistently delivers and never disappoints their listeners. Bravo to another great album that goes in my playlist of head banging and hard knocks! 🤘❤️


This album is definitely worthy to own. Miles Kennedy kills it and the bands gutsy rifts, melodies and harmonics are plain stupid good! Worth the download. Enjoy




Along with their last album “The Last Hero”, this album is definitely a departure from their previous works, but in an amazing way. It’s clear that the band is evolving, and pushing towards a different sound and vibe sonically. The first few tracks are very smooth, with that classic high octane Alter Bridge snarl ripping out in later tracks. These guys are just getting better with age. Another incredible album from these legends. GET IT!!


Love this band but wasn’t sure about the album on the first listen. But with listen I find myself liking it a little more. Fortress was my favorite followed by Blackbird. This album might not be up there with those in my opinion, but it still has some songs I’d add to my Alter Bridge favs playlist. Another good album from a great rock band.


This album is one of the best of 2019 easy.


There’s something for everyone on this album. The band does experiment on some songs, but nothing drastic as they stay true to their formula. This is a solid album from start to finish but songs I would skip over would be “One Life”, “The Bitter End” and “Tear Us Apart”. My favorite song is “Clear Horizon”, “Native Son” (although it could do away with all those “woahhs”) and “In the Deep”.


Great album from start to finish! Alter Bridge takes you on a musical journey from beginning to end. To all the critics that have left negative comments for this band, I ask you, can you do better? You're answer would obviously be no. This band keeps delivering original music. Keeping true to their creativity and taking us to new heights as musicians. Guitars, drums, bass and vocals, each piece is pure. Thank you Alter Bridge for continuing to experiment and being ceative. We Thank You!!!


First off...I don't understand people that bash a band because they don't sound like they did in the past. Don't you want a band to expand musically and give us new sounds? AB does this perfectly on this new album. While it won't compete with Fortress and Blackbird, it's a solid album from start to finish.


I've been a huge fan of Alter Bridge from the get-go, and have loved the solo work that Mark and Myles have done on the side that have their own feel. Marks solo work is some of my hands down favorite music. Mark's heavy riffs and Myles fast relentless tempo with Slash is great. AB has always been about big melodic songs interjected with heavy riffs, but there was always a uniquness to all of their songs. Gone are the catchy hooks, the head banging riffs, and the passion. As others have stated, it almost feels like a B sides album. There's some good ones here, but the majority feel uninspired and forgettable. The album as a whole feels disjointed as well. This will be the first album of theirs i just cherry pick songs out of.


This album is truly a masterpiece. I was slightly anxious about the album given that it has pushed the boundaries of what we are used to hearing from the band, but after listening to the album as a whole it all just falls together so perfectly. For anyone who heard the singles and is even slightly hesitant, don’t be, my top few favorite songs on the album aren’t any of the singles that were released prior to the album’s release. Some are saying the album is a departure from their style or that they have “lost the edge,” but I find that to be completely untrue, as Alter Bridge has simply expanded and elevated themselves to new heights musically. This album has something for everyone, if you lean toward the heavier sounds of the band, songs like Wouldn’t You Rather, Native Son and Forever Falling will satisfy that craving, along with many other moments throughout the other songs. If you want to hear some extremely atmospheric epic sounding pieces, check out Clear Horizon, Walking the Sky and Dying Light. Godspeed is another favorite, beautifully written. The rest of the songs not mentioned in this review are equally amazing and unique and keep the sound so fresh but still familiar enough for fans of the other albums to love. My one and only complaint, and I hope the band reads this, is that Mark’s voice in Forever Falling seems too quiet and feels drowned out by the music.. I don’t notice it much anywhere else on the album, but Mark has an incredible voice and when I listen I don’t want to strain to hear it!!! Overall, truly epic masterpiece and quality work from the guys! A Must Buy!!!


Sad that I discovered this band just 3 years ago but Man!... going through their discography has been a powerful train ride! And this album shows they’re not slowing down. Although I do think this album lacks the "The End Is Here" "Blackbird", "Cry Of Achilles", "Fortress", "The Last Hero" type songs, they give us classics in other ways that don’t disappoint. Without a doubt, one of the most Solid catalogs in the industry.

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This album is a fine example of how these guys are one of the top bands in the business. They just consistently deliver the goods and they don’t disappoint.


Favorite collection of AB songs to date. Rivals Fortress but this album definitely has the cooler artwork!


In my humble opinion, "Pay No Mind", "Clear Horizon", and "Dying Light" are the only songs that are worthy. Don't expect to find any eargasms here. Overall the album feels well-produced but unneccessary, and that hurts me say... Still waiting for a vocal+orchestra only version of Live at Royal Albert! Myles and Mark are still best duo in modern rock history.


Love it! Best one since ABIII. One or two tracks that are not there for me but in this day and age that is a top shelf piece of work.


