Blake Shelton - Boys 'Round Here (Stadium Dance Mix)

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Boys 'Round Here (Stadium Dance Mix) - Single Tracklist:

Maestro Melanie

This kind of garbage actually makes me want to get violent it's so bad!! Can this clown be any more of a mediocre cliche?? Lets see what he covers in this masterpiece. Dirt roads, pick up trucks, God, Ice Cold Beer etc,,, what other bad redneck reference am I leaving out??


I love the new style


Pay NO attention to the man behind the curtain with many Apple identities. His motive for derogatory comments has its rewards. This version is INCREDIBLE!!!


Absolute butchered this song... Hate this version


how could Blake approve of this release? This is most embarrasing country song/version I have ever heard... to think that he just won Best Vocalist is truly a travesty for all fans of talented artists. next...........


Love the hook and the "Dougie" beat! Fun contrast of city meets country!


God awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like the song "boy's round here" but there are just too many versions of it now. I get it that this appeals to the pop listeners but please stick to your roots. The original version is good enough!


Original version - great Celebrity remake - still good, everyone else in it makes it cool This version - .....what? why? you've ruined a good song

Matthew Youngblood

If this is the only good review for this song, so be it. This is a DANCE MIX! As long as u like it & can dance 2 it, hey who cares if it isn't country? THIS VERSION IS NOT SUPPOSED 2 be country! So stop complaining!


The real version of this song on his album is incredible. This dance mix is just some remix and it’s not as good. I doubt blake even was up for it, his label just makes remixes trying to get more money. Blake has plenty and he just won album of year

The Ramblin Man

How many different versions can we have of one song? Blake is determined to find out. In a few weeks, a Thanksgiving version called the Turkeys Round Here. Then a few weeks later, The Elves Around Here. Boo, bad song.

These Strings

goodbye Blake, your time is up, now fade away


I demand to know a few things... One: who produced this? It sounds like a few monkeys mixed it. And two: who's idea was this?! This is honestly an embarrasment. Thankfully it's not actually what he played on his staduim TOUR!



Luv Addict

This ain't my Grandaddy's country, this is Crap! This song express everything that is wrong with country today! His "Hollywood" self can pack his bags and move out west and hang out with all his pop & rap friends.


Really?? How many versions of one song can you release? Good grief please stop!


If I hear hear this at an NFL football game… I'll probably blow the stadium up lol


this is absolutely embarrassing for country music…. Garbage.


Sounds like he's forgotten his roots. The thing about shooting stars, they always burn out and fall to the ground. Sad.


This is absolute crap.


Why does this version exist....????

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