Fleetwood Mac - Extended Play - EP

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Extended Play - EP Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Miss Fantasy sounds exactly like 1975 Fleetwood Mac over 30 years later, Lindsey is a freaking genius, getting kicked out of his band won’t stop him right now.


This is good! It's good to have Christine back in the band (though she's absent here). 'Sad Angel' sound like a Lindsey solo song and that's the EP highlight but this is still pretty great stuff. Hope they will do one more album before calling it quit for good. Yes they have done better, way better but c'mon! This is only an 4 song EP, not a full album! Perhaps it's all they had at the time! Lighten up!


I fell in love with all of these songs when I heard them. Fleetwood Mac is ageless and all their music is still fantastic. Stevie said that if this EP was to do well, they'll think about doing another album. Well Stevie, I can assure you that MANY people ( including myself of course ) are hoping and looking forward to what more you guys have to offer! Live on and Play on Fleetwood Mac xo

Michelle My Belle 69

Had this for a couple of years now, but just getting around to reviewing. Love the "new" songs, very personal, and very Fleetwood Mac! I think the mix is just right and hope they put some more out really soon.


"Sad Angel" is a great uptempo track that almost sounds like it could have come straight from one of their 80s albums. I really like "Without You" because it is the first song Lindsey and Stevie have sang together completely since "I Don't Want To Know" on Rumours, and it is from their Buckingham Nicks years. Great that they finally recorded it since they seem hesistant to release any material from it. The other two songs sound too much like Lindsey solo and are not my favorite. Needs more Stevie


keep in mind folks, Fleetwood Mac's last full length album, "Say You Will" (2003) was done without Christine McVie as she retired from the band in 2002. and that album was brilliant. a little too long, but brilliant. what this EP suffers from is simply bad songs, lackluster performances and horrible engineering and mixing. Christine is back now and a new album is on the way for 2015. I just hope they stick to the old formula, sharp, concise songs, a shorter track list (10-12...beyond that it just gets overwrought with what should be left off anyway) and bring on better production and mixing teams!


This doesn’t stir me. I’ve never read an “R & R” before, but I see a lot of ‘if only..’, 'Christine-come back’ and ‘leave the knobs alone’. Times, and artists, and tastes evolve. But I’m blown away by the current crop of 2 and 3 note songs sung by belt-ers & breathy voiced teen-aged girls who don’t know a vibrato from a violin. I’m goin’ back, Jack. Back to my stack. Where I’ll get lost, Boss, In the short-hair tingling, pulse-quickening, Loves-lost-and-love-gained enriching, Feelings That made FM Incredible-no- INDELIBLE for me. Can’t buy E/P. But it’s not technical. It’s not even musical. It’s all about what I was and, for better or worse, what I grew to be. Thanks, in part, to Fleetwood Mac. It’s what stirred my heart when it needed stirring. Peter Kennedy, M.S., M.D.


I have seen them live several times over the last couple years and I have to say that they sound better than ever. I really think all the people who only like the old hits should take a listen to these songs. Sad Angel is great! Lindsey's guitar solo in this song is amazing! Also,Without You is another not to be missed.


These songs are chart toppers. They sound great together, "Sad Angel" is such a good song. Solid Mac.


I love that they're back and made some new songs, but as others have said, it's a lot of Lindsey. I really like when Stevie has the lead vocal. It does not sound like them either, but that we can't help. It is inevitable that their voices change but their sound also changed. I think I could start to like it.


Fleetwood Mac in name only. This is L.B. solo. This sounds forced and very lame. IMO when Christine left the band, the band died as well. Fleetwood Mac is a brand name. Skip it.....


Played this quite a few times within the 1st week of release. Sad Angel is a great song for the Mac, sounded great live, and was easily a song for me to get into. Miss Fantasy has a good personal connection to me as well. And of course Without You has quite a bit of history dating back to the Buckingham/Nicks era that Stevie shared at the opening night of the tour at the Tacoma Dome that blew me away! (Google the story is you can) To me, this piece picks up where the personal material from the great Say You Will album left off. Even though it still would be nice if Christine would collaborate with then again, (kina wish Stevie had a bit more on this) the band is still in really good form, and I recommend this to Mac fans. The MAC IS BACK!!!

