Michael Jackson - Blood On the Dance Floor: HIStory In the Mix

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Blood On the Dance Floor: HIStory In the Mix Tracklist:

MJ dancing fan

Love the album, but I’m pretty sure we can all agree that we can do without some of the remixes


I loved quite a few of the songs in here. My favorite was the Scream Louder one. Such awesome music!


That one song is worth the album alone.


Hey guys umm... was he trying to warn us about 9/11 in this album? Because it looked like was.


For along time blood on the dance floor on iTunes was only 6 bucks but today the raised the price to 9.99 not cool😀


Album is so great I must have for mj fans


Sounds kind of depressing and personal for him...but maybe he was just going through things in life cause hey, he is michael Jackson...fame ate him up, all these rumors and lies in his head, fed to the public to believe...when he was nothing but a good and honest man ...πŸ˜“πŸ’” #RIPMJJ❀️


Ghost is fantastic! His fans made him the king of pop! He was too humble to ever call himself that!


ALL 5 songs are classic 90s MJ. Must have


2 bad is the best song and ghost I will always miss you MJ

Thunderman mj

Don't listen to money and morphine, there are bad lyrics on money. He says anything for money will lie for you die for you even sell my soul to the devil. On morphine he says he just a b'''' baby. The songs ghost,superfly sister and 2 bad are awesome. See avideo for ghosts the video is scary for kids 5 and under


Hmm... Michael has never talked about SEX that deep... You can notice it on the album title track and Superfly Sister. Calm Down, Mike... Haha!


This is the best dance album ever. It has really awesome remixes and songs. You HAVE to get this, it's sooo underrated... BUY IT! MJ was the first to name "Blood On The Dance Floor". Then there were trashy bands and other songs with the same name.

pumpkin da poodles

scream louder,πŸ’₯πŸ”₯


Very funky! I love the remixed version of the "History" album songs


Truly unappreciated album. Michael Jackson was a genius.


The song ghosts is my top favorite "tell me are you the ghost of jealousy" sorry I ❀️ that song and if mj is alive I would love if he wrote back

Singer, do re me

I found this song quite by accident. And a very I found this song quite by chance. When I was looking for another song, I came across the video with, Michale. It was great and very touching. As well as entertaining. The song Ghost is fantastic. What you would except, from MJ. I'm be putting this song on a cd along with other songs for a Halloween Music Mix. And by the way, one of them is of course his most popular song, "Thriller".


The King of Pop did a fantastic job with this album. Personally, I think the lyrics to this album are the most well-written lyrics out of any of his albums. It's sad that it didn't get much recognition quality-wise, because it is amazing. My personal favorites in order: 1.Blood On The Dance Floor. This is my all-time favorite song to dance to. 2. Is It Scary. This one shows of his multi-octave voice range beautifully. 3. Morphine. I'll admit, I have a problem listening to this because it usually brings me to tears . It's kind of like his version of Amy Winehouse's Rehab; great song, but haunting because we all know drugs were a problem for him, sadly. 4. Ghosts. This one has an amazing video to it. Although, I wish iTunes had the full, 40-minute version. 5. Stranger In Moscow Remix. I love the song, remixed or not. It's a song that you could just listen to all day because of the carefully-written lyrics. 6. Superfly Sister. This one is fun to listen to, but rather "inappropriate" for younger listeners? Haha. Great song though! The rest are all great, as well! I just didn't know how to put them in order. We love you, Michael. R.I.P. πŸ˜”β€οΈ Love, Mill


perfect . πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


I absoulutely love this album.. the remixes werent all that great so i don't give it 5 stars but the rest of this album is AMAZING..


Don't be hard on this album it's a remix album


U rock ! :-)


Michael is one of the best singers in history! He is so amazing! I miss him so much!


You want to move when you hear all the songs in this album.


WOW no wonder why this is the best remix album ever sold.. ITS FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love everything this man has put out there! His music moves every muscle in my body! God knows how much I miss the King of Pop!!! RIP my MJ!


this my best favorite albumπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‚


Beautiful album.


