Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes

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Dark Lane Demo Tapes Tracklist:




The words Dark & Demo had me hoping this would be a no guest, no features album. Automatically lost two points for two songs with Mr. mumbles Future. The album starts off like it is going to be a classic. Than the usual Drake singing songs start and I don’t mind one or two but it isn’t until the last few tracks that the album gets good again. Drake please do an album just rhymin’ or a volume 2 but PLEASE NO MORE FUTURE collaborations!

nin10do fan

You can’t dance like Michael Jackson, there no way you can replace him, drake.


Nicki is garbage as well


Y’all nicki fans needa chill and attack someone else


Will listen to this album over and over again


💫 Demon


Them retards, writing salty ass reviews. This album is fire.

Pop Smoke's #1 Fan

I still love Drake because he’s a legend, but this album I like but I also don’t. I know that Drake can’t really make music right now because of the world right now, but he could do better...


Not great. Expected more from the hitmaker


He is the goat


not good


I need answers,why are y'all hating on drake?!? Is it because y'all ain't talented like him? Just why?!? For the ones who not hating:y'all did the right thing ;)


This album is better than most of the content made today but for Drake it was mid. Don’t get me wrong it’s got great music that you can bang but I believe Drake can do better. He has done better.


This album is fire! 🔥 some of his best work! Hands down


Fire album , especially the song desires


Not The drake I remember 🤢🤮


This album 🔥🔥 this the vibes he gotta stay with




Drake makes the best music just sounds literally elite nobody sounds like him❤️


Why sing about lies? You were trash from the start. I don’t know how people can even like you.

Lil Rome





People who think this album is trash clearly are sick in the head because he DID try. This may not be as good as his older music, but songs like War, When to say When, and Losses have pure talent, this is almost bringing back the Drake we need.


Pretty nice for a mixtape, better than more life and scorpion


This album is straight 🔥. Definitely the album of the year. Every song is a banger.


Hard pass wish I could give it 0 stars Drake used to be good now it’s just cash grabs and 🤮 music. Go back to screaming at people at Raptor games


When I first listened to this, I came with lower expectations than I normally do when Drake releases a album/mixtape. This is because this mixtape is mostly made up of leaks and loosies of his that have popped up on the internet for around a year or less. I was blown out of the water while listening to this. It has something for everyone. R&B with Not You Too. “Hype Drake” with D4L. And “Dance Drake” with Toosie Slide just to name a few. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to see what Drake’s all about.




No, Drake, you can’t dance like Michael Jackson, nor can you come out with a good album anymore. 14 tracks and they all sound like 🔥💩 Quality over quantity...

i love to game 2543510

I miss old drake he sounded super good but now he sucks👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻


Cartis verse is mid


My only favorite is “Not You Too.”

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Stup auto correct


For having a bunch of songs that didn’t make it onto an album.. these aren’t too bad.


I used to like Drake quite a bit, but this album is so mediocre. The first time I listened to it, I thought it was okay; at least I liked some of the vibes. However, I have no desire to listen to most of these songs again, let alone the whole album, because I know I won't like them nearly as much if I do.


Definitely his worst... 3 songs will get play from me “When To Say When”, Chicago Freestyle” & “From Florida With Love.” If he added “Life is Good” or “Toosie Slide” to the album it would’ve definitely brought it up a notch. I just can’t find anything outside of a handful of songs that are worth listening to.


He is the best


I don't really understand why yall's hating on him🙌🤔Drake makes good music and his talent is there whether u like it or not.....This album be lit afff 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💦💦

Nates army

boring album

The Rare Prodigy

Dark Lane sounds exactly like it’s supposed to. This is a mixtape with no direction, just a collection of random thoughts. I’m one of those “old drake” aficionados. I was hoping for some 06’ drizzy, that soulful , vulnerable drake we’ve all grown to love. I’m craving the smooth flow that once gracefully rode over the melodic undertones of “40” at his finest. Sadly what we get here is more blatant bravado, staccato flowing over busy production values. The irony of this version of drake is that he claims victim of everyone sounding like him, yet it seems the other way around. The only track here that seems to harken back to the days of old is “losses”. This track doesn’t even sound like it belongs on this project. It sounds like something drake had been working on years prior and it finally made its way out, indeed this is old drake. He takes his time here and finds the beat. “ I don’t this for the Graham’s, not for the gram(insta) is one of the more clever lines of this track. If you’ve come to dark lane expecting anything other than a playful medley than you’ll be gravely disappointed. All the while this is still an entertaining package for what it is.

cj brooklyn 3th street

Yes it is a great album


You gotta be a Drake fan to feel this


It is great and it is so catchy that I bought the emote in Fortnite called “tootsie slide” 5/5


A lot of songs sound repetitive. Maybe 4 solid songs I like on here.

Peso Piddy

Solid. Not bloated like his last 3 projects.

Crispier Cris

Bring the old drake back !!!

Jai bird

Get’em Drake!!!! Missed you...glad you’re back😀 happy he keeps changing it up!


He’s rapping. We don’t get that much this generation. I appreciate that.

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