Bill Withers - The Best Of Bill Withers: Lean On Me

℗ This compilation (P) 1994 Sony Music Entertainment

The Best Of Bill Withers: Lean On Me Tracklist:




Would love to buy this album but no price?!? Cmon man!


The album was originally 9.99. Like ITunes needs anymore money. Giving 4 stars to Bill!


I have listened to a variety of his songs. Lean on me was the one song I remember the most.


RIP to another legend. #truekingsneverdie


Soulful sound,ain’t no sunshine when you’re gone.

French Toast

They have no price! I want to buy it but I guess they are going to raise the price because ...

Rc de Leob

So far the singles I downloaded are good but why the entire album has no price? Can you put a price on the entire album please?

abby 👍🏻😄❤️❤️❤️

So caring and I adore your work thank you

B Conefrey

Ed Sheeran performed a cover of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine" on Stephen Colbert's Late Show. Hopefully it will bring his fans to appreciate not only this song but all of Bill Withers' repertoire!

Mpls Real Estate Litigator

The business side of music hasn't always been kind to you (so I've read), and you've walked away from it. Understandably so. What I want to say is "thank you" - for putting up with users, with prejudice, with stupidity, and giving all of us something of yourself. Your music is heartfelt. It's a gift. And it is truly beautiful.


I love to listen to this when I'm bored or upset