Andy Grammer - Naive

℗ 2019 S-Curve Records

Naive Tracklist:


Absolutely love “Don’t give up on me”. I’m going through cancer and this song really helps me fight.


Andy is amazingly beautiful and has breathed new life into me in a while full of negativity!! Love love love his music!!

10 year old teenager

I love this album. My favorite song is Don’t Give Up On Me from Five Feet Apart. And my second favorite is My Own Hero


An original singer/songwriter with a positive and uplifting message and a super-powerful voice. And does an amazing live show! What more can you ask for? This album is his best yet. I can't help but feel inspired when I listen. Keep doing you, Andy! IGNORE THE STICKY NOTES! ;)


Andy Grammer’s energy, positivity, and vibe are infectious! He had made the world a brighter place with his musical talents and messages! His band is one happy dancing and singing family! Thank you Andy Grammer for being the best version of you and sharing that with us🙌🏻🌟🙏


One of the best of the year! Comes to life on tour.


Love his voice and the flow of his music ...deserves more publicity


Andy sings with his ❤️ and soul..


This is by far his best album yet. Every song is great, well thought out, and just incredible in general. Great job, Grammar!


This album is so amazing music to lyrics it’s everything! What a inspiration Andy is!


Even if he isn’t perfect in his language or themes, at least he’s trying! And big move on getting Andy and Swoope on here!!!


Can’t wait to see Andy on tour!! Love every song ❤️




Thank you for communicating your love and emotions in your music. The first time I heard your music on the 3rd street promenade you had reached me, ten years later and it just gets better.


Andy keeps getting better and better. This album is beautiful from beginning to end, so much soul.

Lauren Maser

Could not WAIT for this album to come out! Andy is what this world needs and his songs hit you right in the heart where you need it. So appreciative of the light he shares through his music! Buy. This. Album.


Definitely best album yet already! Great variety in the songs, while also still all the same amount of greatness! Love each one!

Very Bery Hibiscus

Can’t wait for his new album. 7 days left! 💗 his music!!


I love everything he sings! The most amazing voice If you don’t like his music move on.


Always put out fantastic music. The type of music 🎶 that has a great message. Keep it up, Mr. Grammer!!!!


Incredible artist, incredible songs, an incredible album. I have been listening to him since his debut album. You can tell that he is passionate about music in his lyrics. Cannot wait for this album to release!


Imagine being that one guy who rated it one star


Great new single, excited for the album!


Andy is back! I know this album will be amazing


We love Andy Grammer! He writes from the heart and has deep meaning to many of his songs!


Glad to see he’s back. I cannot stop listening to this song (My Own Hero)! ITS SO GOOD!! So soulful with parts of grit and it’s just great! 🔥

swimer/runer lady

Inspiring songs!!


Glad he’s back!👍🏼


That’s dope to see Andy Mineo and Swoope on this. Can’t wait to hear how it all turns out

Kimmy Nina

Obsessed!!! I cant stop listening to this song! 🔥🔥🔥


Andy kills it again with his soulful voice and sings from the heart. His talent is underrated period! Stoked to hear the rest!