Sugarland - Bigger

A Big Machine Records/UMG Nashville Release; ℗ 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Bigger Tracklist:


I have been a huge Sugarland fan since day one and I was super thrilled when I heard they were getting back together. I used to go to their concerts in any hour car ride radius from my city of residence. However, this album I feel isn’t staying true to their sound. I am disappointed about the album I have no words. :( The Incredible Machine album, I feel, had an acquired liking with this album ... not so much. Disappointed!!! 😭😭😭


Sounds good. Stop hating on it because of the Taylor swift song. I like the mother song.


Give them a chance. Its hard to get back on your feet from the trama. Giving them 5 stars because I believe in them =)


there amazing i hope we can see them back for good, country music needs them!


Good Stevie rhythm. Great song. Sounds like leather and lace

Bob Swayer

Sugarland Gets Bigger And Better With Every Album. It’s amazing, I’ve been a fan of SugarLand for a long time.


Sugarland just never disappoints. I will forever love them.


Think this album is getting low ratings because it doesn’t sound like a classic country album. I say that because I love it and don’t listen to country music AT ALL. Awesome album with all sounds blended in.


Waited a ling time for them to get back together which makes it even more disappointing. Gone are the catchy tunes that make you want to dance. Not one song stands out here


The feel good anthems of “Bigger”, “Lean it on back” and “Let me Remind You” are great tracks that accompany the smash hit “Babe” feat. T Swift. The album has a good mix of traditional Sugarland and some new directions.

I Ove Taylor

The only country music I listened to was Taylor Swift, but when Taylor announced she was being featured in a song by Sugarland (Babe) I was excited! I listened to the other songs and they were good!


Thought they could have done better, some songs I have to change because they are drawn out and boring.


I have missed your music and know you needed mind and soul healing, but miss you I still did. This album is different, but I like it and if this is the way this group is going with their music then they will have flocks after them in no time. The best for you both. Thank you for sharing your gift of music.


I’m going to their concert when they are in MN! ❤️Sugarland!


love it!!!

Yo Country Mama

There’s not a bad song on this album. They lean in different musical directions on a some songs which makes it fresh, fun and interesting. Some songs could have easily fit the sound on their first few albums while others take stronger pop/pop-country sound. Bottom line, this is a great album! It’s uplifting, thought provoking, fun and positive. Sugarland is a light in the world. I hope there’s MANY years and albums to come for this tremendous duo.

Mr. LeviMoore

Dang this is terrible. Only good song is 'On a Roll', all of the other songs are terrible! This is their worst album yet, hell, it's even worse than Love on the Inside, which was terrible also.


This album is horrible. It sounds like the same pop garbage punctuated by a southern twang. It’s lame and incredibly bland. I hope they stop putting out trash like this, but it sells well to people with no taste, so unfortunately they’ll be back.

Susie Q91

Sugarland I have missed you. So glad they are back with new music. This is one of the best albums I’ve heard from any artist in long long time. You knocked this one out of the ball park. Your music never disappoints and I’ve always loved Taylor Swift. The song babe is awesome but every song on here is. A big welcome back!!!!!


I love Sugarland and have been a fan since the beginning but this album is such a disappointment. I thought I was going to have fun listening to it but it’s practically all ballads. Sadly I’m not as excited about their concert as I was when I bought the tickets.


Love this album! Have it on repeat for days. Lots of great tunes! Love Jennifer’s voice!


Vocals and lyrics, strong as ever! If you’re a Sugarland fan, you will not be disappointed.


The album is nicely done. Kristian has a soulful voice which gives a pleasant contrast to Jennifer’s dominating sound. The harmony of their voices is an important aspect too. I would have liked a proper duet between Kristian and Jennifer included. In my opinion Jennifer should use her gentler voice a little more. All Sugarland fans have heard that gentle voice and appreciate it immensely, as much as they wait for the big sound she is known for.


That's freaking awesome! Glad to hear it!


Love to see how their music evolves over time! Worth the wait always 👏🏻👏🏻




Favorite duo of all time! I’ve never been disappointed. Great work.


I would have really liked it if Taylor Swift would have sang the whole song “Babe”


Been waiting for forever it seems for new music from Sugarland! Been listening to the album all day and I love it! Seems like they never took time off, hoping to get to a tour this year!


Sugarland is a top notch talented duo. I am glad they are back making music. This is perhaps not the best album they have produced but it is very good and the start to great things to come...


This is Sugarland at their finest! I love the new album. I am just confused as to why I’m seeing so many one stars because people don’t like Taylor Swift in ONE song. Grow up, people!


I am do glad they are back. The songs they produce are a good change from what has been in country music recently. The songs are very relatable and are very good.


I love sugarland!!


This album is amazing!!! I’m so happy we finally have another Sugarland album!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


This album will definitely put you on a roller coaster of feelings as long as you aren't the tin man without a heart. From the catchy On a Roll and the island(y) sound of Leave it All Behind to the gut wrenching current event song of Tuesdays Broken. Also love the collab song Babe with Taylor Swift. Bigger is also a song that I am sure can speak to many. Thanks for the killer album J&K!


I have waited and anticipated this album for eight years. All I have to say is that it has exceed all of my expectations! I was hoping for a classic Sugarland Album and got so much more. Just like the rest of their albums, I love every song on the album and I am finding it difficult to pinpoint only one as a favorite. Whether you are a fan of theirs or not, I dare you to give it a listen. You may not love the whole album as I do, but you should enjoy at least one track.


This album is absolutely wonderful!! Have been waiting years for this and it's HERE!!! I love Sugarland and all their music!! Great album!!


Freakishly great album. Waited so long for them to release another album and I am loving every single song. So much energy and all the emotions one has come to expect from SL.


I’ve been a Sugarland fan since their first album and I’ve loved every one they’ve released. This album shows they still have that same unique Sugarland sound but also it’s improved and more modern. I love every song!!! Jennifer Nettles has the best voice in all of music and she sounds incredible here as always!!! ❤️❤️❤️


This album is their best to date! Sugarland is eternal.


This album is the first in 8 years. I have been a loyal fan for over 10 years. Having seen Jennifer and Kristian over 60 times in concert I was anxiously waiting for this album! I have already seen them on tour this year and got a sneak peak of the songs. The thing about this album is that it has a song for everyone. It doesn’t matter the mood your in or how your feeling about the week. This album jumps around to make everyone enjoy it! Buy it! I promise you will not be disappointed!!!


Your ears and heart will thank you after listening to this album. A masterpiece. I’m so happy to have Sugarland back! Their music is medicine in so many ways. Love love love! ❤️


So happy to Sugarland releasing music again! The album sounds great (a good blend of new and old sugarland). Can’t wait to see them live on tour!


Love it!


Once again, Sugarland doesn’t disappoint!


Different? Yes, but it's still the same Sugarland we've loved


They’ve been missed! This album almost makes up for them being gone so long. 😉 Sugarland is the best with healing through words and songs. These songs make you think while also dancing and having a good time. A must buy!


This album is everything I wanted and more. The same old Sugarland with a 2018 vibe is something I never knew I needed. An instant hit!


All the tracks are FANtastic with several hits mixed throughout the album.Can't wait to hear it live in concert! .......YES! John from So.Cal.


Why does music like this exist?