Breaking Benjamin - Aurora

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Aurora Tracklist:


I don't dig the negativity about this album. Added strings and acoustics sound great with these songs. Cash grab, maybe but its still good. Wished they redid Hollow but still solid.


They are perfect as usual!!! LOVE IT


I see some reviews complaining about this album because it is some of their previous songs redone. I have to say that I love this album. It takes some of their popular songs and gives them a whole new acoustic/orchestral spin and adds in some great collaborations with other singers. I would much rather have a band do something like this than release a "greatest hits" or a live album. Album sounds great and the highlight for me is the new song "Far Away" with Scooter from Cold!


This band and singer is always about hope and reason as well romance of light!

Marianas Trench 4 Life

This album as the rest of Breaking Benjamin album’s is amazing 10/10 in my book nice job guys👏

We searcher

These stupid 1 Star reviews make me laugh. It’s a great album and I rather enjoy the remix’s of their old songs


I liked all the features in the songs and far away was amazing but I wish there were at least two or three new songs instead of one plus I wasn’t all that impressed with them some of the songs sounded the same as the original

lexi loves breaking benjamin

I heard Aurora because I’m part of the breaking Benjamin fan club so I got to hear it earlier than the regular release date, THIS IS NOT A “REMIX” AT ALL!!!! This is for people who love rock and want to relax but doesn’t want to hear guitars, drums, and bass. I love this album! At first I wasn’t so into it but it’s grown on me! I went to the Pennsylvania meet and greet after the Allentown show with Korn, bones and of course breaking Benjamin. It started to REALY grow on me!!! This is more than a great album, ITS AN AWESOME ALBUM!!!




Why??? This is a waste of time......


love the new so good you guys are the best thanks


Breaking Benjamin with another great album even though there’s only one new song on it there’s acoustic songs remade and it sounds great breaking Benjamin never seems to disappoint

Rider on the Storn

If your looking for heavier crunch , may not be album you expect but if you are into BB, the vocals. Lyrics and dynamic melodies are excellent, well produced and solid.

Dean 01

I like all the song the most favorite song from torn in two, red cold river, far away, they did good job on this album I’m so happy that they have this out and I’m buy this album soon on my iPhone but I love this album I’ll give this 10/10 rate ❤️

Noah 1999

When I say interlude I mean Interlude to another album possibly in production as we speak. Probably won’t be released for one or two more years. Aurora is a fantastic acoustic remix album that features one new song, titled Far Away. In short, the album is absolutely awesome. The only thing I’m peeved about at the moment is the seemingly abounding shallow, narrow and ungrateful “fans” complaining about trivial things and accusing the band of creating this as simple cash grab. I, on the other hand am just thankful for new Breaking Benjamin content and just having Breaking Benjamin music at all. When I found out [around 2011] that Ben was on a hiatus I was genuinely afraid that he wouldn’t start putting out new music again. At the time, and still to this day he’s one of two of my favorite frontmen of all time [the other being Jonathan Davis of KoRn] He had inspired me as a musician and has helped me grow as a lyricist, guitar player, song writer and vocalist for the past 10 years just by listening to his music. When Ben and his new lineup leaked Dark Before Dawn I hadn’t been so happy in a pretty long time, and I’ve been happy every since Ember as well. All in all I’m just thankful. Period. And happy, most importantly.


Been a big fan of BB for so long that I was so excited to hear about the release of a acoustic albums. However, this was a major let down. The majority of the tracks are original vocals with new instrumentation over them and they don’t sound that acoustic to me. The guest vocals were too much and they didn’t add anything to the songs. Dance with the devil is one of my all time faves but on this album, you hear guest vocalist Adam Gontier dominating the track more than Ben, which makes it a very weird listening experience. The track listing is also a bit weak, lots of great tracks from earlier albums were left out. It’s not all bad though, I do enjoy it and I’m glad to have a new BB album to listen to but was expecting a bit more. Please go look up the excellent The Diary of Jane acoustic from the special edition of Phobia and you’ll see what this album could’ve been like.


These songs were always outstanding...I’m not sure why anyone would one to put them through a remix, sadly unimpressed by this one. Still, the songs are good, but...I’ve got them already.


I love BB, but this is a cash grab. Never thought I would be so let down by these guys.


I didn’t want to like this album. I usually always hate re-records because I’m so used the originals. But this album just hits al the right notes and sounds amazing! Love it!


I have loved this band for so many years and they just keep getting better. Love that I have heavy and chill versions of their songs, they’re true musicians and so versatile!


