Zac Brown Band - Colder Weather

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Colder Weather - Single Tracklist:


This is one of the best songs I have ever heard. Sadly, there were 8 other yankees who reviewed.


Love ZBB sooooooo much! But can't we have something new rather than all the versions of previous stuff? No disrespect.... love ZBB music!

A random dude>:-)

One of my favorite songs in the whole world!!!!!!!


This place is the mecca of the music world and you can tell that a group is big by playing at red rocks everyone who is anyone plays there, the best comparison is the garden in New YOrk for sports and happy to see them put up the best song from a concert to rememer.


I heard this song once on the local radio station and instantly fell in love with this song. I currently do NOT own the song, however, Im hoping to purchase the newer CD 'You Get What You Give'. Zac Brown Band are a refreshing breath of a great lead vocal with some great guitar part, its better than alot of the new pop country. Now... @chinookfix Your correct, you can only buy the song so many times. But this isnt recycling. This is giving the people that adore the song more versions of it. Two of the tracks available are almost the same, actually, they are the same (one of them is a video of the Live Version)


I love this song so much!! It is my very favorite Zac Brown Band song so far!!!


I love there music and it inspires me to write more music as well.

Santana 17

Outstanding band over all: great musicians, humble and creative. Zac has over 100 songs just waiting for their turn, purdy sure many of them will take us for a ride just like this one. Very glad to have discover their music. They are a turning point in music.

Money toes

It's a great song! I love it


This song gets even better when you see the video - if your heart strings aren't twanging after this one you must be dead - a great buy!!!!

jlg 123

i love this song it is awesome everytime it comes on i turn it up really loud and just sing haha


AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (is there any other way to say it?)


ZBB is the best band out there right now. They're legitimate, and this new release is the reason why--one of their best songs released again live from a different venue. You can listen to a song over and over from different places and it will be different each time. The audience adds to it and you don't get that with the studio version. Keep it up, ZBB!


This song is incredible, but the version with Amos Lee singing along is even better and needs to be on itunes!


I'm giving it a 5 only because I love the song. However, the marketing ploy of re-releasing a song that's already OUT on the albums and adding a live version does nothing for the fans but annoy them. (This and the habit of re-releasing old songs on a new album has to stop.) ZBB, we deserve better. Give us new music, or at least release the singles BEFORE the album comes out.


Oh my goodness. This song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. It's as powerful as Alison Krauss and Brad Paisley's "Whiskey Lullaby" which, never thought in a million years anything would ever compare. Thank you ZBB for being so amazing!!


Love this song! What else can I say. Z Steele.


Best song ever I loved it yea keep it up Zac Brown


Great song! T. Hickman Texas

sky light

Undeniable one of the best ZBB songs if you dont have it buy it NOW !!!! if you do save your 2.49 for some new tunes from this band

Al Trey

What can I say that hasn't already been said how about the unbelievable talent we have these days in country music!!!


I own almost everything Zac Brown has recorded.I love most of his music.However this song along with some of his others are starting to sound a whole lot alike.Its okay but nothing to Hollar about.. D.cook


Zac Brown Band is the best


I was at this show last summer and it is awesome to hear it again. This show was the night before the new CD was released and everyone went crazy for this song. Still one of my favorites!


Ok so how many times can we buy the same song? They had this one live on Pass the Jar, and recorded on You Get What You Give. I cannot justify buying this song again. I love ZBB but really, stop recycling songs to make more money. It's too soon for new music by them, so lets just enjoy the stuff they have already put out for a while. Keep the hits coming Zac.


Once again Zac Brown Band out does themselves! They are an incredible band! LOVE YOU GUYS ZAC BROWN BAND!


Zac Brown Band never disappoints! A must buy!! 