Avatar - Hunter Gatherer

℗ 2020 Entertainment One U.S., LP

Hunter Gatherer Tracklist:



I’ve been listening to Avatar for about 4 or 5 years now and believe that they have not made it to where they should be just yet. I liked 9 of the 10 songs. The ones that get my blood pumping the most are Colossus, Justice, When All But Force Has Failed, Wormhole, God of Sick Dreams, Child, and Silence In The Age Of Apes. The other 3 songs are good too (except for maybe gun which was not my personal favorite, but how does a band get amazing? Experimenting). These 3 songs give Avatar an entirely new sound

Mellow Musketeer

Avatar has proven yet again that they've got some serious musical chops. Colossus sounds as massive as...well, a colossus would be. The Secret Door graces us with its gorgeous guitar strumming and a haunting whistle. Gun...this one hit me hardest, despite being the softest song on the album; it was a chance for the band to produce something a little more intimate. It's funny how many people were just SO disappointed with this album that they felt the need to give it only 1 star; seems to me they just didn't bother giving it a chance.


I had never heard of Avatar until some of their more recent radio singles. I heard Colossus one day and really liked it. On a whim I pre-ordered this album. I can’t stop listening to it. Every song on here is fantastic.


The musicianship and creativity displayed by this band is amazing. Yes they sound different than before but it’s artistry. Stagnancy and complacency is not the way forward. Sure some fans will be put off but others will be pleased and new ears will be opened! Avatar; one of the best bands of this current era of metal!


Such an underrated group with incredible songs.


Been a huge Avatar fan for years, seen them over 8 times live, contributed to their past kickstarters and podcasts. To each their own but I must say this sounds closer to a pop band mimicking metal than a metal band at all. Truly and utterly disappointed.


Another great album by these guys!

hail the apocalypse

So good to hear a band put out an album that’s great front to back without a dull moment in it! Not a single miss from these guys! Hope to catch them on tour next year. COLOSSUS ARISE!!!


I’ve almost an avatar fanboy to the point of mindlessly buying anything they release. I wasn’t a fan of their singles but I gave every song its due. Yeah, I can’t buy this. Sorry guys. I guess not every album can be great. 😕 Bring back stylings from like hail the apocalypse and feathers and flesh.


I cannot think of any moment, any party, any hard drinking session, any pre-concert parking lot gathering, any point in time when I would think "Oh let's put this on the soundsystem!" Formulaic, desperate, the album art is HIDEOUS. When they said hard rock is dead, they were right.

tool critic

This album is one of the best from this band there is one song that really stands out as very different and that’s “gun” i don’t know I wasn’t a big fan of that song but the band tried something new and it wasn’t awful




Another amazing record by Avatar!!


This album is so perfect the guitars are on point and the mix of screams and clean singing is just perfect there’s no other way to describe it other than just phenomenal, I love all of their music🤘🤘🤘


It just is

avatar citizen

I loved the first 3 releases... but then got to listen to the whole thing!!! They should be nominated for at least 2 Grammys for best live performance (pick any song) and best new rock or heavy metal album!!! We should sign petitions!!! Lol “JUSTICE “🤘🖤

A MadDog Madison

So good.

mer mer the moffen

...hate it ....but nice try


Avatar continues to refine their sound while staying true to their roots. Another success from an impressively original band.

Jabba's Palace

What a great album from Avatar, one of the best of 2020.


Ive loved them since Hail The Apocaypse dropped, and I love literally every song on this album!!




This band is amazing and they consistently put out great music. Their dedication to their craft is phenomenal. I have only heard three songs off the album and I’m already impressed. Quite possibly the best Metal album of 2020 and maybe even 2021.


This band is the best metal band out right now. Love all of there albums and can’t wait for this new installment in August. This band rocks so hard, so good.


These guys are such a good god damned time!!! Cheers to the new album!


What isn’t to like about these talented guys?! Ready for the full release in August. Until then I will continue to jam to all albums


Just because it’s Avatar!! These guys produce some amazing work. Thank you for what you do!!


This band is a new level of amazing. Ready for these new melodies, insane guitar and vibe


Pre-Ordered & ready. Bring it!!!!!!


I cannot wait for this album to come out!!!!