Pre ordered but iTunes wants me to buy the album again


Taking classic Breaking Benjamin songs and reworking them. This is not just a remix or remaster; it’s a complete rework of the original music. The orchestral components bring a welcome different depth and emotion to these favorites. Great artist collaborations; my favorite being Dear Agony with Lacey Sturm. It brings an almost soul haunting quality to an already powerful song.


Acoustic albums are great, but I’m glad that they took it up a notch and added the orchestra. "Far Away" has been on repeat in my head since I heard it.🤯 Really great to hear my favorite band with a twist. Amazing!


A new take on an acoustic album. Been a fan for over 15 years and was pleasantly surprised by their approach to this album.


Usually I’m not a fan of redux albums like this but this one really blew me away! The best one is “Dear Agony” with Lacey Strum-the vocal pairing is incredible and hopefully it won’t be the last collaboration between those two.


Some bands can’t do acoustic right but with BB it’s beautiful...especially Dear Agony and So Cold, I want to hear more of what they can do acoustically...


As always, Breaking Benjamin proves they’re amazing! Love the new song Far Away! Thanks so much guys for keeping your sound consistent all these years. It’s new and the same all at once! Favorite band EVER!


What is offered here is literally the same songs you've been listening to for years. The only difference is the electric guitars were swapped for acoustics and the drummer traded his sticks for brushes. Otherwise it's the same instrumentals, and the vocal tracks are literally ripped from the original albums, save for the guest artist tracks. It's interesting at first listen, but does little to justify its existence over the original songs.


Never Disappoints Such A Great Group

Erik Mylastname

They took most of my favorite songs from their catalogue, brought in some of my favorite artists into the mix, and put a fresh spin on it. Nice! I like very much.

Do More Deadlifts

With all the trash on the radio, it is nice to know that ROCK IS NOT DEAD YET!


Especially Dance with the Devil.


I’ve been a BB fan from the beginning & this is a true gift! Thank you, Ben!


Ben and crew do it again! Thanks Breaking Benjamin!!


Love all of the songs.


Solid remakes of their classics with AMAZING guest appearances!!!! 🔥


i loved their reinventions of so cold, red cold river, tourniquet. so fresh. their collab work? enjoyable but left me underwhelmed. i had a lot of hype for dear agony and dance with the devil, but they played it too safe here with these popular hits and felt like i was listening to breaking benjamin on karaoke night. far away shows they can do a great collab, but the rest i had to smile and clap for as if my friends were playing rock band; though it’ll have nothing on the originals


I find this album amazing. I feel like they really missed the mark with “Red Cold River”. While it is my fav song on ember album it really is underwhelming. “So Cold” feels like the same version I’ve heard acoustically with next to no change. Ok done with the negative the rest of the album is just amazing. Dear agony was a beautiful mix of Lacey and Bens vocals. I only wish this album contained songs like “ Sooner or Later, or The Diary of Jane”. Maybe they’ll release a deluxe or a second aurora album


Not much of a fan of BB but I do enjoy a few songs of theirs. I feel none of these versions take away or add anything special to any of the tracks. I am a big fan of Red and Flyleaf and Lacey Sturm’s solo music though, they do have great voices.


I love everything about it

Gabe Kel Cruz

Wow. I was disappointed when I saw it was an album of acoustic remixes, but I think it's just been so long since I heard real instruments in music I forgot what I was missing. Thank you for this, the new song is amazing, and these are my new definitive versions of your greatest hits.


Great album. Different sound for them. Love they they’re trying new things with old favorites ❤️

Richard Betancourt

Today’s the official release of Aurora and ALL of the songs are AMAZING! Dear Agony with Lacey Sturm is my fav song on the soundtrack. I’ve never cried so much at a Breaking Benjamin song than this one. Bens vocals with Lacey’s is just so PERFECT! I’ve cried so much listening to this! Best acoustic album EVERRRR!!! 😭🤘🎸🎻🥁🎼🎤


What’s the point of this album? We want new music!


I’ve always loved acoustic versions of songs especially Breaking Benjamin songs and this ablum completed me it’s so amazing I love it! <3


This album is awesome whoever gave it 1 star has terrible taste in music


Love BB for years, buuuut , it looks like they dint bother to try on this one. Basically Original songs with different instrumental dubbed over. Doubt they even went into the studio for this one. as a BB fan I automatically pre order all of their content, but this is a disappointing effort.


Awesome album




I’ve been a long time fan of Breaking Benjamin and own all these songs. For the most part all the songs currently available sound very similar to the original. Support the the Band and buy the album or save yourself some cash and listen to the original.