AURORA - A Different Kind of Human (Step II)

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A Different Kind of Human (Step II) Tracklist:


I absolutely LOVE A Different Kind of Human! You can hear her lower pitch hovering and singing in the background! The only bad thing about the album is there isn’t enough! I need more, AURORA! I love your music! So enchanting!


Emotionally beautifully fantastically done! Favs on this album are animal, a different kind of human, daydreamer, the river, and the seed.


AURORA literally is SO underrated and her singing is so beautiful

The UniQueen

Dear AURORA, your songs are so well written and thought out 💗 Dear Everyone, Listen to The River because it’s the best off this album, but I do love Dance on the Moon too. And in The Seed she sings about how we’re not doing anything to quit polluting the air. Please take my advice. Get this!! It’s beautiful, catchy, and meaningful. We need more people like AURORA on our planet!!! “When the last tree has fallen, and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no. Oh no.”


I can't express how much I love this album and how it has touched me!!! Dance on the moon, the seed, and animal are my personal favorites!!! Waiting for mothership to pick me up!!! Bless you Aurora!!!


Loved it


I am very excited for step ll. I already know I will not be disappointed. She is amazing! Update: I LOVE IT!!! Dance On The Moon is my absolute favorite. It truly moved me and made me feel so many emotions. The messages on this album are incredible! It is different than her other songs and albums, but it is still beautiful 🧿🌙💙


This album has such a deep and inspiring music in it. The River is a good example of a song that hits me in the soft spot. Aurora has done a great job of bringing me closer to nature and embracing life before we destroy it. Thank you Aurora❤️


I want to go with her ☔️


I'm always left in complete awe after listening to Aurora. She can't do wrong with her breath taking vocals, stunning lyrics, and incredible production. She really stepped out of the mold with some of these unexpected and incredible songs like "Apple Tree" "In Bottles" and "Hunger". Not to mention just the sheer power and beauty in songs like "The Seed" "The River" etc. Please listen to this album, and her entire discography while you are at it.

Asaad Sabouni

Oh gosh every song you made is amazing i really love and ur the best Keep creating those masterpieces Aurora dan forever Your mind is heaven with ideas


This album has spectacular production and the songs are just so meaningful and sonically pleasing! Aurora never fails to create beautiful stories, using metaphors and unique sounds incorporated into the music. Her voice is the most beautiful instrument of all. I love the tribal feeling of Hunger, the whimsical beauty of Dance on the Moon and Daydreamer, the solitude of Soulless Creatures, the pacing of Apple Tree, and the lyrics of In Bottles. I love the environmental awareness of The Seed. The River has such a beautiful melody as well. Animal’s verses flow so beautifully with the chorus. And, Mothership is the perfect outro. This album has a very different sound from Step I, which I like. I think it’s important for them to be different because they’re separate. Overall, the album is astonishing. 💖


I'm not gonna give this album one star cause I believe it's in the "wrong genre" but okay lol. Been a fan of AURORA since her debut so when she came out with step 1 I was surprised in a good way. It felt a bit different lyrically, also I guess they wanted the production to seem more heavily influenced in that album, but nonetheless I still loved it. I will say I was honestly just waiting to see what part 2 had in store for us. Then it comes out and I become so happy! Part 2 is a very beautiful and yet different album, while keeping the familiarity of part 1. Prefer part 2 over 1, but I still love both of the albums!

Demonic Sushiz

Each song tells a story with such a stark and beautiful contrast, while somehow managing to stay connected through words and minds. It’s truly an amazing album and I highly recommend it to anybody who enjoys her music


AURORA thus far has made concepts. I say it is "good" because I felt like Step 1 had songs that stood better on their own, where this EP has a few songs that "need" each other. Nonetheless concept albums are difficult to make and I admire the mass creativity that must go into them. I absolutely love "Apple Tree" and "The Seed". I think they are the two strongest songs. Soulless Creatures gets a shout out too. Overall good piece of work. I feel it is a slight step down from how amazing step 1 was though.


Each song tells its own unique story in a magically-complex, yet seemingly-simple way. AURORA never disappoints!


Absolute love!!


After the last album the wait for all this music was worth it. So happy it is out. Beautiful and inspirational. My queen has not let me down again.


Just when I think Aurora can’t possibly get any better, she releases songs like Daydreamer, Dance on the Moon, and Apple Tree. This record is absolute FIRE. Aurora will never cease to amaze me with her stellar songwriting capabilities, her captivating melodies, and the way she can evoke such a variety of deep emotions within her listeners. So in love. ❤️


I’m absolutely loving the new music!

Elephant talk nj

Such an incredible talent & one of the most important musicians of the moment & future. From what I'm hearing, this album will be the best one yet ❤️


I just discovered Aurora this week, and in that same day I preordered the album. Only three songs out right now, and I am in love! The Seed is soooo powerful, it gives me chills every time. I love her lyrics in all her songs. Outstanding! Also, I love Queendim from step 1. So good! My new favorite artist. Highly recommended! (My mom loves her too!)


I can't wait until June 7th 💗🍃

jesus is enough

Chills as a listen to the passion of this song, SEED........

Cassandra Clare trash

been waiting since step I 🖤


I thought the album came out 4/07 darn, big sad! I can’t wait though, all your songs are gold my love.❤️


The Seed and Animal are amazing!! I can’t wait to listen to this masterpiece in full.

Jeni Yanez

Aurora has created another masterpiece, and I haven’t heard it all. Can’t wait to listen to the whole album soon.