Demi Lovato - Anyone

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Anyone - Single Tracklist:


Love Demi but this song doesn’t do it for me. Great lyrics though!


So much love, girl. Do you. Screw the haters, they wish they had a fraction of the talent. Absolutely beautiful and raw. Powerful.


Well deserved standing ovation. What a beautiful song. Anyone who’s going through a situation can relate to this. Very touching. I watched the Oscars and I was speechless. I wasn’t a fan of Demi but girl.... I AM NOW. Congratulations on your comeback! ❤️ >>Now for the hater down below.... YOU are the reason why people go through what they go through. Listen to the lyrics and the melody. I think you all have to go get your ears and heart checked out. <<


They all used to refined shxt but this raw fire 🔥🔥🔥

Cam 85

I think the problem with people reviewing things is they give their opinions like they could do it better. Go ahead and give it a shot I guarantee a small percentage would even come close to singing this well. Demi Lovato has a great voice. Just a thought IF YOU DONT LIKE SOMETHING DONT LISTEN TO IT AND DONT REVIEW IT!


I had a headache all day after listening to this. She screeches the whole dang song!


The vocals are amazing, I’m not sure what all you haters are hearing! Maybe you need to quit listening to all those singers that need auto tune! THIS has a pure and natural sound . Well done Demi!


Her vocals just have not been on point really anymore, sorry


She's back...better than ever!

Blue haji

Idk what she was thinking but this is not it

Halite Corporation

I think there is a lot of hate on Demi lovato, but the song is meaningful and emotional. Her vocals are really good and strong. If y’all don’t like the song then I feel you shouldn’t bother to gives 1 star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


Queen of my life but this song isn’t it


She’s coming back stronger then ever! It hurts to know she was this lost not too long ago but my girl is back and ready to show everyone what she can do ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I actually really like this song. Listening to it on other music platforms, it sounds great. Listening to it on iTunes - it sounds really, REALLY awful. The piano is so loud and overblown, then the vocals seem to be tuned to be even louder than the piano. It's just awful. Is there something wrong with this track technically, or something "digitally mastered" completely incorrectly? The song itself is AMAZING, I just hope they fix the audio.

poop doctor!

I don’t care what the other people said, this is the most beautiful song in the world, I wish Demi knew how amazing she is😭 I’ll be your friend if you want Demi

Eero Daniell

It seems no one had the courage to tell Demi how bad this was. Not a good comeback.


This was her cry for help at a time when she was about to hit a wall. Her emotion is so evident in this “unpolished” work. No beat tracks, no double vocals or back up singers. Its one of the many reasons I love this song. She’s put herself out there and some people can’t handle that based off the reviews. She’s a person with feelings and issues, not just a entertainment prop. Get over it.


I love this so much! So good Demi!


Over singing but not in a good way . More shouting and screaming than anything . Song would’ve been good if someone who can really sing sang it. Also let’s just say no ones listening to her bc she’s been a nasty judge mental person to others and has yet to apologize for it .


Great song very deep


After all the talent she has squandered away from American idol, this is the most ironic thing I’ve heard ever. I think Simon would have put his hand up to stop her from screaming and to pick a different song.


Such a beautiful song, with pure raw emotion, and completely and 100 percent transparent. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


she’s just screaming?


DEMI YOU MADE US ALL PROUD SIGNING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, BRAVO! 👏👏👏👏👏 IT WAS A STELLAR RENDITION! Demi you made it through with strength, prayer and yes we are listening.👂Great performance on the Grammy Awards. 🎤 It was so raw and powerful. You’re not just anyone, you are someone. 💎 This song is a piano and Demi, that’s it. You are supposed to feel her pain because that’s how she was feeling and thinking at the time. This is the way it was originally. She kept it the same way with no retakes. This is not suppose to be a pop bop. Realize that a lot of people can relate to Demi from her words. It’s not supposed to be perfect. Who’s Perfect? But the message is there. And especially this week when people are grieving the loss of a legend, his daughter, and all the other families involved. We need to say “I got you” and hug a friend, spread love. It will come back to you. Demi is basically telling us that through her song. Listen to the lyrics well. 🙏


