Chris Tomlin - Chris Tomlin & Friends

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I love country music... and Christian music, this album is so cute😂 “Chris Tomlin and Friends”


This is an amazing album that I can’t stop listening to! Can’t wait to hear even more of His words through you all! Best collaboration of country and Christian music, my two favorite!

Remington Campbell

“Thank You Lord” is my absolute favorite!!!!!! ✝️

Aiken bacon

For years my wife and I imagined country and Christian music coming together. Many country artist are Christian and this is a great way to profess their faith. It’s a boost to contemporary music for sure!! Thank you Chris Tomlin


Combining the two genres I listen to the most these days; Country and Christian, this album is a WINNER! Chris is a genius to gather ‘his friends’.


Love the match ups for the song’s


Absolutely perfect!! Contemporary Christian Country that sounds professional quality with lyrics that make one want to sing along in worship to God.


Wish that I had known you had to pay extra for the last 3 songs


This is definitely my new favorite album!


I love these songs, especially Thank You Lord and Who You Are To Me. Keep it up!

patton sonja

What an awesome album!!! To God be the glory 🙌🙌🙌🙌. Just on repeat!!!!


I do like this album. I play it several times per week. The lyric is comforting and real. The different mixes of voices keep it interesting. I’m really glad Chris and friends recorded this album. And I hope he records more songs with Blessing Offor. Man, that Tin Roof sing is awesome, on so many levels.


Absolutely love this album! Excellent music and lyrics! All surrounded by a gospel meaning!


Thank you all for making a wonderful album. Each song speaks to me. That’s hard to say about an entire album!

K Choy

I love every song and every lyric! Such a great collaborative effort. Blending Chris Tomlin’s sound with various country artists’ sounds is genius! There is such an upbeat positive vibe to this album. It radiates joy, praise, and gratitude. I’ve shared it with all my friends who love Christian music and/or country music and they all love it, too! Now we just need a part 2... 🎶🙏🏻🤠


What a great combination of two favorites - Chris Tomlin and Country.


I loved this album. But I also love the country and Christian genres so merging them makes me happy. It won’t likely be everyone’s cup of tea but my feeling is anything that worships the lord is a beautiful thing for those who it connects with. I haven’t bought a full album in a really long time but I loved most every song on this album. We could use more Jesus and God these days. Lovely.


So grateful for this music that I can finally actually listen to without getting depressed or turning it back to country music. I blast this and sing as loud as I can when I hear these. 🙌


Thank you for answering the call God put on each and every one of your hearts to make “Christian” music not just a Genre, but music for everyone not labeled by anything other than lifting high the name of God. Excellent songs and Collabs.


All I can say is wow! So glad to see two genres coming together to spread love, joy, and hope! That’s exactly what the gospel is! Thank you Chris and Friends for making this album!

Michelle d Holz

Absolutely love it! My 2 loves are together ❤️

# I love cars

More Christian artists need to be doing this! Uplifting and points my eyes on the Lord! 🙏🏼 thx!!!!!!! Keep it up


Love this album.. Christian country perfection ❤️❤️❤️

Mickeychelle 8

This is such an awesome album. Praise God!

Setting sights

I have never purchased a full album since the days of only vinyl albums; until now. I love every song on this album! It’s the perfect album to listen to driving down the road, while doing chores, sitting on your back porch marveling at creation, or any other time you just want to feel God’s love.

Marco Esquandolasito

This is really good. Every song is good. Great production by Chris and FGL.


So many amazing songs! This is my new favorite album for sure! It’s on repeat.


Love this music love the artist .... incredible! God is great!


Once again Chris Tomlin has nailed it


This album is just what is needed right now. God bless you all for creating such a great album and not being afraid to take a stand and declare your love for Jesus! My family and I can’t get enough of this- so thank y’all!


So good! Love the collaboration of artists singing Christian music!


I danced, I cried, I sang at the top of my lungs,I told everyone I could to download it. So in love with this album!!




i think its such a good combination and it really shows who the artist truly are


Great alumb.. It's nice to have something other than "typical christian music". Hope more of these collabs continue to happen!


Words are powerful!


I am so glad that Chris Tomlin, a Christian artist, mixed with some of today’s modern secular artists to make this album. I’m very thankful that I have a few country singers to listen to that are singing Christian music! Awesome songs! I recommend this album because it’s just so cool for Christians to have something “different” and inspiring to listen to.




Love the way it merges country and gospel!




i force myself to love it but i just can’t


Thank you for the gorgeous blend of Christian and Country music in times like these.


This album just blessed my socks off! Phenomenal job Chris!


A and B Saw


Else clicked on the new genre and saw this


Amazing to see Tomlin pull this together. Great production and fresh songs. Love it.


I cant recall the last time I purchased a whole album, but today I am ❤️


Thank you Lord for letting these artists come together and write beautiful, uplifting, Christian songs. So good, and much needed during this time!




Very well done! 🔥

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