Corey Taylor - CMFT

℗ 2020 Roadrunner Records, Inc.

CMFT Tracklist:


Nor Stonesour nor Slipknot, Corey Taylor manages to create his own element his own sound far from his other bands, I would dare to say this is a “happier” Corey Taylor; really enjoy the sound and mixture of different genres, I can appreciate a bit of country a bit of blues and a lot of Hard Rock, well balanced album that manages to get that head bang notion and that calm feeling you need when driving in a stressed traffic area, very far apart from the generic pill you hear in mainstream, it’s definitely on a league of its own, definitely what you need to help you to deal with whatever garbage 2020 is throwing at you, THANK YOU SO MUCH COREY TAYLOR FOR THIS ALBUM.


This might be the best album Corey M.F. Taylor has ever put out.


Not feeling it though.


I would rather he just released an album full of covers over this trash. Just when I thought 2020 could get any worse, Corey Taylor releases this.


Album sounds great! Solid rock album.


Somehow this is worse than Nickleback, Limp Bizkit, and 3 Doors Down. THIS should’ve been stopped!!

Green Machinist

I can appreciate the direction Cory went here. It wasnt a safe move, he couldve done an album that sounds like his other bands and done well. He went with a style of music the will piss off a good portion of his Slipknot fans. There isnt a song on here that would sound out of place on a Nickleback album which is ironic considering the comments he made about them. Mid tempo rock with very few surprises.

brick tamblyn

As a Slipknot fan from way back I think it’s cool to see Corey’s evolution over the years. This is obviously not as heavy as Slipknot or even Stone Sour, but it still rocks. Corey has the best voice in the business in my opinion and I have been wearing this album out. CMFT Must be Stopped is great. I also love Samantha’s Gone and Halfway Down. And as always when Corey slows it down he creates some amazing songs. To quote Corey himself, “dig what you dig.” I definitely dig this.

3rd Eye Open

More a fan of Stone Sour than of Slipknot (the super hard stuff at least) - but holy hell - someone else stated: "this is why rock is dead"... Rock isn't dead; but this album is definitely DOA and the "quasi-title track" says it all: CMFT Must Be Stopped!!!!! Unfortunately, everyone at RoadRunner Records is just looking to cash-in on name recognition and didn't care enough to say, "Dude, this is freaking awful and unworthy of our Label, and of you."



Metal Darkness

Ok first off man people are SO full of Hate! First off if you ever thought this would sound like SS or Slip, wow HOW stupid are you!!! Really I man why would he not just do another Album with them bands Duh! And yes it’s Diff but still good as ALWASY because it’s Cory Taylor. Listen just because it’s not your kind of music does not give you the right to Bash it like so! Ok so you don’t like it that’s fine, but much like Covid keep it to yourself!! People just John is there not nearest talented!!


This dude can’t pull off anything good without eight other people behind him. Slipknot is a good thing, stick with that.

J. Oliver Johnson

This is garbage.


This is horrible


Belongs in the toilet


Watched the live show on Oct 2nd which was really cool. The album is kinda all over the place for me, but CMFT is definitely talented and is worth listening too.


How bored can someone be in a multi-million dollar studio? Just make more Slip tunes. Only sing a bit. 🙏🤘


Even for rock it’s mediocre


I respect Corey Taylor for making this album it shows that he has real talent for all genres of music. A lot of singers aren’t that versatile. It’s just a plain old rock album and it’s fun!! Not a great album as a whole but a few cuts that rock. “Silverfish” and “Make my Black Eyes Blue” are prob the best on the record.


Huge fan of Corey’s other work. Hate to give a negative review on him, but this is canned garbage. Sounds generic.


I was completely shocked at how good this entire album is. I wasn’t a huge fan of the singles but hearing them played in the context of the album brings everything to a new light. I honestly couldn’t be more impressed or happy for Corey. This obviously is him breaking out and doing things his way. While watching his live stream I realized I wouldn’t be heartbroken if he decided to keep his solo project alive and keep Stone Sour and Slipknot on hiatus. 100% worth the purchase

NWI Officer

Sounds like 90s rock


I’ve listened to this album many times and one of the few I had to get a refund... it’s just not good plain and simple... maybe it will draw a different fan base for Corey... just not for me. Been a huge CT fan since the 90’s but if it isn’t good I’m gonna say it cause that’s what a real fan would do... good luck with your future endeavors


This is really. Good and guess what haters... CMFT CAN’T BE STOPPED!!!


