Elvie Shane - My Boy

℗2020 This Is Hit, Inc. d/b/a BBR Music Group

My Boy - Single Tracklist:


In the backseat listening to this song with my step dad it almost made me cry. It’s all true mostly the part where he says he would still treat his stepson the way he would treat his real so.By the way that’s what got me 5 star love amazing


This song could’ve been written for my grandson and his (step) dad. They danced to it at the wedding. I sob uncontrollably every time I hear it.


You have a great voice! I love this song


Love his voice and I think it hits a lot of family’s that care and love their stepchildren.


Great song by a great guy. Written from the heart to the heart of everyone that has been in the same shoes. Love this. Give it a listen. TM


Beautifully written song with lyrics that totally pull on my heart strings !


First time I heard this song almost 2 years ago, and till this day it’s still has the same affect, it’s got such a special meaning to it.


I hope this a wonderful start for Shane


This song resonates with so many people in today’s world! If you’ve ever loved a child that isn’t biologically yours then it will certainly touch your heart! I wanna hear more from Elvie Shane!


I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Brian Bolf

Brings tears to my eyes everytime. Me and my stepsons listen to it on the way home from school.

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