Bon Jovi - 2020

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2020 Tracklist:


In light of the fact that I’ve heard enough from Trump Loyalists to last a lifetime, I really wanted to like this. Problem is I’ve never been into Bon Jovi. Sorry, Jon. Keep the faith.


I wore out Slippery When Wet many times back in the day. New Jersey too and so on and so on... If you want to keep sleeping in 1986 then go ahead and keep listening to Slippery. This is 2021. Do you expect the band to keep releasing that album over and over again? I can't believe all this negativity. Antisocial media s--ks

Mickey Mike

Doesn’t sound like the Bon Jovi I used to know


Stick your past 4 albums, up your socialist-liberal-loving arse and set fire to em~ You need to crawl into your hole, along with burned out, liberal Motley Crue, Dead Dave Mustain and the rest of the clowns, to sit and rot! Your political views have zero impact on your crappy music now. CHEERS to 2021 and MAGA's victory!


They have been circling the bottom of the bowl for quite a while now. But, this is an all time low. Wouldn’t take this if it was free.




Jon don’t pay any attention to the negative reviews. You do a huge amount of work for the homeless and hungry AND you make great music. I e been a fan since way back in the 80s and will continue to be a fan. You make awesome music. The new stuff today stinks.... most of the “new” stuff I hear is music put out originally in the 80s and then remixed with a different sound but still not original. You do awesome ORIGINAL work so just keep on doing it ok!! THANK YOU!!


I’d rather watch CNN

Jim Bob Furley

Time to get get Richie Sambora and Desmond Child back on the song writing line up. If not, it’s time to call it quits. Jon proves he has too much money, too much time on his hands, and no talent on his own. There are 5 year olds who can write better songs than this junk ! Who’s the schmuck at the record label who agreed to release this ?


Yeah, The sound and the band has not been the same since Richie Sambora left. I do understand why he left...just sayin’ I am a huge fan of Bon Jovi and will be for life 💖 With saying that, I was so looking forward to this new 2020 album. I like maybe two of the songs on the album ( I should of just bought those ) I’m used to Jon Bon Jovi being political and that has been a big part of his albums for many years and that’s ok with me as most artist are. I’m mostly disappointed in the sound and most of the songs on this album. I have been disappointed in the last three concerts too, but, I’m sure I will be at their next concert when their in my area agains and things are back to “normal.”


Writing about social ills on a third grade level. Bonjovi needs to retire. Production is crap as is the musicianship. Auto tune can’t help his voice. Just sad.... Ritchie bailed at the right time. Saved himself a lot of embarrassment.

j bug366

I want my Bon Jovi back - not this political statement. And yes- Ritchie is greatly missed and it is painfully evident in these lyrics and lack of harmony.


I gotta say this album keeps me going I really enjoy it!


It's too bad Bon Jovi's name is on this album.

Gaby Barret

Bon Jovi is my all time FAVORITE singer


Wow just when you taught it couldn’t get more political Bon Jovi dumps a load of crap that they pass off as rock. Won’t pay $10.99 to hear someone else’s political views. Hugh disappointment. Do what u once were good at, playing rock or just retire.


What happen to writing about friends, good times and love. Your politics align with the super elites who are morally bankrupt. You guys are better then this. Disappointed in the music.


Zero stars


I’ve just listened to new album 3 times in a row, for me two best songs here are: Story of love and Let it rain. ,Story’ is so sad and touching, and ,Rain’ good late Bon Jovi style song. Other good songs: American reckoning, Unbroken, Blood in the water, but they are all sad. Country style song , Do what you can’ is ok, but not a hit, and it’s country, not my style. ,Limitless’ sounds like a hit song, but for some reason I don’t really like it. And two songs I don’t like at all: Beautiful drug and Brothers in arms, too cheap and poppy. Overall good sad album, was expecting 2020 to be a hit album, sad depressing year, and this album (Story of love almost made cry). And one more song that I really like is Shine-love ballad.


I love Bon Jovi. But this is garbage.


Take all the horrible lyrics out of it. He sounds horrible the music sounds horrible. This may be the worst album I’ve heard. Just bad. Not sure what they were listening to in the studio. Who green lighted this? Just disturbingly bad.

The snake2011

Politics 2020


This is what happens to your music when you go total SJW and virtue signaler. American Reckoning is the biggest lyrical lie. I gave it one star for the effort of the studio engineers putting their time .


I’ve been a Bon Jovi fan since I was 11 years old and now that I’m 45, I can pretty much be a Bon Jovi historian. Bon Jovi is the reason I picked up the guitar at 13 and why I’ve been a high school music teacher for 20 years. Here’s the deal... if Springsteen would’ve released this album, it would’ve been much more accepted than Bon Jovi releasing it. Bon Jovi fans are not ready to let go of the nostalgia and Jon is evolving into an elder statesman. But the question is... can Bon Jovi still do what they’ve done like none other? Through their songs, they delivered a feeling that only they can. From the emotional ballads that only Jon can deliver to the rockers that stand the test of time. When I listen to “I’ll Be There For You” or “Always”, I am elevated by the hooks, lyrics, musicianship, production, and Jon’s vocal delivery. These songs are a different kind of left turn and there’s a lot to digest. Accepting Richie not being in the band, John Shanks taking on a bigger role than he probably should, Phil X lacking the emotion, phrasing, tone, and soul that Richie delivered. And they also suffer from not having the songwriting partnership of Jon and Richie. Then there’s the political and “today” part of it. It’s hard for me to connect with these songs because they’re so centered on today... and who wants to hear more about today? Music is about being transported elsewhere and Jon has always been able to put that nostalgia and romanticism in my life. So... Jon still knows how to write hooks and his band knows how to support him. However, the best songs on the album are two bonus tracks not available on the standard version. “Shine” and “Luv Can”. These are two classic Bon Jovi ballads with those hooks that you wish you would’ve thought of. I can compare “Shine” to “Real Love” from “This House Is Not For Sale”. As soon as I heard “Shine”, I went for my guitar right away! That’s the Bon Jovi I’d like to continue to hear. The good news is that Jon proves he can write the catchiest hooks and that he will continue to possess this ability. In these two songs, he also proves that his voice can still pull off the range and stylings that have been constants. As fans, we should embrace evolution while hoping that the team of Jon and Richie will get back in a room together soon.


