Michael Jackson - Bad (25th Anniversary Edition)

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Bad (25th Anniversary Edition) Tracklist:



I just found these songs but am a huge fan till this day

MJ dancing fan

This song would have fit perfectly on the regular album


This song - cool I can


You'll never be forgotten MJ💙 wish you were still here...I'm so blue :( 💙💔 58-09💗💗💗


This album is as awesome as the original BAD album, but this one contains very amazing unreleased songs like "Fly Away", "Streetwalker", and "Al Capone" that I really wish were included in the original BAD album and are some of my favorite songs. It also has MJ singing a Spanish and French version of "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" BUY IT NOW!!!!


All the songs are amazing but here I my favs: 1. Just good friends 2. Leave me alone 3. Al Capone 4. Price of fame 5. Song groove (a.k.a abortion papers) 6. Streetwalker I don't understand why he wouldn't really perform like just good friends price of fame and song groove! I wish he did! Love ya always mj! Ur my everything!!😝😝

Neg!t!ve 88

I love this album especially I just can't stop loving you sung in French and Spanish!!! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON!!!! 💜


To bad we live in a day where music is 99% fake or lip synced, and .5% real and the other .5% is unknown . Miss you apple head , your friend ;-) Jack? ;-)


Amazing as always, we miss you Michael

louis baptiste gallo

You gotta love MJ

Pups lover

Love the song bad




I love the whole album, but the highlights are the pitbull remix, and the Spanish/French versions if I just can't stop loving you!! Live on Michael!!!😜


I love all the new songs on this album!!! King of pop is the best!!!!!!!


I loved Michael all my life and this was one of my favorite albums of his. Now that they came out with this I am just in awe! Like first they have the originals and then they have songs that most people never heard of! I love it love it looooooove!!!!!! #ripmj


Ah man why did iTunes get rid of the the special edition album with all the live music :( I wanted to buy one of the live songs or is the special edition still on iTunes?



Ms.Jackson if your nasty 94

Amazing album from the greatest entertainer to ever grace this earth thank you for MJ being my true idol and inspiration love you

Josh Parker

I love it


Michael Jackson is the best singer in the whole world. Let the King of Pop live forever!


I wasn't an MJ fan at all but once I heard some of his songs of the Bad era, I became to be a MJ fan!!! People out there that aren't MJ fans need to hear this album! Because this album can't go wrong of liking some songs.You will find romantic to catchy, and to energetic songs that you will become obsessed and want to buy it and hear it everyday. Some of my top songs in this album are: 1. Liberian Girl* 2. Fly Away* 3. I just can't stop loving you* 4. Man in the mirror* 5. Street walker* 6.The way you make me feel* 7. Bad* 8. Another part of me* 9. Speed demon* 10. Dirty diana * 11. Leave me alone* 12. Smooth criminal *


It is a wonderful collection of masterpieces within an album, the same with any other album of the King Of Pop. I LOVE it so much that I have to listen to it everyday <3 MICHAEL, you are a genius !!! #BAD25 #WHOSBAD?


He's the king of pop and always will be I love LOVE this album God bless him and his family


Am I the only one whose eye was caught by the abortion papers?!?!?!?!? lol Cool Song. LUV MJ!!


Im so glad that everyone is buying Bad25 people who bought or listen MJ god bless all of you


This is just amazing


Though clearly no ready, the new songs are a treasure.


This is truly one of the best albums of all time. The remastered songs are just amazing and the whole thing is pure bliss. Recommended for ANYBODY. :) #WhosBad


I've Been waiting for that song al capone for over twenty years since it was mentioned in his deposition and i tell you its a song that should of made it on bad truly a masterpiece along with the others michael always amazes me #Songwriting


I Think this is what love feels like. I LOVE ALL the b4 unreleased songs! Miss You Michael! SOOO MUCH! I LOVE YOU MOST!


Such great sound quality and everlasting hits, hearing Michael sing in a different language truly shows his desire for international harmony.


He is my All time Favorite artist of all time. He is MJ Enough said he needs no Review. ONE IN A MILLION

Vinny09- Legends Never Die

Been wating for this since may Price Of Fame is the best song

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