Carrie Underwood - Something in the Water

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Cat kid 1865


sj the man

dang girl you can sing I would go all out and I will watch you sin at a concert i will go to Charlotte texues or I would go to Tennessee and I would go to Georgia to if you are singing there

Reader Extreme

This music video is art.

GREAT SONG - Bad Video quality

I love this song, the dancing....BUT I've never had a video download so pixelated - why? Why?


I am a huge Carrie Underwood fan, and I love this song with all of my heart, but I feel like the video is just a bit sketchy for such a spiritual song. This song, as I've said, is AMAZING, but the video isn't quite as bone-chilling good.




I personal think it is to slow of a song I do not like those but alot of people do so do not let me stop you


The song is heart felt beautful it has a message that is up lifting


No problem watching this video good dynamics and production. Love this song!

Mommy to be soon

This is one of my favorite songs by Carrie Underwood and you look amazing and you are truly beautiful and I love your voice it is amazing.!!!!!!


Love the song, but this video version is so pixelated it's unbelievable. I have to imagine it's meant to be 1/4 the size instead of full screen. Have honestly never seen a video with such bad resolution.

Guatemalan Mamaw

I’m pretty new to your music Carrie, I mainly listen to Contemporary Christian but when I heard this song I knew I wanted to hear more of your music. I am a missionary at a children’s home in Guatemala, leaving my own 9 grandkids in the States to be a Mamaw to 54 kids here who do not have one. Your music touches my heart and I love how sweet your heart is towards the Lord. Keep on doing what you are doing and I know He is well pleased with you. I bought the video so I can show it to the kids here, God bless you Carrie!!

Doug Guillot

As there were 2 versions in the store, I opted to buy the later one assuming they had fixed the video issues. WRONG. This video looks like it was compressed for a flip-phone or for a computer connected with a 14.4 modem. Pixelated doesn’t begin to cover it. There is so much anti-aliasing occurring it literally detracts from the audio. Whatever was in the water spilled on the video. It is a great song so save some money, buy the audio only version. Very disappointed.



Stephen l.

She has no talent




What an amazing video! And I love that featured her pregnant belly in this :)

James Franklin

I bought this video the first time and rated it one star strickly for the poor video quality. Perhaps this is a re-release but when I mouse-over it, I do not see Watch as usual for already purchased songs/videos rather I am prompted to pay again. Carrie's songs are typically great and this is no exception (stick to the audio only) but the quality of this video is simply poor. Not the artistic quality but the actual visual/technical quality. It is like the video is presented in the lowest grade video still available yet not on the market because no one would pay for it if viewed first.


Just a beautiful beautiful song something in the water I always purchased her albums. Her range is beautiful and also her song so small reminds me of my son with autism and what matters most!!


Love the song & the video but DO NOT buy this if you want a good picture. It is so grainy it’s distracting...