AB has made themselves a staple in rock with Blackbird & AB III. Now I feel this fanbase has fallen apart, along with the band's drive. Watch their 2008 & 2011 performances vs their recent ones. Myles' and Mark's solo projects have taken much creativity and writing from the band. When I saw AB at MECU Pavillion this year, the venue was about 3/5ths full. Those 2/5ths were there to see Skillet who, although good, couldn't match AB on any level. In The Deep has one of the most beautiful verses I've heard, but was destroyed by the mediocre chorus. Dying Light was probably their truest song as far as their sound, and had AMAZING guitar solos. Pay No Mind's chorus was kickass. Godspeed isn't a bad song, and it's catchy. Take The Crown started off amazing with the intro, but then was slammed with an odd "you're going down". Forever Falling by Mark & Myles was so great, yet it's 11th out of 14 tracks as far as popularity. What is going on? It's great we have a band that's insanely talented who wants to change the sound up for the fans. But this isn't even AB anymore. They said for this album, they merged the demos they wrote while doing their own projects instead of writing together like before. Well, you get an insane amount of genius ideas, but it lacks drive & consistency.


To all the one star reviewers. You have no taste in music. Your reviews aren’t even reviews because you cannot quantify your dislike. You probably sit at home wondering why you have no friends and are completely useless as human beings. This album is not for people who have no musical taste and the attention span of a flea. It is complex, has depth, and must be listened to many times before you can get a full grasp of its beauty. If you are going to Listen to it just once don’t review it. Your just gonna make yourself look like an idiot. GREAT JOB ALTER BRIDGE!


First off, I am such a huge, long-time fan since One Day Remains. All of their records up to this point have been great. This one, however, not so much. The melodies don't flow at all. When they started writing the songs, it's as if they sat down and said "every song must go in every unexpected melodic direction possible, or we're just not doing it." The melodies within the songs don't flow naturally. The riffs are good; Mark has always writted great riffs. But where they're placed within the songs sounds confusing. Maybe I have to give it a few more listens, but then again, an Alter Bridge record shouldn't have to grow on me.


but that isnt saying much. Mark is still the glue holding this thing together, without him i wouldnt even listen.


As usual another great album.


I love Alter Bridge, but I’m glad I did not preorder this one. There are not enough up-tempo songs. I agree with the review that said this sounds like an album of B-sides. I still think Myles and Tremonti are awesome, but this album does not rock as much as their others.


Been an Alter Bridge fan since day one. This album is SOOO good. As always, did not disappoint. They always find a way to “reinvent themselves” as Mark says. But it always sounds incredible. Love these guys. Never stop making music.


That is not a compliment. Boring radio music.


I love this group... Myles and Mark lead the way on a very melodic and heavy first release...wouldn’t you rather. Given the track record this will be nothing short of amazing....

2 S.M. & C.

This is superb! I have the entire album on continuous repeat! Thanks, A.B.!


Keep on evolving, AB. The fittest will survive, and you guys came out on top. Love how the sounds progressed throughout and Walking On the Sky 😵


I’ve never reviewed an album before but that ends here. Been a huge fan of Alter Bridge since their beginning and this in my opinion blows the rest of their Library away. It’s darker, heavier, more textured, more layered, more of everything good. The kind of music that you would listen to before going into battle… so blood pumping amazing. Thanks AB for taking the time to put this well thought out album together and hope you remain until the end of days.


I just seen these guys live and they were incredible. This album is just strange. There’s nothing on here other than wouldn’t you rather that reaches out and grabs you. I don’t hear riffs really that hook you and the keys and chords they’re going to just sound so dark and symphonic and strange. Not a fan of this at all. First 3 albums is where it’s at.


I actually bought this after skipping a few records I really wanted to support some true rock music. Doesn’t disappoint. Riffs are great!


Have listened to the album 4 times already despite it only having been out a few hours. I am absolutely blown away. This album is flawless. Heavy at the right times, melodic at the right times, and I can’t think of a song worth skipping. ‘Godspeed’ nearly brought me to tears the first time I heard it and it still does after several listens. The singles we heard beforehand were awesome, but I think the best songs were truly yet to come. ‘Native Son’ is another favorite of mine. I am so happy with this album. Thank you AB!!


Such an epic masterpiece!! Alter Bridge steps up every album and this one takes the cake!!!🤘🏼🖤


From the first song till the last absolutely amazing

G Craig

Feeling the ABIII vibe with the subject matter and the heaviness and lovin' it!!! Now that this entire album has been released i'll be listening to this repeatedly

Dave Ceja - Music Director

alter bridge is constantly improving, never disappointing and always getting crazy new ideas. Miles & Tremontti are a match that was made in Heaven. I was waiting for this album for so long and it’s finally here. I would have pay $100 for it. But thank God is only $9.99 😎🇺🇸


Not a fan, I love all their other albums but they’re losing their edge, they’ll be doing all ballads before long at this rate.


I am a more recent listener of Alter Bridge but quickly downloaded most of their catalog over the last few months. While I have enjoyed so much of what they have created to date, this latest release shows a depth of refined musical talent combined with matured lyrics which left me yearning to listen over and over. (Which I am happy to report only deepens my appreciation for this album). Alter Bridge- I think you’re just starting to hit your stride. Well done, guys. Well done!


This guys are great