Did he actually think this was worth releasing? It’s like a bad Nickelback album aka most Nickelback albums. It does have two songs I like, “Silverfish” and “Culture Head”, everything else is garbage unless you like soft rock/pop.


great music great songs thanks


This album is great it’s not “Corey Taylor” that all the people who only listen to Slipknot and leave hate comments on this album and probably have shaggy hair and a beard they can’t grow out. This is Corey, a guy who had a ton of musical talent that he is expressing because he can. People who can see that have read his books, listen to him talk, and believe someone can do more than one thing. And for all of you saying it’s trash, I feel like he knew people wouldn’t like it but he made it for him not for you. And that’s the irony Corey MF Taylor must be STOPPED. Get it because he’s at a pint in his career where he can do what he wants and he’s going to.

Röck Rick

Jazz, Hard Rock, Metal, Blues, Country. This guys is a LEGEND!! He is the future of Rock. ROCK ON, BRO!! 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾


Culture Head is pretty good the rest is eh.


This is something Corey Taylor should've never done. No offense to Corey if these songs meant something hugely significant to you and how they made you feel is one thing and maybe the only thing that matters for you but from a listeners perscpecitve it's like hearing someone stepping into a genre of music they are totally not capadable with. Now granted we've never really heard you play songs like this but now I know why it's best if we never did again lol. I'd give you an A for effort but I'm glad you ventured out but lets not do this again for public listeners.


I think this album’s great. Corey’s a versatile musician and as much as I’m used to his harder sound I appreciate him making an album that’s true to him. Loving the album so far!


I’m not a hater he is gonna make tons from this album but I feel this was nickel back style reject stone songs. I liked home but was a better in zzyzx rd. I wanted so bad do like this, glad some of y’all do


This guy is so full of himself and should learn the meaning of humility


Yikes. This makes Poison seem like Slayer. Nothing more than slickly produced pop rock. Not offensive but completely forgettable and devoid of creativity. There’s nothing here you haven’t heard 100x before from other, forgotten soft rock bands.


Different from his Stone Sour and Slipknot stuff.. But i thought this albulm was really good.


This album has something for every generation of rock fan. If you’re coming here looking for Slipknot part 2, then you should just turn around. Corey shows how wide his talents span. From Thin Lizzy, T Rex, Rage Against The Machine, to even touches of Van Halen and Charlie Daniels you’re probably too picky for your own good if you can’t find at least one song (but most likely many) that knock your socks off & stay stuck in your head! Bravo Mr. Taylor


Until today. Great album start to finish! New convert here!


I really like the songs “Silverfish”, and the deeper slower song “home” where you have piano and violins. This album has a little bit of every genre, hard rock, blues, hip hop, alternative and it’s unique! Never get tired of Corey’s voice and vocals


Don’t waste your time with this crap


I’m out... super out




I get it , you wanna do something different . But this ? NNNNNNNOPE !


But what does Corey Taylor think? It’s just more garbage from a guy that thinks the world of himself. No identity in his solo music.

Mr. Yarl

Many musicians use a solo career to explore ideas and messages that just wouldn't be the same interpreted by a mainstream band. Year of the Tiger by Myles Kennedy is a bluesy venture into Myles finding closure over his father's death. 12 Bar Blues by Scott Weiland explores his severe battle with drug addiction while also delving into, and expanding upon, the avante garde art rock that inspired him. Black Labyrinth by Jonathan Davis is a gothic tale criticizing organized religion, finally finding freedom after years of being shelved. So what is CMFT? Well,nothing really. The only interesting way to observe this album is if you consider CMFT to be the answer to what Corey Taylor singing in Velvet Revolver would have sounded like. As far as "unexplored ideas" overall this sounds just like Stone Sour with more classic rock. Ironically the most unique song on the album is the title track. Which ultimately could have been a Limp Bizkit song! And I don't say that as hyperbole. This genuinely reminds me of Fred Durst, and I doubt Corey has the self awareness to see the irony of this song's lyrics. Corey Taylor is talented but this album is awful.


I can see where Slipknot fans may not like the new album, but this one is another side of Corey. It’s a great listener. I like songs you can hear a voice instead of growling all the time . I think it’s a seller.


This is kaka.


You’ve done your worst to us. At the end of the day, I hope you remember what you do best.


It’s better than most of the new crap rock out there right now.