Frozen Ghost

For those critics who think that Fleetwood Mac needs more Stevie Nicks - please learn more about music and Fleetwood Mac. This band has stayed on top because of their versatility. Yes, Stevie Nicks has been a highlight of Fleetwood Mac but the band has also featured, through the years, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, Mac Fleetwood, John McVie, Dave Mason, Bob Welch, Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer and more. Sad Angel is perfect the way it was arranged and produced. If anyone thinks less of the song then they don't know music and they don't know Fleetwood Mac!

HeyHey HeyHey

I like all the songs. I saw them on tour, they're great. It's inspiring to hear them 40 years after 'buckingham nicks'


Their weakest effort to date. Nowhere like Fleetwood Mac's mid-70s and 1980's sound. Very disappointing.


It's been said here before. This is all Lindsay, but not in a good way. This will not harken you back to Rumors, Tusk, Mirage, etc… It's indulgent and rather bland music that really shouldn't bear the Fleetwood Mac name. It's clear Lindsay is calling the shots and everyone else just came along for the ride. Another voice is needed.


I can understand people wanting them to recreate the classic sound of the Fleetwood Mac and Rumors lps, but those days are gone. Those are probably the same fans who didn't like or understand Tusk. The band here sounds rejuvenated, inspired, and happy to be making new music together. I say let them live in the present and let the past go.


So sad. This is maybe what a Lindsey solo album sounds like, but I'm not interested in that. The Fleetwood sound, harmonies, and overall vibe is entirely missing from these four songs. As others have noted, Stevie is barely heard. Production is awful. Eek! These tunes are NOT Fleetwood Mac. In fact, after hearing these new songs, I had to immediately listen to a couple of old, REAL Fleetwood songs -- just to clear my head. So sad.

Danny 1027

I was somewhat disapointed when i listended to this new E.P. I really think it sounds kinda flat. the songs don't really do anything special in the arragements, and when your listening to them they really don't seem to go anywhere. They just sound kinda undone or something. my biggest dislike is how you can't even really hear Stevie Nicks that much at all in the tracks. Still think there one of the greatest bands ever, but i think there last album "Say You Will" was way better than this. i Sure miss Christine Mcvie being in the band as well.

Dr. Zen

boring and homogenized…christine mcvie is missed…while the first couple of buckingham/nicks lps were good, still prefer the danny kirwan/bob welch era.


They played this last night. It was a more rocking version and it was fantastic. They still have it after all these years.


I LOVE the old Fleetwood Mac songs. Play Greatest Hits regularly. What IS this stuff? Buckingham has lost his voice but dominates the mike. Stevie is barely heard and her vocal range is in the basement. Where's the driving sound? Rich vocals? A third really fine voice like Christine's? Go back to the studio, Fleetwood Mac and get some worthy music going.


More Stevie, more Stevie, more Stevie. Did I say more Stevie.


I burned these songs onto a CD and have been listening to them for a couple weeks. These tunes belong with anything they've ever done! I put the CD down two days ago and the songs are still going through my head. This isn't sugar pop music, it'll take four or five listens to get into your bones, but if you take the time you'll recognize Fleetwood Mac is all over this music because like their old stuff, this new EP won't let you go if you give it half a chance!


Not that good. Want to rock out!


These four songs sound more like a Lindsey solo album than something from Fleetwood Mac. I love these guys and have been waiting for some new material, but this is certainly not some of their best work as Lindsey has been saying on stage. Very disappointing. Fans should expect better from a veteran band that has done so much fantastic material.


I think this should be one of the new songs they do on the tour. This is obviously about Stevie, and would be interesting live. Sad Angel is alright, but Miss Fantasy has a better hook. I'm glad we have new music, it's about time, and I like all the new songs, but maybe they should've polled the fans as to which one we'd rather hear live. We do know what works, and we do come to hear what we like. Just saying.




I downloaded this with low expectations but found it to be very enjoyable. It's clearly a Buckingham Nicks EP rather than a true FM release - Stevie is heavily featured on the first two tracks and Lindsey dominates the other two (which is a fine thing for me). Some people complain that Stevie is not heavily featured on all four, but her voice isn't quite the same as 1977 and Lindsey's singing and playing is pretty darn close to the high bar set in the 70's. "Without You" is pretty cool - apparently Stevie and Lindsey began the song back in '74 and re-recorded for this.


Christine McVie is NOT missed by this fan. Her boring vocals and lackluster harmonies are a dismal memory thankfully! I think it's funny so many people miss her. Lindsey gets better with age. Stevie is my idol I named my daughter Rhiannon for Macs sake. They are legends leave them alone and be thankful for new music. One day they'll be gone and you'll all be crying on here lol.


