Blanco Brown - Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs

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Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs Tracklist:


Hick-hop ... it’s real. Love every song. Don’t hate cause you don’t understand. Keep it coming. Keep it strong !

Johann Benavides

We shouldn’t be Hating, ain’t nobody got time for that


The Git Up


Pop music


OK. Picking out my favorites. Funky Tonk - It's so catchy and good. It's my first favorite. Getting in a fist fight while blackout drunk and the only reason you aren't hauled in for a DUI is because they stole your tires, that's hysterical. CountryTime - It's very, very good. I'm trying to think through too much allergies and cotton right now to do it justice. Georgia Power - It's an optimistic breakup song. I just like it. The Git Up - It's fantastic but catchy. Too catchy. Best Part? The word 'Honkytonk' isn't used once. I wish I could give it an extra star just for that alone. It's a good album, you embarrassing, squalling brats. No one is threatening your country. It's still the steakhouse background music you know and love. I haven't been this excited about the genre in years. It's been so stagnant.


The few songs I own I love! I like how up beat he is.


Great voice and music. Everything evolves....even country music. Hank and Waylon would appreciate this beautiful song and music!


When he repeats it “wasn’t that bad was it’s like 5 million times in a row I say yes every time. This song plays on my work radio everyday and I can’t escape it. The Git Down is literally the worst song ever recorded. I wish I could give it negative stars so anyone involved with this song will owe a star off their next effort.


I am a hardcore country fan- old school country BUT Blancos music is a rare and beautiful thing in todays music. No its not country- it definitely isnt todays country (think goodness). This is someone being true to themselves and authentic in a world of cookie cutter SOULLESS, thoughtless music. Blanco has got something special.


I have to admit, this sort of country/pop music is growing on me. It’s fun and different from every other country song that sings about the same things over and over again. This is an interesting evolution for all genres involved. With this being said, I’m not sure why so many people are complaining about it. If you want to listen to classic country music, then download classic country music. Don’t go hating on the people trying to do something different. This isn’t ruining country music, it’s creating a new, separate genre of country music.


........but I like it!!!!


Stay mad


He’s mocking country


Not country. Looks like a nice guy but him and everyone else needs to quit messing up country music

Moises S.

All the lower stars are the white haters country Alabama ppl not liking the evolution of music. Very racist.


This is garbage. Sounds like he has some mental issues. A sick puppy!


Hip hop and country done perfectly!


I’m one of the few people who dosent like the git up. And to the people who said he’s been paving the way for a new genre, this genre has been out for YEARS. This 2 star average rating should say something


I like Git Up my favorite!!


I'm sorry, but I can't stand the fact that everyone and his brother are trying to get into Country Music these days. Pop is not Country.... I'm not stuck on only OLD Country... but I Love the old style and some new as well.... It just needs to resemble Country Music. I like many kinds of MUSIC... Rock, Some Pop, Motown, Blues and Country... but, Please keep it COUNTRY if that's what you represent. It wasn't broken and doesn't need to be fixed or changed.... My Opinion, maybe not everyone's Just keep it real... Country isn't an anything goes genre... That belongs in POP!


Why does his voice sound so strange. Way over produced? Hip Hop Country may be in right now. Doesn't mean I have to like it.


I love it! So different from the wangy, twangy, country! I give him so much credit for changing the culture❤️❤️❤️

LJ Squatchy

Call it country, call it whatever, it’s entertaining music. I think most of the one or two star ratings are from those who have a boundary of what is country and not from people who actually listened to the songs.

Super flyby

I will pray for you my son. This is GARBAGE. I’m a person who respects all types of music. But I have NO words for this see NO WORDS💩 Wow what kind of music is this supposed to be again. I will apologize for 🍏Apple Music since they won’t🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉 WE ARE ALL SINCERELY SORRY MR CASH You are truly country MUSIC👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 NOT THIS CRAP🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧‼️‼️‼️


Straight up trash. More hip hop than anything


This is garbage. Those old country legends are likely rolling over in their graves. This belongs in “pop” or “hip-hop”, not country. It’s a shame...

Air McNair Fan

I think its genius. The lyrics are actually good and the beats are great. He’s blended several types of music and made it his own style


I really like it. It is a different sound for country, but I have always loved differences. I give it 5 stars.


No. Just No. Don't even try to call this country!!!


There is nothing about this album that says country. This should not be allowed on the country genre.


The way you intertwined the LOVE AND HATE THE I DONT LIKE CHANGE 🙏🏿 . Deeply respected love everything and the message . Thank you for giving us who eyes were shut to see what GETTING OUT YA WAY AND SEEING PURPOSE

Ben Round Awhile

Fun time listening, I don’t think any genre has to be totally serious about what it represents.

Ashley Ruffin

This music is beautifully fused to reflect the forward thinking nature of people who just love good music. He was able to bridge my two favorite genres. Learning about his inspiration behind the sound I can hear it in the songs.


The musical equivalent of a landfill.


Haters gonna always hate. Do your thing double B’s!!


Trash! Nothing about this is country or anything close. Put it on the rap chart where it belongs


Just cause someone sings with twang, doesn’t mean they are country. The guy is talented but it ain’t working.


What is this club crap


This is a disgrace to country music!


So pathetic.


This is the farthest thing from country that I’ve ever heard. I’d take anything in the “bro country” genre before this garbage


It’s always nice to hear something new and inventive.. people are always gonna hate on what they can’t understand. To them there is no possible way of mixing two genres, there’s just hate because “if eet ain’t gun totin’, yee haw crak smokin, wanna be outlaw country” then its not good enough. How about it’s not for you?? Move along! Thanks blanco, keep doing your thing and keeping myself and kids entertained!


Something new and fresh

Mr. Feenie

The reason for the rating is because he’s clearly making his voice sound like this—country sounding, synthesized, etc. Also, these songs sound very poorly produced and too pop-sounding; something that you would hear on Radio Disney or be sold in the Kids Music section at your local department store retailer. Blanco Brown is unfortunately a fad, that I’m ready for people to be done with. Yes, he might have followed in the success of the “Old Town Road” phenom, but, at least that song had a decent hook and catchy beat that ultimately led to other listenable tracks.

Nothern hillbilly

Country genre? Not even close...


I love this. So what if your music doesn’t fit into today’s “bro country”? You do you. I understand why this is classified as country (because hip-hop-country hybrid might not be a thing...yet). Thanks for paving the way for a new genre.


Most of these if not all of these songs have already been released... this seems like an attempt money grab.

Brutus IS HERE

Stop destroying country music


Good lord what the hell is happening to this genre?!?


no idea who approved of this but ok

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