Daft Punk - Discovery

℗ 2001 Daft Life under exclusive license to Parlophone Records Ltd./Parlophone Music, a division of Parlophone Music France

Discovery Tracklist:

Steve Goodrich

I’d rather music not exist than this exist. Awful


Work it harder make it better do it faster, makes us stronger, work it harder make it better do it faster, makes us stronger Work it harder make it better do it faster, makes us stronger, work it harder make it better do it faster, makes us stronger, Work it harder make it better do it faster, makes us stronger, work it harder make it better do it faster, makes us stronger, Work it harder make it better do it faster, makes us stronger, work it harder make it better do it faster, makes us stronger, Work it harder make it better do it faster, makes us stronger, work it harder make it better do it faster, makes us stronger.


Title says it all.

Simpson fanatic

I would love to be able to have the chance to see DP on tour hopefully it happens one day! This album is extremely incredibly well done!

Trust and Us



A masterpiece!

gacha frontier

I absolutely love this album very much it is one of the bests from the beautiful animation music videos to the amazing beats made by daft punk a definitely a must buy!


Honestly, this is my favorite Daft Punk album and it's one I'd listen to a lot with my brother before he left.


The best album ever worth every pennie

King Murphy

The songs One More Time, Digital Love, Superheroes, and Voyager were the songs that got me reflect my young years from my former hometown in northern Virginia. Gosh really loved those memories, and those songs got me moving!

The Funny Dovahkiin

I bought this album a long time ago before ITunes went completely the 180 opposite. The music is so good but what the hell happened to Aerodynamics and Digital Love? I’m missing two of those even though I bought it on the store? Did they remove it for some reason?? I’m confused.


The song harder better faster stronger you can basically put it anywhere

@[email protected]@le

Without a doubt this is daft punk’s greatest work. Congrats to them for making this masterpiece. They’re truly great producers with talent and creativity.


One more time...


Not a single song on the album I dislike

joseph aguiar

I heard daft punk before when I was younger and I didn’t really grasp it’s amazing style of music until nowadays. Love the whole album including my personal favorite harder better faster stronger. It’s digital style of music is great to listen to when working out studying and many other things during your day totally worth buying the whole album!!


This one right here Daft Punk. It’s my favorite album of them all I love this album ❤️

Raging Review

I bought 4 songs on this album: Aerodynamic Harder Better Faster Stronger Superheroes One More Time. They show up as Purchased when I look up the album itself, but they don’t show up in the Purchased section of my own music on the iTunes Store. That’s messed up. The music is good though


Even after RAM, even after Tron: Legacy, Even after Human After All, even after their iconic and monstrously influential debut, Discovery stands the test of time as their magnum opus, an absolute diamond shining so much brighter than their other studio works. Discovery is immensely listenable. It doesn't suffer from the sheer grinding monotony of their other albums which seem to tragically fall flatter on subsequent listens (except Alive 2007). Every track has a unique feel and the order of everything gives way to about as perfect a listening experience as you'll ever have. It's illustrious and gorgeous and it'll be as fresh to listeners hundreds of years from now as it to newcomers in late 2018. They say life is a sleepwalk between moments of discovering real beauty. I'm glad I found this album because it gives me so much joy and love the best I can hope to do it hand it down to the next generation.

[email protected]👍👍

Best song ever including the album


Best song ever..

crypto 1886

Love this album, it was actually one of my very first two I ever listened too, but for some reason Aerodynamic and Digital Love are missing from my playlist, it even says I already bought the songs, but they wont come up in my purchased list. Why?!


Always be jamming out to this 🤟🏻


how would people even think to dislike anything on this album this is awesome can't go wrong with daft punk!


One of the greatest albums of all time.


Who don’t luv this album That influenced many artists?


If anyone gets a chance go on YouTube and watch the music videos.. it's such a good story and will keep you on the edge of your seat. It will also give you a different outlook on the music. But this hands down is the best album daft punks made in my opinion


This is personally my favorite album even after all these years. Not only is this great music, it has its own anime film (interstella 5555: the 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem) you should totally watch it!


Title says it all.


They have it on YouTube and I love ot😍😍😍


This is the first thing I've bought on iTunes and I'm very glad This album is amazing and something everyone should listen to at least once Almost every song gets at least an 8 Please buy this album and support our bois Thank


Discovery doesn't disappoint. Every track on the album is extremely enjoyable, from the radio-ready hit opener, One More Time, to the 10-minute long epic that closes it, appropriately named Too Long. My favorite tracks are Crescendolls and Something About Us, while my least favorite would have to be the minute-long interlude Nightvision, but even that track flows beautifully and soothes you. One of the best EDM albums of all time.


This album is a masterpiece, enough said!


The music is all wonderful and, the music has rhythm.The music just blends in with harmony


Great songs but it irks me that One More Time fades out when it originally didn't

Crixus VI

This album is THE album for dance, and having a good time. It's also great for remixing.


I dont like everything daft punk puts out but this album is pretty good but "too long" was just too long.

Scorpion Bruh

absolutely amazing like all of their music!


Wow! Just wow! Eclectic genius!


Am i able to judge and review Legends ? 😅🙌🏼


If you could only listen to one Daft Punk album, this is the one. From start to finish Daft Punk produces some of the best music this genre has to offer.



Cow cat dog

Amazing! I've always loved Daft Punk and this album is one of the best. My favorites are: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Digital Love, Crescendolls, Superheroes (Dolphins in the air), and High Life. The 8 people who gave one star are WRONG!!!!


Personally, Discovery is my favorite album from the duo. I highly recommend you purchase it if haven't already!

Trilp dilp.

Forever a classic man

Keelan Brewer

One of the best if not the best album of all time I love absolutely everything about it.


The album is amazing, but you've committed a massive crime if you've never seen the film they made with it, Interstella 5555. Truly a masterpiece when the pieces are put together.


Sure, random access memories may be their most popular album, but this is definitely their best. Don't just buy singles, buy the whole album.