Tyler Childers - Country Squire

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Country Squire Tracklist:

Austin Calloway

I like this record! Loud in my day with sunshine and these outstanding vocals! Good music by a talented man. Some people judge too harshly. Music is about life and energy and this collection covers both in country miles.


Great album, real country/bluegrass. Obsessed. I wish all country music was like this. Not even in the same category as today’s country.

Zee Dogg

This album is so powerful. Play it all the way through and enjoy the hell out of it!

Son Of Dawn

If you see closely, some of the hands are the pose of Baphomet, Solve and Coagula. 🤘🏻


Don’t usually like country but this guy is in my repeats!


5 stars easy for this album. That said, some of the tracks I was anticipating the most (e.g. Bus Route) were over produced IMHO. Logic tells us it was Sturgill, given his undeniable sound.


Great music, great songs. Easy to just play album on loop and get your work done.


What a great album speaking from the heart that’s what makes it great call it country Americana it don’t matter it’s great

Gary the baddass

Production ruins the songs


Although I’m a great fan of his, If you put Hank Williams Sr up against Tyler Childers today.... Hank wouldn’t stand a chance.


Cannot tell what is suppose to be a single or filler and that is good


We need more bluegrass and True country from you because it doesn’t seam to be coming from any other source.

Robert Drane

He’s the best country artist and this is a dang good album!


He needs to become more wide known, people are missing out not hearing him sing! Wish he would come to south Florida and do a concert soon!!!


All Your’n and House Fire are my favorites on this album


Fantastic record. Every songs a hit. Hard to find in this nonsense pop/hip hop world.


I can’t get enough.....love it! Awesome songwriter and storyteller!


He’s a breath of fresh air!!! Master of the strings and lyrical poet!!!


Awesome album. Wish there were more songs


Peace of Mind, All Your'n, and Matthew are the redeeming songs for me. I want to listen to Tyler. If I wanted to listen to Sturgill I would buy his stuff. Over produced for who Tyler is and his voice. The production hides the lyrics and the soul in Tyler's voice. The simplicity of what Tyler does is a primary attraction. That didn't happen for much of this album.


I’ve been singing these songs with Timmy for the last couple years.. I was so excited to hear this record! Talk about a let down. These songs are 🔥🔥🔥🔥 outside of the studio!




Great album that gets better with every listen. See TC live, he puts on a great show!

cherokee road

Between this album and purgatory put them on loop sit back and enjoy


I love the music especially because he lives less than five miles from me!


Tyler Childers is what country music is, and should be. Great album, as expected!


Absolutely amazing! Tyler delivers another well produced and “feel good” album that makes his listeners feel right at home!!!


Reading the critics on here and realizing they clearly don’t understand how the music industry works. This is exactly how an album should sound. Smooth like warm butter and flows like a river. Creeker is my personal favorite, Tyler’s vocals have improved tremendously and he was already great on Bottles and Bibles. When you see him live, the songs will sound a little different and that’s the entire point. That’s what makes Tyler great and Sturgill’s ability to produce great. You can’t just record the songs that we’ve all heard a million times already on YouTube the exact same way on the record. That’d be repetitive and boring. This is a masterpiece and it’s currently #1 for a reason. Keep up the great work fellas! See you at the Fox in Oakland, CA!


3 stars is a gift, and it’s only because I’m a loyal Tyler Childers fan. I was so disappointed in this new album. It sounds nothing like his old stuff. What happened?! I couldn’t agree more with the review that said you and Ryan Bingham need to sit down and talk about where you went wrong. Too commercialized, way too honkytonk country. I miss the soulful songs and the explicit label on the album ❤️


If you have enjoyed his past music you will hate this album


Been listening to this guy for years. One of a kind. Real country and true bluegrass


Just listen to it, once. Then again and again and again. It’s that good.


After hearing this album, I understand why they had to shop it around for so long. It sounds like Tyler wrote the lyrics before having any idea on melody or sound of the song. Some lines have too many syllables to fit but he forces them and then other lyrics are weak and something I would write. Sturgill, Isbell and Tyler are all I recognize as country these days and I love all 3 but this is weak writing and linear melodies and that’s NOT Tyler Childers. Really let down by the album but still pumped to go see him in OK this October. Last thought: this album still 💩s on anything being played on today’s “Country Music” radio


Love the imagery and humor in this album. Creeker and Peace of Mind are my two favorites. Most of the negative reviews that I have read seem to be taking the album too seriously. Just listen to the album and enjoy it for what it is. Tyler doesn’t have to be one style for his whole career.

Da Bird/•)>

Doesn’t get any better than Tyler, already cant wait for the next album.

aldean lover 97

Don’t know this guy but his music is really amazing! ❤️


This album is great, one of his best, and once it’s spun a half dozen times won’t leave your head. Love it!! I also love his earlier albums just as much.


Awesome album. Tyler has an amazing voice to hear not only recorded but in person as well. I wish it had more songs on it. But a excellent piece nonetheless.


This album minus House Fire is NOT the Tyler I had come to love. Was super excited about the new album but feel that it is very far off from the voice that you hold. Bring back the southern music, your voice is mesmerizing.


Absolutely love Tyler’s sound. Country Squire does not disappoint.


I haven’t stopped blasting this man’s music since I’ve discovered it. I like this album, especially All Your’n and Creeker, but I can’t wait to hear them with just him and his guitar. I prefer Tyler in his rawest form, then you really get all the soul. All of the extra instruments are so loud in this album you can barely hear his voice, but it’s still great and I support the direction he chooses to go with his music because it’s his, I just personally prefer acoustic. Great job, man, keep doing what you’re doing, breathing life back into country music! 💚


There are some really great things going for it. Some of the songs did grow on me. It’s a little over produced but I don’t think it’s fair to blame Sturgill for it. He helped with the last album and that was great. I do like the way the songs roll into one another. Sometimes music that is great in a raw form doesn’t always come across as well in a super recorded format. I am looking forward to the vinyl version.


This.... this is true country. I intended on downloading a few songs but ended up getting the album, its all good.


I honestly was mixed whenever I heard All Your’n. House Fire is good, but whenever all your’n came out, I had a feeling this album wasn’t going to be the same as Purgatory. You can tell it has a different tone to it, has Sturgill Simpson’s touch to it (whom I’ve become less and less a fan of now), but I’ve still listened to it on repeat since it dropped, it’s really grown on me. My favorites are creeker, and Gemini. It’s different, but it’s great.Childers knows what he’s doing, he’s a heck of an artist, a story teller, and has a great way with words I’ve heard in the hills and hollers all my life. Great work buddy, can’t wait till the next album.


Album is top notch beginning to end!


Enjoyed every song dropped before the album. Definitely a different sound than the first, but still enjoy the vocals, and instruments!!


One of the top song writers of our generation. Love the sound and the flow of the album!


I'm not much of a country fan, which is odd since I was born, raised, and live in the Southeast. But this album, or just everything by this guy I've heard, is great. I'm not an expert on music, and I hate being a critic or whatever, but simply put, I listen to most everything except country and yet I really love this album. Give it a listen. You won't regret it. But if you don't enjoy it, that's cool, there's plenty of great stuff that's come out recently.


I’m a huge Tyler Childers fan and was so excited for this album to come out. While I still do appreciate listening to it, the album just isn’t what his music used to be. Because I love Tyler’s voice, I will continue to listen to it, but I truly hope to get more of his original style with the next album!