Eminem - Music To Be Murdered By

A Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records Release; ℗ 2020 Marshall B. Mathers III

Music To Be Murdered By Tracklist:

the bass head

If you hate this, then your either a snowflake, or can’t handle that he is the goat and you love mumble rap. Because if you don’t see that this album is fire as hell, you need your ears checked. As once said by Eminem (2020) - “I know you have an opinion , but your opinion is wrong “ . You know, like the people saying he has lost his touch. Cause he hasn’t, the fact that he is the only artist in US history with 10 consecutive number 1 albums says something. And that means he still has it . And you know he is the GOAT when the only think people can compare him to is his old self. That’s how you know you made it , is that that’s the only way mumble rap fans or kids can’t listen to lyrics can hate on Em. Anyways, in my opinion, this was even better than kamikaze, and that album legit only had one bad song. This one has zero. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Also, this whole album is a lyrical godsend. It so crazy , Double entendres everywhere and punchlines galor. Freaking rap heaven.

Marianas Trench 4 Life

If I could give this a 0 I totally would so it gets a 1 and not even that.


He’s still got it🏆🏆🏆🏆

Zomie farm lover

The album is great with allot of super hits love this album


This album is another classic, the first Eminem album since The Eminem Show that shows Shady as the main chain of success, Recovery had his Eminem and Marshall side and Kamikaze had mainly his Shady vs. Benzino or Ja Rule but the target was mumble rappers and MGK. If you want to start as an Eminem fan, right now and this album is a perfect way to start.


This is the BEST album so far nice job em


That’s it






Im impressed with this album. Great listen to all the way through. This should have been the album after Encore !

Ciego locote

Em should just do commercials like John cena snoop dogg and shaq if he needs money.

your faec



So I’m just a small town girl with a respectable career who fancies herself an OG. I’ve listened to Em since the start of his career and it wasn’t long ago I was really missing his early stuff. I know there are new rappers out there but I really love listening to the old school gangster rap like warren g, snoop, Dre, Obie and Tupac... especially when at the gym or baking in the kitchen. I did like relapse and recovery but was less impressed with kamikaze and revival. That being said I am still a true fan to the core and of course I’m going to buy “music to be murdered by” As a lifelong fan I will say this new one is senior level stuff from Em. To say it’s better than the last two is a huge understatement. So I am happy to give it 5 stars, and to the artist himself - thank you for the all the hard work that you put into this.

Big Sean's friend

Best to ever do it

Its still leaking

When you have to “feature” a modern artist on every song you know you have jumped the shark. Time for Eminem to retire or go on a “has been tour”. No original ideas left in his head so he uses others as stepping stones now. 20 songs and only 3 rated more than 3 bars. Hang it up old man.


imagine supporting this terrible excuse of a human... couldn’t be me 🤢


Better than ever


He never disappoints


Eminem needs to stay out of the political game and get back to producing original classic hits.


Welcome back Eminem


Anything new by Eminem 👎🏻👎🏻


The 🐐 is back and better than over. And he’s still not done...


This is what happens when you hide your true self.




Many more of the songs, sound amazing, lyrics amazing. I would give five stars, but there are just a few songs that don’t sound that amazing.


Thank you for making this!

Høw Šhøćkîñg

No😢 all I was was listening to overhaul and they recommend this? My ears have died....



stephen haas

This album dropped out of nowhere. If I weren’t always checking his feeds I would not have seen this album at first. Absolute fire I love it!

Iffy cuff

hate him


Please collab with Avril Lavigne, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your nasty as it is


This is good.


Classic album by the GOAT 🔥🔥🔥

Timedeo it the best

Changing but it is still very creative keep the creativity going


I maybe a Stan because everything Em puts out I love or learn to love after more Listens I really Enjoyed revival of course it could of been better then when kamikaze came I was like ooooo Snap and then When MTBMB Dropped I’ve feel in love as soon as I heard the opening Track and I knew Em had Gold with this one so Amazing that he can still go so Hard in this New HipHop scene.. Ps Check out my Music lol (TheAmazingEd) Eminem is the f in GOAT!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Nobody can sit bars like M. Read between the lines this shit is good.


Such a great album, from top to bottom!


Brought me back to my best years with these lyrics...Em will forever reign as the best, period!


Pure genius


Listening to this brings you back to 2002


Bringing the heat!

Big screen daddy

I imagine this is what it would sound like. 3/4 of this album is guest rappers and skits. Eminem is a joke. Back to 8 mile, your time is up.


dude went off on this album 🚨. albums amazing and fire




Not as horrible as his last album, the intro and “I will” because it was a slaughter house track was the only two tracks worth [email protected]!ng with in my opinion.


Eminem is outrageous and offensive like he’s always been. Loved him since I was a small girl. Loved this album SOO MUCH!! He’s calling it like it is and showing again that he’s the best out, and 1 of the best rappers of all time. His talent 🤯! If you loved Eminem when you were young and you don’t understand this album, or it offends you and you can’t handle it... You’ve turned into your parents. Slow clap 👏🏻

The Bradleyss

This guy gets sillier with every record he releases. It's like a third grader's temper tantrum. Who cares?

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