Good to have something so Buckinghame-Nicks-ish. Please keep going.


These are four great songs, each one very different from the other. Yes, Lindsey has a heavy hand, but let's face it, he is the genius behind Fleetwood Mac. Stevie is awesome, but it is Lindsey that gives her music a great finish. Sad Angel really pops and is fun, and the rest of the tracks leave an impression. Listen a few times. You will like them all. Yes, it would be nice to have Christine back on board, but I think we all need to stop dreaming about that and appreciate the fact that we have four great artists together, making great music.


Hopefully, this EP is merly testing the waters. Fleetwod Mac stands the tesat of time, but I'm hoping more is on the way. Remember, this band goes back to the 60's.


Being a fan since I was 6 years old and now being in my late 30s, I was incredibly excited about this. Is this Fleetwood Mac or Lindsey's new garage comeback band? I agree about Christine Mc Vie but even Stevie was in the background. The true talents lie in Lindsey's actual playing of the music and background singing supporting the women. I think they need to regroup and put that back on the agenda. The only reason I gave it two stars is because its them. Some other review said it was god awful, and I hate to say I agree. Lindsey- get off the mike!


Fleetwood Mac is my all-time favorite band and when hearing about this, I ran to buy it. What a disappointment! Where's the Stevie Nicks songs?? Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Lindsay Buckingham's songs (and thoroughly miss Christine McVie) but this stuff just sounds like Lindsay Buckingham indulging his experimental side...like one of his solo projects with Fleetwood Mac slapped in as the artists (a little background Stevie vocals) to sell more copies...Please, FM, give us true Fleetwood Mac music...


Sad Angel is the best


This sounds like classic Fleetwood Mac. Love all 4 songs. Sounds great! A must have for any fan.


I will buy Sad Angel & Miss Fantasy but there sound is just not the same without Christine in the group.


It's time for Peter Greenbaum, Jeremy Spencer and one of the best rythym sections ever, Fleetwood Mac, to reunite and put out some reincarnated BritishBlues please!!


Wow. "Miss Fantasy" is the only thing close to decent on this. Buckingham is the most annoying producer on the planet. I mean, really, direct acoustic guitar instead of mic'd? That's what amatuers do. You mic acoustics to give them the natural sound. The songs are sub-par and they went overboard with the "loudness" factor in production. I couldn't even listen to the whole sample, much less the whole songs.


So glad to hear them again. Bring on more, and don't ever stop.


There's just something missing. Maybe it's Christine. I'm still a fan, but these songs just don't it for me. They seem more like demos.


These songs sound a bit sophomoric for the once mighty Fleetwood Mac.

Peerless design inc.

Wow. This is just terrible. Soulless.


God love the band for fighting on and putting out new music but there's such a small audience for new rock now. I doubt any one of these is truly memorable. Not knocking, just being honest and let's not forget, the driving force of FM is and always will be, Christine McVie. Without her, it's not the same. She was glue.


This is pretty awful. I saw them live so many times, have all their other material, and this should have never been released.Better name for the album; "Overextended Play". I barely could make it past the 28 second preview.I actually feel bad that they had to publicly show people the erroision of the talent they once had. This sounds unfortunately like a bad Saturday Night Live skit......just ouch.....


Agree with starbuckslvr. Stevies voice is unlike no other yet it's not completely there.


I'm an old metal head, now death metal dude. One of the few mellow rythmic bands i've always loved is Fleetwood Mac. I've got all their stuff but this IDK. Fleetwood Mac is Stevie Nicks and Christine Mcvie doing vocals and Buckingham doing instumentals with the other dudes in the background. While it's likely Mcvie won't be joining in anytime soon, bring Nicks forward and put Buckinham in the back playing that freaking pickless ovation guitar as only he can do. I loved Christine Mcvie but "Fleetwood Mac" was and is 'Stevie Nicks'. Without Nicks they are " Fleeting Memories or Muck". Take your place Buckingham, it's not in front of Nicks.


These songs are pretty good. Some of Lindsey and Stevie's recent solo work are not as good as there older Fleetwood Mac stuff; how could they be? But these songs are catchy, good melodies, and good lyrics. If they made a whole album with songs at the same levels of these, it would be a great album. And to those complaining about not enough Stevie: besides "Without You," these are Lindsey's songs. That's why the songs are only featuring Stevie.