I have heard of her name. Never heard her songs though. But I knew she “sang” & her problems. She sang the N.A. At the 54th SB Beautifully! Screaming is a form of feeling pain in a song. What do you think of the way “Patti Labelle”, “Janis Joplin”, “Bette Midler” in “The Rose”, “Steven Tyler” “Michael Bolton” “Sing or Sang”? Isn’t that screaming? Or it’s only acceptable in Rock not Ballads? ALGJr. from FL.


You people are the definition of stupid! This song is all emotion! If you don’t like it then don’t listen.


She needs lessons, so very badly.


Demi is incredible and the raw emotions of this song are hauntingly beautiful. The power of her message I’m this song is so relevant today, not only with mental health, but also for the times and how badly our country needs for someone(s) to desperately make things better and to help the American people out of the chaos we are currently enduring. Bravo to this beautiful person for her love and powerful message!

Rockwall Eye Doc

I loved this. Very Raw & Real. How can you not feel the pain and empathize with what she has dealt with in her adult life. The story of her journey is worthy of respect, the song is worthy of acclaim and her soul is worthy of saving, living and celebrating!!! Just beautiful Demi!

Emma Tobae

Vocals give me a headache


Don’t listen to negative reviews. This song is raw, real, vulnerable and utterly beautiful. Demi you inspire me more every day.


Honestly the vocals in this are amazing. So talented and beyond. Selulu could never!

Pooh Bear444

This song is amazing, Demi has raw vocals, it’s really powerful


Emotionally perfect


Demi Lovato will always be an outstanding singer because she pours her soul and emotions into a song! Whoever is saying that she is screaming you’re wrong you need to learn the basis of how to sing because clearly she is belting and it’s also a ballad. Anyone is not one of these trash pop songs that are in the radio!


We all know the bad reviews are written by salty and immature Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift fans. It needs to stop and someone needs to put them in check!


And so emotional

Kelly Loves Selena

This song is so incredible. Demi is a great singer and is extremely talented.

Bri na-na

The lyrics are heart felt and so vulnerable. The vocals are strong and impressive considering what she was going through at the time. I’m so glad we didn’t lose her! Demi Lovato is Back and ready to take over! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Give this girl a grammy! Wow so amazinf and well done. My new favorite song and so excited for what is to come. She can sing!


I will first say I’m not a strong Demi fan, nor a follower of hers but I heard this god. This is a beautiful heartfelt song, and her vocals are amazing. (This song is beautiful; everyone leaving one star reviews and mediocre “criticism” is trying to feel validated by continuing to be cruel toward her; I have gathered a lot of people hate on her and honestly I don’t know why.) The message in this song was strong and I hope she’s doing better now. Though I’m not a follower, Demi just know people love you and you have people who love you and are listening to you. I hope things get better/you’re doing better. 💕💖


Lovato’s raw vocals left everyone in tears when she debuted the song at the Grammys. Now we have that recording to take with us and make us feel a little more understood when we feel alone, as even the world’s biggest, most adored pop stars can relate.




My ears are bleeding


Is this some kind of joke? Who would release a song knowing they sounded like that?


People keep saying this is terrible but this is an honest and deeply emotional song to her. She’s crying. And listening to everyone bash her for telling her story is just pathetic

Heeee's baaaacccckkk!

This song is a piece of trash


she screams too much on this version in my opinion...i’m annoyed that she still over-sings after all these years


This is so touching, so raw, and so many emotions and feelings. Thanks for sharing this with us Demi. Stay stronger and always be better than who you were before. Love this song, and I am so happy to hear you singing your heart out again.


this literally the most beautiful song some y’all need to mind your buisness

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