One of the very first albums I purchased from him when I became a fan. My top picks from this album are morphine, you are not alone and ghost


It's so cool! 😎 Michael pulls you into every emotion he conveys with the first five songs, and he does it so well! πŸ’— The rest of it is fit for an all-out dance party. ➑➑➑🚢➑➑➑ (moonwalker) :D And morphine is an awesome song to let out anger to. 😈 Go Mike!!! πŸ˜‡


Must buy for MJ fans!!! One of his best albums

munch kin m&m

I love this song


I have loved MJ and his music almost my whole life, and Ghost and Blood on the Dance Floor are no exceptions! I didn't get the whole album, but I can tell just by the two songs I did buy that I should. Both, especially Ghost, will make you look like an idiot in public because of how much you get into the song. You'll be tapping your feet and shaking your head in front of everyone and you won't care what they think. Bottom line, you will love these songs and they are a MUST BUY if you are an MJ fan. For the low price of $1.29 each, you can't go wrong with these songs.


I have had this album for over 10 years, and this album is still fantastic to listen to. Just great.




This album is amazing! Blood on the Dance Floor has long been one of my favorite songs, and Michael Jackson is my favorite singer/dancer. It is impossible to not like his music. GO MJ!!!!!


but the five new songs are brilliant and they're worth the money paid. Blood On the Dance Floor is a catchy gothic dance song with a funky beat. His vocals are gritty galore, which I personally love. The lyrics seem like an inverted version of Billie Jean, nothing too deep, but there could be various innuendos if you listen hard. Morphine is the rawest and possibly most experimental song MJ ever did with MJ digging deep down in his soul with Trent Reznor-like sounds (not surprising as Downward Spiral was the inspiration for it). It's one of my favorite songs of his because of how raw it is. The lyrics are quite sad considering the events surrounding it, but the brilliance of the music always manages to make me a happy listener. Superfly Sister is an eccentric piece of funk. There's definitely some more rawness to it and the lack of melody is definitely a different side of MJ's songwriting. The lyrics speak the truth. Ghosts is another gothic dance song, a bit unconventional in its repetitiveness, but the hook is there. The lyrics are pure MJ paranoia. Is It Scary is a opera-like gothic pop song that hooked me from the beginning. It's got some major raw emotion in there with the haunting atmosphere, sounds, and lyrics no matter if that emotion is justified or not. Like HIStory before and in some parts of his other albums, Blood On the Dance Floor bears MJ's soul through his music giving the audience someone who's a little bit broken inside.

~ Sparky ~

Despite what critics claimed.. I believe this is one of MJ's best albums ever. "Blood On The Dancefloor", is a great song that is similar to previous works. "Morphine", is one of my favorite on the album. It has Slash in it, and it is a very powerful song!!! "Superfly Sister", is the oddity on the album, but was very stunning, nontheless. "Ghosts", is what drew me to the album!! This track is genious, and should have hit #1. Finally, "Is It Scary", taking off of, "Ghosts", is also very different for MJ. The remixes were great as well. I totally dig the controversial artwork for the album!! I believe that I like this album so much because it came out the year I was born. ^^


Michael Jackson was a very nice man I love his songs I like Blood on The Dance Floor the remixes are cool nice album Michael rest in peace :(


The remixes are great the songs are better buy Off The Wall

Little Miss MJ

I love all your songs and albums so much that I can't choose between any of them! You are gone too soon! I miss you so much I still cry for you sometimes! I love you, and I always will!

Maria Pigford

Best songs are "Ghosts","Blood on the Dance Floor","Superfly Sister" and "Is it Scary".Rest...don't know.


oh michael.... dear dear michael ..... he knows his stuff, he loved kids....all his albums are great! wished that he was hear today making more albums we love and miss you michael jackson you always will be the king of pop.

Maral R

This album is amazing. the song Blood on the dance floor sounds so modern it seams like it just came out yesterday. Morphine is like a rock song, supperfly sister, Ghosts and Is it scary are just great. the remixes for the other songs are fabulous especialy History!!! Overall this is a good feeling album and fun to listen to, I Recommand this album 100%


Best album ever!!!


I love this it is the best


I love this album! I listened to the songs and my favorites are Ghosts and Is It Scary. I loved them so much I even went and bought Michael Jackson's Ghosts which includes both songs!

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