Michael Jackson - Bad

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Had€n 017

Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer, singer and dancer of all time. Nobody comes close to his genius.

Mute R. Kelly

Mute Michael Jackson


This has to be one of the best albums of Michael Jackson and it will always will be I recommend buying this and it has a good offer


I wasn’t too bad and it was really good


Bad is probably my favorite MJ album of all time that he had soo many #1 singles from that album like Man In the Mirror which was his favorite songs,The Way You Make Me Feel,Bad and more.One of my favorite song is “The Way You Make Me Feel”.


I want to mark bgfghntyhergettdyback


I love his song BAD

dessie strohl

I love mj so mush I hope he did not die


Yes Michael you are bad, the baddest at doing it all. Every song on this album is wonderful. I’ve had this album on repeat so many times without skipping any songs. Great job MJ, I love you, an may the king Rest In Peace

MJ dancing fan

I just can’t stop loving you almost got me emotional

Honor Griffin

You are the star


What’s up with the muted download compared to the sample? I can barely here the download, but I have to turn down the the song sample/clip!! Found this with multiple songs! Better fix this or you guys will be losing customers....starting with me! Not too late to make it right with the correct download volume either.


I love Michael Jackson and when I saw this I freaked out so I bought it and it was great, my fav song is so is thriller 😆


Just DO it it doesn't matter




2009 Sucked For Me, Because Michael Jackson Died And It was really bland


I miss his old self singing like horror and pop rock songs. He is still a great singer though.

Nathan Clouse13

Happy 30th Anniversary for this album Michael! R.I.P. Michael Jackson


I love Bad!.but my favorite song in this is another part of me!! Hehe. Alright back then bad, triller were at THE top of pop chart.but now with all the new singers his albums are at the bottom😮.i did not like that😡.but Michael Jacksons albums should be at the top right now! iTunes.love this album and all the rest of them.and as Michael said in this is it L.O.V.E ❤️ that's what it's all about.1958-2009 r.i.p


One of my fav MJ albums! Songs I suggest: I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Leave Me Alone, Liberian Girl, Smooth Criminal--- ALL OF THEM!! 🔥


Love him and his music💗love this era. I would do anything to have been able to attend his concerts back then ❤️❤️❤️😢😢😢😢


This is my second favorite album after Dangerous. This album spawned so many career hits for Michael Jackson. A must for any fan. I particularly love the image shift he made from the Thriller era to Bad. Edgier with grit, a true shift for him and his music.


This is a great album,I became a fan with that one!'Every song is a gem and it's short films are ground breaking!!!

Michael Jackson's Bad Girl

BAD is my all time favorite album ever!!! I love The Way You Make Me Feel every time I hear it on the radio I turn it up and dance to it. Man In The Mirror another one of my favorites I love this song because it shows a little sun shine on the world and a really good motivator to the world. Man In The Mirror was one of the songs off the BAD album along with many others that hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and was the first album in history to have 5 singles hit #1.


Rest In Peace Michael Jackson 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭




Good album


This album really is the best album by the king of pop, Michael Jackson. If you liked the off the wall, thriller album you cant go wrong into also liking and buying this album!! You will love it!


The Golden Era of Michael Jackson...


This is definitely one of the best albums ever, Thriller, Bad, and Dangerous are the best albums ever. Buy this now... BUY IT!!!!!! THIS IS TRUE MUSIC!!!!

My apple rate for this game

Michael Jackson is absolutely amazing, after 34 years other artists can not even come close to beating his over 100 million worldwide record album sales for thriller and bad also, it's amazing, even Michaels invincible album is way more than most artists album sales, and that's only because there was little done to promote the album!!!! I love you MJ! R.I.P. You will forever be thrilling us with your killer, mind blowing, amazing, beautiful music, let the king live on forever!!!!

Chris Lacy

Yes, you read the title correctly and before you fall out of your chair, stay with me here: - Michael vs. Michael: Every album since THRILLER got the side-eye treatment if it didn't measure up to the success he saw in 1982-1984. - "Wacko Jacko" controversy: Some critics and fans couldn't separate the music from the new image and sensational stories that surrounded him at the time. In spite of the pressure and high expectations, BAD sold over 35 million copies worldwide and five #1 hits ("Bad," "The Way You Make Me Feel," "Man in the Mirror," "I Just Can't Stop Loving You," and "Dirty Diana"). It's a cinematic soundtrack that takes you into a new sound, story, and space. To be clear, THRILLER was the record that made Michael Jackson the King of Pop; BAD is the record that let the world know that he wasn't going anywhere. In closing, I'll let Michael's longtime recording engineer, Bruce Swedien, have the final word on this: "It's interesting to me to reflect on the album, BAD, and realize that I have more favorite songs on this album than any of the others."


2.24.2016 still rockin!!! R.I.P. King Michael 🙏


Everyone has to agree that MJ was the best singer in history come on you know it ya know you know it


Michael Jackson is an amazing artist...I love listening to all of his songs, they all make me so happy 🤗 I would have loved to have seen the evolution of his music but I am so grateful to have the albums that did release ...thank you for making these masterpieces 👏🏼 DOPE ABLUM ..EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET IT

Nick name s

I've always loved Michael Jackson. The king of pop 😚

Zoë Collins



Get me dancing!!! He's so adorable and sweet. I love Dirty Diana, The way you make me feel and a lot more. Totally outrageous 💖


This album is very good! I highly recommend buying it

Neg!t!ve 88

I love this album!!!! 💜


I bought it cause I wanted 1 song but it was on sale so I figured why not and its actually a good album! Now I'm hooked on his music.


2nd fav album 💖💖


Love this album


Love this album


I love this album so much! It's got the 80s vibe to it and everything. This was his best album in my opinion, truly one of his best👌🏼

Rigo Rodriguez

This isn't original sound of Bad. If you hear carefully between the bass of "smooth criminal" & the bass from youtube "smooth criminal". They have mastered this album which i don't see "(Mastered)" on the iTunes. The bass of smooth criminal on this album has a high pitch which isn't suppose to be like that! The bass for the original suppose to be kinda silent. Sony stop it with MASTERING!


🎶The Album Who Changed MUSIC 🎶 And people still make "bad" critic on it.


The master 😎😎😎

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