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Coldplay exists on a level of its own. Sure you got the pretentious Coldplay haters that move on to every new hit. Coldplay doesnt care they have a fan base of actual music lovers that appreciate true musical talent.


I don't know what happened to the old Coldplay. This is not like all the other albums. They've gone too mainstream! Disapointing.

King Instrumaculate

While this album may have a different aura than most of Coldplay’s albums, it opens a window of opportunity to sing and express songs about our everyday lives. The album takes you through the highs and lows of most people’s lives and in the end will make you feel like a champion of the world. Thanks for the catchy, experimental, and thoughtful tracks of the future of Alternative. Also, I’m glad there’s a clean version!


This is early Coldplay...Less production, more vocal emphasis. Like several others, I'm partial to the clean version. But I love this album! Beautiful!


I like that they made a clean version


It’s sad to see such a good and experienced band release such terrible music. Not a single song is worth the time or $1.99. Please don’t waste your time or money.


Why are both versions not on sale?


I’m upset they felt the need to include explicit lyrics in 3 of their songs but I guess I’m also just so grateful they gave us an option to purchase the clean version 😊


So thankful for ‘بنی آدم’song


After a few very mainstream sounding (and in my opinion lackluster) album releases, Coldplay is back to exploring new frontiers with eclectic instrumentation and amazing guest musicians. Don’t get me wrong, the past 3 albums had some great moments, but they failed to wow me. Everyday Life won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but in a world that is on the brink of chaos, Chris Martin’s sometimes angry vocals give us a glimmer of hope for not only humankind, but music as we know it. Instead of following the overdone and tired electronic pop trends, Coldplay has decided instead to do the opposite-go back to very raw instrumentation with lots of different sounds-strings, horns, organs, even some electronics and of course the piano and guitar sounds. The album never gets boring. I find this album as almost a Viva La Vida pt. 2, which i think is due to some of the arrangements and the multitude of instruments. You may not like this album, you might not like Coldplay, but it cannot be argued that this is a wonderful piece of art. I applaud the band for making an album they obviously wanted to make, not one with a sound that was forced upon them by greedy producers. For music lovers, this album is a no-brainer. For those that only listen to the easily-digested mainstream pop, you won’t get it. And that’s ok. That’s why taylor swift exists.


This is a terrible, lifeless, boring album from one of the best bands in the world. I’m not sure how this even happened but this is just not good.


Can’t believe they are going to be on a stage and finding the kind of fun that came out of Headfull of Dreams.


There's some terrific moments on this album, and strong and catchy tunes that carry the listener through some occasional rough spots (some of the spoken word and add-ins are a bit confusing) but overall there's 10 really good songs that stand up to anything Coldplay has produced in the past.


The Coldplay magic feels very weak in this album. Too many songs that strike as filler. Only a few songs are great to listen to and sing along with (Everyday Life, Daddy). The theme for this album simply did not stick the landing, and may have even crashed for others. The explicitly is not what Coldplay is, and is a shame to see. The album feels like an agenda for live performances and/or political views. Coldplay is my favorite band, so I hope to see them bounce back from this one. An Album or EP drop in the near future may help. Love you Coldplay.

The Yeeting Cow

Truly an amazing album. Some highlights are Arabesque, Everyday Life, Church, Orphans, and many not agree with me but, Guns. So happy to here they still got it!


I've heard quotes attributed to George Martin over the years that the Beatles success had achieved a level to the degree that they were able to record whatever they wanted to regardless of length or quality. This album feels a bit like that to me. There's some stand out tracks that are great and still quality writing, but there the structure of the album is really disunified and never really comes together. I'm not even sure how it is considered a full abum with no transition on the short tracks to the main songs. I don't even mind the annoying preachy political vibe in Guns (note that are no guns in places shooters go to target) or the silly Blacks are always victimized portion of Trouble in Town. But why the pseudo-religous tones in borrowing hyms and spirituals while at the same doing a track with someone speaking in Arabic? Is this the whole many paths belief? It doesn't quite work or come together or completely congeal. Okay now Here's the good parts. The intro instrumental, Church, Everyday Life, Ecko, Old Friends, Cry Cry Cry, and Champion of the World. I'm a hard core Coldplay fan buying the old EP's and singles for the old nuggets I missed coming onboard because of the Joe Satriani controversy. But this album feels really incomplete.


It’s was...


And its also the darkest Coldplay album to date. I dont mind bands experimenting with other sounds, I really dont...but this one is definitely a no from me although I liked the spiritual hymns on this album. The album cover alone is enough to let you know this one was gonna be dramatically different—they look like a folk band performing on Austin City Limits or something. I definitely missed the upbeat, colorful and encouraging rockers but I guess every artist has to express their dark side every now and then. 2019 is Coldplays time


Too bad I downloaded explicit, I have iTunes family, disappointed it’s an option, rather not have those songs on play list under my purchase.


I just finished listening to the entire album. As a long time Coldplay fan, I know the music they put out reflects their evolution through life and the impact our own perceptions have on each other. This album is about the social issues we face today and its done brilliantly. The lyrics make you think and the instrumentals are outstanding. If you're looking for the Coldplay of yesterday, this album is not for you. Thank you Coldplay for staying true to Who you are through your music.


It’s everything I’ve wanted from Coldplay. Although I do enjoy their 3 albums after viva, everyday life really raises the bar once again.


Жалько. I’m sad this music - ужас.

Varun Parekh

Brilliant - looking fwd to the rest of the tracks.


Some may hate A Head Full Of Dreams but it did bring some nice new sounds like Hymn For the Weekend and Adventure Of A Lifetime, but this album takes a new turn! It has some old sounding songs from the coldplay you know and love and new sounds like the previous album! This is a great one as they combine sounds from all the years they have been a band! Glad to see them return!


Coldplay never disappoints! The preview songs are awesome and cannot wait for the albums full release.

Captain Robbie

This sound bores me. It has nothing to do with bands expanding their sounds. These guys are better than this.

Chris Mac 3

Stoked! Ready for some new music.


Lyrics could be better but otherwise sounds great


There are no words to describe how much I love Coldplay. I will be buying This the moment it’s released and I love the energy and sound of everyone of there albums. it’s amazing they have so many hits, from one Coldplay fan to another I highly recommend this album, as well as all of their albums. I’m so excited to hear that there is new music coming from them.🌕🌖🌗🌘🌒🌓🌔🌙🌞🌝🌛🌜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


Pre-order Everyday Life Now!!!


Coldplay's the best band been a fan for years and the 2 singles are amazing and so different it shows Coldplay can shake things up and deserve to be the best band


This is drastically different from AHFOD, but I'm super excited in the direction they're going with this!!!


Looks like they are working on some new exploration on this album...curious to see how the rest sounds


I am honored to give the first review of this new album: it is fantastic.


Having listened to both singles. Wow! Two different worlds, one band! Both are excellent in their own right, can’t wait to hear the rest!

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