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THE ALBUM Tracklist:


Love it!




Their best songs yet!!!!

merila moriss

They’re famous just bc of they’re faces but their song are so boring and childish compared to other kpop songs


I love the girls but I don’t love the album and Cardi B rly, they can do better don’t use this for your first impression .😕


We start strong with ‘How you like that’ and end with a beautiful ballad of ‘you never know’ although it is short, the delivery is beautiful and there are no space fillers each song has a memorable touch to it. Fun collaborations and great producing

Peanut Butter💛

Rosé’s high notes Jisoo’s Elegant voice Jennie’s rap Lisa’s beautiful raps Everything about this album is absolutely 😍 perfect! 100/10 would recommend

Miriam AMRAm

Hate this album


Love blackpink and the album. The physical copy is what makes this album so great. I recommend getting the version 4 target exclusive. It’s amazing.


Yeah I just love it

hab en sbabnw

it sounds the same and generic


I'm a non-kpopper but not for BP.Their songs always hit different!Their beats are crazyy.For those who don't like their songs and writing bad reviews,this is only that they are jealous of how BP is becoming successful in a very short time!Hey guys calm down😂😂😂They’re just four girls.are you afraid of them already???omg this is only just the beginning and Lol!Negative days negative nights baby you’re wasting all your time😂😂😂


It’s just great!


It’s amazing how they have been able to break into the US! I hope they come back for a tour soon.

Dark meanice

even with their mistreatment they can make amazing music


This album has different song styles, it combines English with Korean so it’s an amazing way to enjoy new lyrics and songs


Blackpink in your area💋

final boss simp

ive been a blink for a long time and i’m glad the girls r trying new genres n stuff, but i miss the debut blackpink. their songs were different and original, like they knew what they were doing(personally my favorite song from them is as if its yr last) but ice cream is terrible. i love teddy and the girls sm, but i feel like theyve been lacking lately?? how about that has been their best recent song, and i also feel like all the songs have the same messages behind them, but otherwise i luv blackpink v much and i hope they make more music❤️ I FORGOT TO ADD THAT LISA SHOULD SING MORE KOREAN VERSES BC SHE HAS THE TALENT!!!


This is a good album but I don't like ice cream


The girls vocals were so good Rosé my queen slayed😌

EB 👍😃😀

How You Like That Song 59/100 Music Video 92/100 The song is good but way too inconsistent. I think that the song should have been (this is just my opinion) Rose (Jennie’s part), Jisso, Rose, Chorus, Lisa Rap, Jennie Rap (it would make the song more consistent), Chorus, Jisso, Rose, Jisso, and then Chorus (instead of that outro). Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) Song 91/100 Music Video 91/100 Lots of people seemed to hate this song but I actually really loved it. Very catchy and fun. Also a very fun music video. Great solid pop music with a great music video. Pretty Savage 85/100 This is what How You Like That should have been. I would have picked this for the comeback. This song is really fun to vibe to. (I also think this song should have been flipped with Ice Cream on the tracklist). Also did Jisso say “BLACKPINK in your area?” Whoever said it did it really great (I think it was Jisso or Lisa or maybe even both). Good song! Bet You Wanna (feat Cardi B) 40/100 If you only have 2 minutes and 39 seconds to listen to a song listen to Sour Candy (Lady Gaga & BLACKPINK) instead because that song is amazing. Now this song is kind of a mess. I think Cardi’s part is just thrown on there. The production is a little bit of a mess. In my opinion I think it should have been a rap battle between Cardi, Lisa, and Jennie. Sadly this is the first BLACKPINK collab that I did not like. However this could definitely grow on me. Lovesick Girls Song 86/100 Music Video 86/100 This song was really good. The music video is good to. Nice verses and chorus. Also has a good build up but stays consistent throughout. I love hearing guitars in this song. A very radio friendly and fun song! Fun to dance to! Crazy Over You 55/100 This song started good. I did not like the beat drop. This song feels very generic to me. It sounds like the radio in 2015/2016/2017/2018. Love To Heat Me 70/100 This song sounds like if “Walkashame” and “Bang Dem Sticks” had a baby. Those are both songs by Meghan Trainor off of her album “Title.” It has some good parts but nothing really special. It’s ok. You Never Know 75/100 Pretty good closer song. So happy to see Jisso get the most lines! The Album 70/100 Some of it is really good. Some of it is just not that good. Some of it is just ok. These girls have so much potential to be great. It was really showed on Ice Cream, Pretty Savage, and Lovesick Girls. It was also showed on past songs like Boombayah, Stay, As If It’s Your Last, D4, Kiss and Makeup, Kill This Love, and Sour Candy (there might be a few others that I am missing). Hope to see more from Blackpink in the future. **I also might change my mind because I will listen to this album some more. Please don’t hate, this is just my opinion. I wish these girls only the best.


