Terence Blanchard - Harriet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Harriet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:

5-Star Barber

Disappointing soundtrack to an even more disappointment of a movie.


Should have read the reviews before purchase — this is not the real sound track

Kat at the beach

How disappointing, this album had almost no lyrics and did not sound like the movie; waste of money

HP Addict

I agree with all of the previous reviews. The score was beautiful but this album is woefully incomplete without the spirituals that were an inextricable part of the film right from the first scene. That only one - not even one of Harriet’s - made it on the album is a huge disappointment. I’ll be getting Stand Up as a single (totally agree with a previous reviewer about the emotions pulled by this song!) but will pass on this travesty.

Movie Lover 19

I was really searching for the songs that the slaves sang in the fields and used to call to each other. Extremely disappointed that they aren’t on the soundtrack.


This is insane. I was so looking forward to hearing the songs that Harriet sang in the movie and NOT ONE of them are on the soundtrack. Nobody who saw the movie is coming to iTunes looking for the background music in the film. We want to relive the beautiful musical moments when the Tony winner that played the lead is SINGING. Also, you have Janelle Monae in the movie. Why not ask her to do a song or two. This could've been a chart topping soundtrack. Now it's just going to be in the bargain bin at Walmart. Womp Womp!

Jonathan Applewart

I totally agree with the other reviews...The spirituals and use of Harriet's voice to send her messages was so strong in the movie, and disappointing that they are not present in the soundtrack. I was fully prepared to buy the whole album, but now will settle for the one major theme ayt the end...Bad taste and poor business decision


Where are the spirituals from the movie?? 🤦🏽‍♀️ only downloaded the last song.

Nanie's Music

The soundtrack was Great especially the song Stand Up. But I’m disappointed, in that her secret calling of slaves to come out is not on the soundtrack. Wade In the Water should be on there.


The most iconic song in the movie is not the soundtrack! Please release this. The music is amazing but all the slave songs should be included. They are soulful and tell stories.

My Fair Wedding Addict!!!!!

How is it even possible to have so many powerful voices in the cast and sing so many freedom anthems on screen and not have them in the soundtrack?! That oral tradition of “Calling” that was such a beautiful feature in the film is somehow, criminally, absent from this album... I will however give it three stars for the last song which made me want to cheer in the theater!


Cynthia Erivo sings this song with so much passion and feeling. It moves my soul. She co-wrote it with Joshuah Campbell.

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