Diana Ross - Supertonic: Mixes

A Motown Records release;; This Compilation ℗ 2020 UMG Recordings Inc.

Supertonic: Mixes Tracklist:

Beaux Luis

Not necessarily my preference since the original mixes both album and Chic versions. BUT I am overjoyed to see this being embraced!


DON’T love it though........those haters should just get over themselves

DJ RobtRandy

Wonderful to have these mixes but please commercially release the album with the extended dance mixxes. Thanks.


Thank you for the wonderful songs of love and thank you preserving the elegance and beautiful original arrangements!


Sounds the same. Yawn.

Dr. Donnie

The remixes are refreshing and sensational reminders of the depth and quality of Diana Ross' musical catalogue. The biggest surprise for me is "Its My House". I like the remix better than the original recording. Four consecutive #1 Dance hits--impressive! Let's make it five with "Touch Me In the Morning" which is my favorite track of this fun, imaganative, and spirited collection.


For those fans of Diana you know we have heard these songs gazillion of times. These remixes needed to have a bit more imagination but still keeping the intent of the song and of course the gorgeous voice of Diana. And that is exactly what Dimitri from Paris did for "The Boss". Look it up in You Tube, it is nothing but brilliant! I'm dissapointed with Supertonic but its good for those who don't know Diana's catalogue. For few of us fans, well, there is that new album of Diana and if Mark Ronson gets involved like we've heard we will have few very exciting songs.

Mr. Mustafa

Eric come closer. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS🙄


This is such a great concept album. The songs that hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts were exceptionally done. Keeping the integrity of the originals, but introducing them to a new generation of Diana Ross fans. I can’t wait to hear the full CD. Diana Forever!


Diana Ross at her age, still getting # 1 dance songs!! God bless and keep them coming.


The album would see a lot better if it had at least one Supremes 2020 remix! We’ve seen stuff like this sooooooo often. Mannnnn....


Excitement vanished after hearing Love Hangover sung by the chipmunks! Poor Diana. Can’t imagine she signed up for this butchering of her classics!


WHY? Ruin these songs. Did Diana approve? 😏 Love hangover sounds like it’s on fast forward.


The first remix #ANMHE was ok as a novelty and a nice tie in to launch that heinous fragrance, Diamond Diana. Now we have Supertonic in which Eric Kupper has managed to drain the soul out of classic Diana Ross' dance classics with the same (exact same) base groove and just building the original song on top of it. ZzzzzZzz. Ms Ross promised a new CD I hope this is not what she meant. She is still my Supreme favorite but these recent "new" projects have felt like lazy money grabs that just cheapen her legacy.

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