Quadeca - Bad Internet Rapper

℗ 2017 Quadeca

Bad Internet Rapper Tracklist:

so cooool uesss

He is a real good rapper but some of the songs are trash, the song is really good or really bad so he is a little inconsistent


Some of the bars are absolute fire. Some of it is corny but I see a lot of potential here.


very boring and corny for the most part

Music Album of Quadeca:

Solid (feat. Quadeca) - Single
Solid feat. Quadeca - Single (2020)
Bigger (feat. Quadeca) - Single
Bigger feat. Quadeca - Single (2019)
Outbreak (feat. Quadeca) - Single
Outbreak feat. Quadeca - Single (2019)
Anti Drug (feat. Quadeca) - Single
Anti Drug feat. Quadeca - Single (2019)
Illy Mode (feat. Quadeca) - Single
Illy Mode feat. Quadeca - Single (2019)
War! (feat. Dax) - Single
War! feat. Dax - Single (2019)
Supreme (feat. Quadeca) - Single
Supreme feat. Quadeca - Single (2018)
Unusual (feat. B. Lou) - Single
Unusual feat. B. Lou - Single (2018)
Batter Up (feat. Quadeca) - Single
Batter Up feat. Quadeca - Single (2018)