The album is amazing! Especially like Lovesick Girls and Ice Cream 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦


This is horrible man.


Another artist $8/12 songs or more !!! YJ Entertainment !!! 🤑🤑🤑


Sounds terrible .👎🏻

[email protected]

This is actually a fire album but it seems like it’s missing a few track to be complete

roblox comany

They WORKED HARD AND I MEAN HARD ON THE ALBUM THEY RARELY DO THIS SO BE THANKFUL YOU HAVE THIS MUSIC!!!!!!!! 😠 Please click off quietly if you don’t like it Thank You OTHER THAN THAT SO GOOD I LUV PRETTY SAVAGE that’s my fav song💜

bella amore

our music is horrible now. end of story


This is only eight (8) songs! Really YG-nim?!?? This just another basic EP 🙄 (Extra star for Cardi B & they kept saying the N-Word 😳😳😳😳😳😳)


I can’t believe they finally came out with their first REAL album!!! I’m so proud of them!!! I don’t care what anyone says. The songs are amazing.


As a loyal blink I can say this album was a complete let down. I am not disapointed in the girls because, honestly, like with ALL of the big 3 agencies, they have bvery little say it what is done or how. YG has no idea what they are doing and these girls are wasting their talent and time being there. YG keeps sullying their group name witht heir underhanded dealings like buying all those HYLT views on YouTube, buying their spot in Coachella, buying TV and radio mentions, and lying about their U.S. shows all being sold out to try and blow up their name instead of relying on their skills.


As a fan of BLACKPINK I am very proud of this.Keep going my queen!

Lily Rodz



Are you going to have a consert


“We are the lovesick girls” “we were born to be loved”. Seriously? That sounds like a Barbie song. No offense but it’s all about “me me me” and it’s for babies especially K-pop But I’ll give you an extra star because of Ice Cream bc it’s not bad but it’s not good

jinjin astro bby

Copy cats can’t even get their own tunes


This is such an AMAZING album my favorite song is Ice Cream bc it just has so many different voice changes but all the people that leave bad comments about your songs are sucky picky people and just know that you guys are trying your best and doing amazing at it. Never stop what your doing BLACKPINK!!!😁


This album just confirmed Blackpink as my favorite group ever. I love these girls and how much they care about their fans and their music. I watched their documentary and it brought me to tears. There are no bad songs in this album and that’s a fact.


These girls did amazing! I love this album so much! ❤️


I really do like Blackpink and respect the girls for all the work they put in. I was so excited for their first album since they debuted 4 years ago, however it just didn’t have anything super refreshing or new. The sound was for the most part alright but the structure of the songs were all formatted similarly it was too repetitive. The lyrics( which carry the most weight in my eyes) were all very sub-par. They talked about love and being strong in front of haters however it wasn’t done in a way that makes me go “wow what new take on a reused concept”. Again I do like the group but I’m getting tired of not hearing enough growth or seeing it as well in the choreography. The group is definitely overhyped and honestly doesn’t live up to the reputation of being the best gg in the world. They might be the biggest at the moment but many ggs who have come before have done way more in terms of musical quality.

The Goddess of Cupcakes

I can’t even express in words how much I loved this album it’s now my favorite (currently). I just love this a lot and BLACKPINK have been my favorite all girl band since the beginning but know I just love them more then ever.


For a band that’s branded themselves on speaking up about female empowerment, a whole album after 6 years since debut written by the same old bunch of men from YG. No thank you

Safire Rose

BlackPink is my new favorite group and I can’t wait for them to come out with even more fun and sexy songs!


I love every songs on THE ALBUM, Love to hate me is my fave, Pretty Savage comes real close too

blackpink & Bts

I love it it is amazing


That flute reminds me of my grandma’s old 2015 Honda CR-V but she crashed into a car when she wouldn’t wear her seatbelt and it would beep at her just like your flute


The title song ‘Lovesick Girls’ is a dope🔥🔥🔥 And other songs were good too. I love the whole album but My Ranking is #1 Lovesick Girls #2 How You Like That #3 Pretty Savage #4 You Never Know #5 Crazy Over You #6 Love To Hate Me #7 Ice Cream #8 Bet You Wanna


Love it love it


These queens are so amazing and deserve the world 🖤💕 BLACKPINK OT4 FOREVER!! :)


So let down by this album. All the songs sound the same. I was anticipating a great album and well, this just isn’t it.