Dance Gavin Dance - Afterburner

℗ 2020 Rise Records

Afterburner Tracklist:


Amazing! Love lighting up and chilling back with this album. Need to see them perform this album live one day.


More of a chill and drive album for me than listen at the gym


I think every song on this album is great. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much but this album met, nay, surpassed my expectations.


DGD is awesome

Nicco, DC

I didn’t think they could do it again, but they did. It’s amazing. The song structures in this album are not as intricate as their last few albums, but this album vibes really hard.

Grandpa Ah Puch

Dance Gavin Dance is, honestly, a band that explores combinations of different musical genres mixed with a classic metalcore sound reminiscient of earlier 2000s emo/post-hardcore, which gives the album a nostalgic feel while staying true to the group's more prog, math rock roots from their first LP, 'Whatever I Say is Royal Ocean'. Major fans of DGDs earlier works may find this album disappointing and perhaps a downgrade from Instand Gratification, Mothership, and even Downtown Battle Mountain II, Self titled, Happiness, and Artifical Selection - but Afterburner, like every previous installation to the group's discography, has something for everyone (except for maybe Trapt Man). It's a fantastic album overall: serious, yet fun; hardcore, yet gentle; simple, yet complex; classic, yet experimental. Dance Gavin Dance, once again, proves that they can do it all while doing nothing.


I don’t care what anyone says, this album deserves the 5 stars.


I swear every album gets better. Can’t wait to see them in August! You either get this band or you don’t. Then if you don’t, you should go get evaluated because well; this is one of the best bands out there!!!


I like the opening track, the closing track, Say Hi, and that’s about it. It’s not a bad album by any means, and it’s not any worse than their last, but it just feels so meh. The song structures are all sounding the same. Tillian is talented and he has a powerful voice but there doesn’t seem to be any discernible emotion in it when he sings. It just sounds like he’s belting out. And overall it’s missing that pizazz or magic that every other DGD album has. It sounds... cheap, calculated. Maybe I’m outgrowing them, maybe my expectations were too high, but this album is just okay. Not great, not bad. Maybe it just needs to grow on me, but albums like Mothership, Downtown Battle Mountain II, and Instant Gratification never had to “grow” on me, and I’ll probably be listening to those timeless classics until I die.

brady r creasy

It’s the most basic metalcore out there?


Every single track they make is good it’s crazy


Just pure bliss. Every time I listen I have a new favorite song.


Can’t stop listening to these songs since they’ve came out. They’re all so diverse and amazing in their own way, I can’t get enough.


These guys just crank out awesome, crunchy, jammy, hardcore tunage....the guitars, the, love it


Cover to cover. Amazing.


The fact i have yet to see one single negative comment on a single song on this album just shows how great it is


THIS IS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gavin Swan

I get chills with every song. It’s honestly so good I’m so many levels.


Hands down DGD’s best album to date. Every song is either great or fantastic. Parallels and Parody Catharsis are my favorites but all the songs are worth a listen to. One of the very few albums worthy of listening all the way thru! Keep up the great work gents!! Cheers


This album is absolutely outstanding. You can tell each individual member of the band brought their own influences to it. I feel like it’s a great step forward, and this album is at least on par or better than their previous work.


The album is amazing and has so much variety to offer. Sounds can be nostalgic to previous records. So great and it reveals so many new opportunities


A must have Dance Gavin Dance album all of them are great in their own way. The band is so talented. Loved them with Jonny, Kurt, and now tillian I really enjoy prisoner, strawberry wake, nothing shameful. All of it’s great ❤️❤️❤️


I am a die hard DGD fan. I love everything they put out. This is not it. This album doesn’t have a cohesiveness or feel like all of their prior. For the first time ever I am disappointed with their music. Hopefully it grows on me over time...


Once again a beautiful record that displays exactly why people love this band!


Seriously the greatest band of all time. Tilian’s vocals are out of this world 😍


Into the sunset really hits home!

Steel Megatron

Love this band thats all


I’ve been with DGD since the very beginning and they truly are my favourite band of all time. I swear, they haven’t released a single bad song. I’ll continue to support these dudes endlessly, so cheers mates for another amazing album!🍻 MULTIPLE STAB WOUNDS!!🔪🤘🏻🔥


Another solid record. Love them because they manage to experiment with their sound, but always keep that DGD style everyone loves.


pee pee


Just another excellent set of songs from the most reliable band around. There are definitely some new sounds they try out here (Tilian singing in Spanish for one), but they also stick to their tried and true style at times (“Born to Lose”). Not quite the masterpiece that “Mothership” is, but not that far off.

gme saint

This band continues to push forward with every album.


DGD has outdone themselves again, creating a record that masterfully blends different genres into their post-hardcore roots to create a funky, exciting, and chaotic mix of sounds. I've been anticipating this album for a while, and as always, it more than exceeds my expectations. Bravo gentlemen!


If you like sick drumming, and guitar work, with some catchiness and progressive sensibilities, check it out. Dang, no one out there can write music like DGD. It feels familiar with an extra burst of DGD weirdness and flair. Will Swan continues to add to his prolific guitar writing resume and Tilian performs some amazing vocals.


I know we all love this band, but it’s okay to admit when there’s a clear drop-off from their usual work. I was pretty nervous after all the singles were released and I wasn’t really getting into any of them, and after listening to the entire album multiple’s just weak. I thought they were finally finding their groove without JC and KT but this feels like a major step backwards. That being said, I see all the positive reviews so I’m happy that most people feel differently and that the band is doing so well, I guess this album is just not for me.


These guys never disappoint. Some of the best music to date and this is coming from someone who has listened to them since their conception.


There is no other artist/band that can create such catchy, addicting, interesting music like DGD. Afterburner delivers on every front and can be enjoyed by anyone that enjoys rap to metal and anything in between.

Paradox Meow

Absolutely love this band, quality every single album. I’ve listened to this album 4-5 times now and it hits perfect. Personal favs so far, into the sunset, one in a million, three wishes, born to fail, night sway, nothing shameful. These are subject to change, but there’s not one song that I find disgusting. DGD is my favorite band so I do have favoritism, I’ll support these dudes to the end.


Been a dgd fan since the start, and i have enjoyed every step of their evolution. The album is incredible and beautifully diverse


Nuf said!

Pink Yuki

This album has a heavier feel to it, lyrics and instrument wise. Everything corresponds well with each other from the tone of voice to the right notes played. You boys did amazing with this one!


I think it’s impossible for them to make bad music




this is so sos ongood


DGD went downhill. Most of the songs have same dynamics and tilian vocals just ehhh . DGD got lazy and lost Thier magic :/ well RIP DGD


With each new release they continue to surprise with fresh sounding tunes yet familiar. This release is their most intricate and mainstream sound bit not to the point where it sounds generic.


now let me win the giveaway


DGD just continue to get better while diving into several genres and expanding their experimentation with sounds. They are such a unique taste that I thoroughly enjoy. Afterburner is a masterpiece!!


A well worth wait. It’s so amazing. Love it so much.


as always, of course

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