Dark Tranquillity - Moment

℗ 2020 Century Media Records Ltd.

Moment Tracklist:


Very pleased with this album especially after the departure of Niklas Sundin! Also, I noticed the other review on here, I had the same problem and it took Apple 3 hours to resolve. If you paid for it twice contact Apple customer service for a refund, just be prepared to set aside an afternoon to get it resolved because they are incompetent. I also tried raising the flag to them to correct this issue as it would impact others, clearly they did not.


This is one of DT’s most thrashing albums in the span of their career! If you loved the speedier, catchier moments of Atoma, you’re gonna dig the constant thumping drums and slashing guitarwork here that surprisingly takes a lot of influence from earlier albums like The Gallery or Character. The production is fantastic and gallops among the heaviest portrait in DT’s discog yet, the twists and turns are uniquely schizophrenic compared the band’s post-2010 ventures, and there’s a certain punkish vibe that brings tremendous youth to one of death metal’s longest standing bands. It is extremely entertaining, menacing, and jamming; fans of Mikael’s soft singing will also find a tremendous amount to love here. Pick up the 2-disc edition if you can! Awesome bonus tracks.


I purchased the released singles off of the full album, and now they are not showing up as purchased. It appears that the album was pulled, and re-released. Not sure if this was DT, or a mistake by iTunes, but it’s not ok to have to buy songs twice. As for the music, it’s a 4 star effort, and their best in years. I heard the album in its entirety, and it is a mix of the melodic, guitar-centric approach of Damage Done, Fiction, Character, and their newer, keyboard dominant, progressive efforts with ethereal electronic influences like Atoma, Construct, and We are the Void, with some Projector thrown in for good measure. There are a lot of clean vocal sections, but they are well done. It is a great mix and representation of the material they have released in the last 20 years. With that being said, it’s a little choppy, all over the map sound wise, and it doesn’t flow well at times. However, I still highly recommend the album, and I don’t think fans will be disappointed unless they go into it thinking that it will be a total return to their old style.