Dax - I'll Say It For You

℗ 2020 Living Legends Entertainment

I'll Say It For You Tracklist:


He don’t got to sell out to be on top RESPECT ✊ the money and fame is not worth your soul and eternity. KEEP IT UP MAN NOTHING BUT LOVE.

vic is to good

Wow. Didn’t expect to like this so much. All the songs are really good. Love the instrumentals. Love the messages. Best tracks: I Need A Break, Dear God, My Heart Hurts


Just straight up amazing 🔥


All song are straight bangers I could literally do anything listening to this crap.

badreviews +

You made 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Oddly enough I heard about you from @nolifeshaq. Make sure you show him love.


I liked Dear God. It seems like he tried to take that momentum, and then blow it by making the entire album the same way dear god was made in a sense of making it “deep” and specific to an audience. Don’t get me wrong, I love your music, but I support your music for the rap you used to make, and the momentum you’ve built recently could’ve been a turning point for your career. It’s too bad there was no follow through. I’m sure other people like this version of your music, just not me. I’ll still listen to future projects, in hopes you go back to the old you.


All seven songs are purposeful bangers. Great music!

Music man 1987

DAX is about to blow up. He's super talented and one of the hardest working rappers I have seen. I wish I could buy stock in DAX, so I could get as rich as he's gonna get.

Trying to be Reasonable

I'm a huge fan of Dax. His flow, his lyricism, his general ability to string together decent beats, and his freestyles over more mainstream artists' beats are incredible. However, with this release... I was disappointed. "Dear God" and "Book of Revelations" are fine songs, but the rest of them are... "meh" at best. The overuse of autotune and the overall quality of his flow and lyrics just don't feel like the Dax with which I'm familiar. I'm all for artists branching out and expanding/enhancing their abilities, but this album just doesn't *feel* like a Dax album. It felt like he just kind of... phoned it in to meet a deadline or keep his name out there. It's not "bad," but it's not "good." It's just okay. Still love the man's talents and skills - I just feel like he could have put them to better use here. Still a fan. Always a fan, and a to me, being a fan means remaining honest in my opinions, and part of that honesty means admitting that I think Dax could have done much better here based on what I've seen him do in the past.


Love these songs. Listen to them over and over again.




...at highly HIGHLY recommended


🔥🔥🔥🔥 ITS DAX


this about to be so fire

Lupus Dei 1

Dear God, Thank you for DAX.

I win therefore I am

100, we all know it’s going to be fire!!


I am always down for Dax music



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