Billie Eilish - everything i wanted

℗ 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

everything i wanted - Single Tracklist:


I can’t think of any other artist that’s become famous without the traps of a large record label. She’s soo young and talented and her brother is an amazing producer.


She’s just the best. Please get this song! It’s so good!!

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Every fake, white girl I know said “Billie’s songs are so sad.” (Just like the meme). Billie’s song are depressing because of how poorly they are made. Like this song... The same whispering and untalented, droning chords we’ve seen in all 100% of her other songs. The one thing I hate about artists is when all their music sounds the same. Billie is the worst at it. She needs to make legitimate music now. No more ‘depressed’ untalented trash.


Very dumb song and over played


If this goes above after hours I’ll cry (btw buy after hours it’s so good) (also btw listen to the full thing on YouTube first cuz the sample doesn’t do it justice)


People keep complaining that she whispers. As if belting out notes is the only form of talent. Give me a break. That gets boring and predictable. Billie’s voice, to me, is a refreshing change of pace. And it’s still beautiful AF. More importantly, the music itself is brilliant. Stop looking for/expecting the typical pop formula. There are other types of music out there. This song has a minimalist, almost light trance vibe that may not be for everyone. But it’s certainly for me and I haven’t heard something like this get this much attention before. For me personally, I’ve always loved this style of music, and it’s pretty great to hear music I love be admired by the masses for a change.

goooooo thru

She is amazing


Overrated depressed child


Pure talent here and excellent delivery. Thank God there is someone who finally delivers the message in a new/ more meaningful way... It is smart/ authentic for her to perform the song this way. Yet another masterpiece by Billie!


I just don’t like Billies music in general but I can’t diss her cause she’s such a great artist

Big j 123:)

It’s the best emotion song in up beat song I’ve ever hear thanks great song in great singer


This song is the greatest one in the world. It’s so beautiful, and was actually based on a dream that Billie had. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Well done Billie!!! ❤️


this song is so pure. I love this song so much. it’s honestly so relaxing to me. idc what anyone says, I love her voice...💓


i just dislike her voice it makes me cringe🙃 like a fork to a chalk board


Okay first of all, just bought EVERY song on iTunes. I just really love the way her voice sounds and I love all of her songs.This is my favorite Billie Eilish song.


I absolutely love this song!!

19 y.o. pewds fan

Just like every other song Billie has written, this song is is amazing!!

:);)4545 uni

Don’t listen to the HATERS!! Your a genius! Congratulations on your 5 grammys! Don’t stop your 🔥 super lit!

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I have to say when I first heard this song I was not immediately in love. However, I try to do more research about artist before a slam them (unlike other reviews I’ve read). This girl has an amazing amount of talent. She does not whisper all of her music (please educate yourself). This song and lyrics are the style right now. I really like this artist and her music. Not to mention my daughter loves her and can relate to her music a lot.

old man Erik



I can’t hear this crack head...why do people make a big deal about this when you can’t even hear a peep from her.


I love Billie Eilish and this is one of my favorite songs of hers J lay in bed every night scrolling through insta listening to her song with the lights out and my hymalayan salt lamp speaker on!that is my happy place!


She’s just not good ok? Don’t see any instruments and her songs don’t really make a lot of sense


love her, always have, always will... never ever ever disappoints this song rly hits 🥺💗


love it boiiiii WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO? : 100000000000 out of 10


Alright let me just say this. I like Billie Eilish. I think her music is pretty good, though I prefer Melanie, Halsey (her older music), and Lorde, Billie’s music good. But there is something I need to point out. I completely believe that Billie has and struggles with depression and anxiety. It shows in her music. But, there is a fad where people say, “I have depression, I cut myself, and I cry myself and o sleep every night.” And it is mainly 14-16 year olds. And this gets me angry personally. Saying that you are suicidal for the attention or fun of it is just not good or okay in any way at all. I struggle with anxiety myself and I once had this girl in my class saying that she was having a panic attack because she had P.E next period. She was crying. I honestly got very angry. Crying is not having a panic attack. A panic attack is shaking uncontrollably, unstable breathing, a feeling of absolute and strong unease. Overthinking things launches me into a panic attack, not having to go to P.E. Mental disorders are not to be taken lightly. Billie Eilish does have depression. Billie explained: "I was so unhappy last year. I was so unhappy, and I was so, like, joyless." She then continued: "I genuinely didn't think I would make it to 17." Gayle asked Billie if her suicidal lyrics are based on real experiences and thoughts she's had. Billie confirmed that they were and that there was a time when she genuinely thought about ending her life. In response to Gayle, Billie said: "Yeah." She then went on: "I think about this one time I was in Berlin and I was alone in my hotel, and I remember there was a window right there. I remember crying because I was thinking about how the way that I was going to die was, I was going to do it." This gives you the mentality it know that depression is a very serious disorder, and it should not be made into a stupid fad. Sorry for this rant, I just needed to get it out. I would also like to that if you do actually have depression please find someone to talk to about it.


Her voice is beautiful and will continue to go on too!



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This song makes me think about my life. The part where it says nobody even cared related to me so much😭😭😭😍😍


Singer, songwriters and producer/partners doing the best music now. Love this song


Nice lyrics

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She is trying her best and she isn’t even an adult if you don’t like her music than keep it to your self if I didn’t like Billie I would keel it to myself it is very rude and disrespectful to her and her brother and her record company stop being rude. Btw love the song Billie


Some people are so eager to call a song “boring” or “crap”, they’re completely blind to the simplistic beauty of this song!! The lyrics are so deep and are very helpful to me at this point in my life. Don’t listen to the uninformed jerks.


This is beautiful and she’s so talented. Her voice is angelic and soothing. Her and her brother are great team. I see them doing many more great things in the future.


Whisper music, uninspired super boring.


My brother loves your music so much (but I love it more) that he keeps saying he wants to marry you .-.


Billie is an absolutely amazing singer, in my opinion, and deserves all the love she can get for her music. She 100% deserves all of the music awards she is nominated for LOVE YOU BILLIE!! <3 <3

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This song is one of my favorites


Beautiful voice


Love this song.


I don’t understand the big deal, I don’t care about how old she is. Lorde made much better music with a much better voice at the same age. This is just mumbling.


Her voice, the song, the video... She and Finneas just blow me away. A brilliant, free-spirited, no holds-barred mega-star that will have a long, long, career in front of her. This song haunts me, as do many of her others and she speaks my language. I think she and her brother create masterpieces of musical art.

gabbby duuurrrraaaaaannnnn

I love you bille eillesh


All her songs are starting to sound the same. It seems like she just changed the words and switches up the beat a little and then everyone eats it up. She bores me now. She is no longer that unexpected artist who plays by her own rules and makes completely original’s no longer “original” if you just keep regurgitating the same stuff. It’s fine but in a world that has great music I’m just not interested in listening to music that is just eh.


I admire Billie for her ability to go the extra mile and tell a story or 😏 three! This track stood out to me mostly do her ability to, sometimes, be vulnerable! I appreciate the message as well as the production. It also boasts a chill yet reassuring beat, which helps sonically! It’s pretty well-done in my opinion!


So impressive!


wow i love this song....i love all her music.


Reminds me of her 1st album.


i love this song


She whispers the whole thing I like her voice but if she spoke up a little she’d be really good and it’s kinda haunting her songs I personally like upbeat songs