Beyoncé - The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition]

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The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition] Tracklist:


Glad to be black. Yes Beyoncé




Who ever gives below a 4 is a hater. This album a 10+. Go to sleep!


+Visually, this is on another level. BLACK IS KING! BLACK IS KING! BLACK IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE....KING.


She did it again. She never disappoints! The last of her kind.


Nothing special about any of these awful songs.


I love everything about it! She is sending a message in her songs. If you clearly listen to it, you will hear what she is saying!! Love it love it love it!!!!! Go head Beyoncé!!! 🎉💃🏽🎉💃🏽🎉💃🏽🎉💞💖💞


In order to be called a queen you should do something important and be classy not trashy .. Never has this women even made a song worth 2cents Zero talent zero skill which should result in zero influence.. Aretha and Gladys QUEENS


Not well done imo. Seemed like the leftover songs in her fridge that she finally decided to use.


There was so much potential but that’s what happens when big businesses throws money at remakes

Echo Agamo

Just stop making music already.

Lil Dave365

After watching Black is King the cd came to “life” for me. Been listening to this everyday.


i didn’t like this album much last year but after relistening with the visual album, im hooked!!! beyoncé truly doesn’t fail


This album is a beautiful soundscape that takes you into the story and message of The Lion King. The powerful messages in this album empower so many that have been long taught to undervalue their blackness. In every song, you hear the versatility of Beyonce, the intricacy of her melodies and harmonies, perfectly mixed with the style of her collaborators. Well done again. Decades from now, this record will withstand the test of time as a modern classic.


Beyoncé... just wow... she does it again. Gives us life, art, music, talent, all in one. Better than the bundle deals I get on amazon or Costco/Bj’s. A power house. Thank you for delivering to us once again. With we stand! 🙌😍


A beautiful retelling of the lion king and a beautiful visual album. It was for the culture and if people can’t understand that then 😁😅. As she said it’s not about spreading negativity or to make money off of it or any other BS people will try to say to discredit this masterpiece. The purpose of this visual album was to spin the narrative on the meaning of the word black: black is beautiful, black is smart, black is art; BLACK IS KING👑! Also there are limitless examples of her using her vocals as an instrument and blowing any performer out of the water with this album.


Beyoncé is totally the worst! She thinks too much of herself!


This album is garbage and it’s only overhyped because it’s Beyoncé.

pinol water



I’ve learned a lot about African Culture since I’ve been reading all the references! Beyoncé once again has done it and raised the bar.


This Album has great energy and amazing beats! Love the entire project.

over it🙄🙄🙄

You know if a white person came out with a “movie” for an album and called it White Is King they would be considered racist. But since she is a Black pop star, it’s not considered racist. Today’s society it’s messed up.


I love this!!!!!


The visual aspect was amazing, but each one of these songs stand alone as absolute beautiful works of art. Such a positive, empowering, and genius record. Hopefully I get play brown skinned girl one day to my daughter.


Beautiful visual and beautiful album.


This album is different, and while I prefer groovy jams to bop and dance to, I realize that points need to be made so I purchased it before listening. May we all unite to save our world.


I haven’t heard an album this all over the place since JC Chasez’s Schizophrenic album in 2004. Pick a lane. Has she heard of a place called World Market? You can find tons of albums of music cultivated from all over the world that have more cohesiveness than this album. And the title of the album is clearly some cheap marketing ploy since it has zero to do with the film. Other than My Power and Scar, no real bangers in the batch. Frankly, I get the feeling she never heard world music until she decided to make this album. It did not sound richly diverse and instead sounded like it was going back and forth between Beyoncé pop songs and rap with the same African traditional drum beats you can find on a lot of keyboards. And where’s Sojaboy on this album? He get banned ‘cause of baby love Lisa? Beyoncé should do Beyoncé and not this Jay-Z colab stuff ‘cause it always sounds like a Jay-Z album that she’s hired to do vocal tracks on. I understand she’s gotta let him be the man to keep a happy marriage but she’s gotta shine too.


African artists: musicians, dancers, actors all the way through the visual album. Loved it all! This is Beyonce’s tribute to The Lion King to African people to Black Americans. This album is for Africa and her descendants. If Black people don’t like the visual album and album, colonialism has done a number on us, made us hate the very wording Black Is King and that is sad. This album is uplifting in a time where Black people need to be seen as more than the impoverished and oppressed the less than. We are so much more better than what our opressors say we are.

RoseGold Love

Yesterday. Today. Always and forever. Thank you Beyoncé for always coming through and blessing us. 💕🖤


Makes me want to dance but some songs sound over done and Beyonce doesn’t seem to want to sing much anymore. Just a lot of heavy talking harmonies ☹️


Beyoncé made an album with real impact; a album with the power to make all Black people feel connected whether they’re from the Motherland, Brazil, or America.


Queen Beyoncé Never disappoints me. 🥰🥰👑👑👑


i could listen to this album on repeat all day. my power has a sound that i’ve never heard from a pop artist. great job !


I wish the movie was available to purchase


Not music . Just shucking and jiving. To much studio magic.


#overrated I appreciate her desire to create and craft her art; her recent work seems over calculating and preachy.




Pure trash


Love this album


People are so MAD that she’s the best. What other artist is giving us visuals like this? Better yet can actually preform like she does? Nobody. It’s racist white people in the comments as well as Bible banging Christians calling it “satanic”. Y’all need to shut y’all mad behinds up because BLACK IS KING!!


Please start making good music again and not this crap. Big disappointment. I have been to all of your concerts so far but if this music played it will be the last time...


This album speaks volumes about heritage, self-love, and self development .




Beyoncé brought an amazing diverse team of artists and more to create an uplifting album meant for empowerment. I’ve been listening to this album for a year straight now and I am still in love. Beyoncé continues to out do herself!

Cuban Link 305

This is her worst Album hands down. 0 stars


Sounds like a racist 7 year old on a rant. African jungle music.


She continues to be true to her craft and make music that lights up our hearts. God bless!

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