I absolutely love this album. It sounds like the old BonJovi! The songs are great and if you are a Bon Jovi fan I recommend you to get this album. It is great!


Ignore all the bad reviews. There are some excellent songs in this album including “do what you can” and “ limitless’.


Bon Jovi has gone downhill for ahwile, especailly from a song writing view, Richie leaving was the worst & that alone would keep me from even going to see a live show where i would hope they would sing nothing but the classics. Pass on this one for sure.


Long tome Jovi girl, and although not all of the songs are my favorite I think this album is timely and like every Bon Jovi has it marks a moment in my life and this one is without a doubt a time stamp in our lives! Do what you can is my favorite, at first listen story of love made me cry, it was spot on for anyone who has a kid they love. Let it rain is an optimistic call to look past individual biases. Beautiful drug i bet will be fun live! Can’t wait for the tour if there is a tour!


There’s some good songs here, but also some really political subject matter.

smarter thanyou

This band has been around, seemingly, forever. It's about time they release an album with decent music on it. I imagine the dopey fans want more party songs but the band have aged out. Let's hope for many more like this. I might even go to a concert if they ever come back.


Was a Bon Jovi fan over the years. But pandering to political virtue signaling, flavor of the day is simply not rock and roll..... stumping for Hilary Clinton in 2016 obviously sucked the soul & life out of this band. Doubtful they will recover any credibility after releasing this dribble of an “album”. Show is over, ‘ya had a nice run and you decided to go Yoko Ono on yourselves.


I stopped listening to U2 when they got too political and I hate to say it, but BonJovi's going the same direction. I've been a fan since the beginning and I've been to every concert in my home state, but this time, I'm so glad there won't be one. I want to remember the way Jon's voice used to sound. I think all those cigerettes he's been smoking have destroyed his voice. I don't want to be lectured about the same stuff I have to hear on the news all day nor do you want me to lecture you about my view on abortion or freedom of religion. It seems like you don't care about what your fans want to hear, you just want to make your way to run for office. The only good thing that I can't complain about is your work for the homeless and hungry. At least you don't have to sing for your supper because the rest of us will. After 37 years of being a fan, over 20 albums and 20 concerts all over the country, I think I'll buy this album just to say " I've Rocked Them All!" but I'll probably never listen to it.


Very disappointed he could made a better album then this what happened 😔😔😔


I love when artists mature , not so much in age, but in style and message! Although it does seem that as artists mature in age they also mature in message. Yes this album is political, but these are political times. People/artists write and sing about things that have happened in their lives and that matter to them. I totally feel that in this album! And I have to admit, I’ve not been the biggest Bon Jovi fan over the years, my sister has been; but this album has real feeling and real heart and I totally recommend it!

Mike Fly

Wow! I haven't wrote an album review in a while. John Bongiovi is 58 years old and from New Jersey. Will someone please tell him that.


I can appreciate the need to grow as an artist and not simply do another retread of a previous BJ album. But a good song is a good song and I honestly can say none of these songs impress me that much. A cloud of doom sort of hangs over the proceedings. I suppose “Limitless” is decent as is “Do what you can”, but this album has no really good lift off points for me. It takes a listener on ride to mediocrity. It’s all about chemistry and it’s obvious they need to have a reunion with Sambora. Maybe it’s time to put this band in mothballs until Sambora comes back. Bottom line: I would expect better than this from the band called Bon Jovi


Don’t want to get ugly some others have but this is just not something that Jon should put out. Hugely disappointing

I will be heard

I look at the other reviews and that about sums it up. It’s as bad as Disturbed covering The Police. Fav bands are losing themselves. Where is Eddie VH when you need him. RIP


Lets pretend this CD doesn’t exist :)


No redeeming value here. Maybe its vanity, but at this point many of these older rockers are like boxers past their prime...they either don't know when to or can't hang it up. Allow me to say it. It's time.




IMO the only fair song is Limitless....everything else is one dimensional. Very disappointing quality for an otherwise historically stellar band.


Most of the one star reviews are from Trumpees. Perhaps time for the country to split into two and the reds can have their cult king for life and the blues can have a country that believes in science and a one person, one vote democracy. Time for a divorce.


I’m afraid Bon Jovi has seen their day in the ‘80s. Still love them but I don’t like this album at all - sorry guys


Not the Bon Jovi of old. Terrible album. Stop pushing your political agenda. People listen to music to escape this worlds problems. Don’t buy this album.

The 3rd Monkey

Fogeys crying for the 80s. This is obv a topical album. Some sounds like Springsteen, some sounds like JBJ solo. Some especially BITW sound like classic 90s BonJovi. Their best since Crush.

JB Owensboro

I have most Bon Jovi albums even back to Power Station years. Time to hang it up. JBJs voice is gone. The songwriting is getting worse, as is the production.


I mean, really bad. Cringe inducingly bad.


Hang it up.


What a disapointment from a former great name !! Glad we got to experience your best stuff in the 80's. Now just retire with dignity and don't even try to come back with this crap.

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