Toby Keith - Don't Let the Old Man In (Music from the Original Motion Picture)

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Don't Let the Old Man In (Music from the Original Motion Picture) - Single Tracklist:

My S.

Breaks my heart and makes me wanna cry every time I listen. That’s how ya know you’ve gotta great country song.


Amazing song and straight to the heart and that’s what we all expect from Toby Keith!


If songs are meant to convey feeling, impart spirit, provide personal reflection or shine light on a path cut from the vantage point of perspective...this may be the perfect song.


One of the most beautiful and meaningful songs to come around in a long time. I just wish it was twice the length. Way to go Toby Keith!!


Just saw “The Mule” and could have listened to this song for a long time. It fits the movie to perfection but then it is Toby Keith. Very thoughtful.

LM times 2

Loved this song by Toby! It was a wonderful surprise at the end of a great movie!


Great Instant Classic!


Sounds like something Springsteen should’ve written. Not a huge country fan but will admit this song is really really good. Great lyrics and a haunting guitar.

Injustice Served

Personally, I’m fighting the Old Woman every day. ❤️


Y’all don’t see it. So blind to the new “country” that’s out today. It’s rough around the edges but that’s what this song is supposed to be. Listen to the lyrics feel the meaning and soul behind them. Quit looking for the same old cookie cutter crap that you keep hearing on the radio. This is real music

might irish thug

Thanks Toby


Saw Toby Keith perform this live Friday night at the Ryman Auditorium… Breathtakingly beautiful!


It was a good fit in the movie and represents Eastwood’s character well.


Another great song by Toby Keith! Can’t wait to see the movie!


This is actually a surprisingly unique song coming from Toby Keith. This song reminds me of his golden days, when he sang GOOD songs instead of he has out today.


At my age...made me smile. Writing & melody touches a place deeper in a heart that’s seen many moons!