Falling In Reverse - Popular Monster

℗ 2019 Epitaph

Popular Monster - Single Tracklist:


If you know the original ‘The Drug In Me Is You’ then wait For a completely different spin on it. It’s not only one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs I’ve ever heard it’s been completely given a new meaning and emotional weight with how this song was written with strings/piano. It’s like listening to Evanescence - my immortal mixed with a classical song like taken from phantom of the opera mixed with a video from AFI decemberunderground/a nightmare before Christmas movie. It’s epic!


While I am not a fan of rap music by any means, for some reason it sounds a lot better when mixed into a hard rock song. Several fantastic bands have really nailed adding rapping lyrics to rock songs, most notably Linkin Park, but also From Ashes To New and Hollywood Undead and Falling In Reverse is no exception with "Popular Monster".

Gloryto GOD!

This is the sad state of rock these days and its not even rock and roll!! Thankful there are still bands like Shinedown and Alterbridge around!

master sasori

The song speaks for itself. And help me feel better.


Awesome song


I love this band I have since day one, but I lobe this with all my heart. It’s true art Ronnies voice is great and I think he found a style he really likes and he’s going with it and I’m happy for him. Great job you deserve to be more popular. And if you ever read this then good luck in the future and when you do a show near me you better bet I’ll be there 😂😂


This is a masterpiece


This song is unique. Especially, how rap and “metal” is mixed. I listen to this song quite a bit.


Ronnie’s last three songs have been phenomenal losing my life losing my mind and popular monster is one of the best new songs I’ve heard in a long time absolutely love this song and falling in reverse


Still redefining genres but also get back to a metalcore sound in a heavy breakdown we haven’t heard in sometime. Excellent addition to the FIR catalogue.


Sounds great but I’m hearing a lot of NF’s The Search in this track


Definitely 5 STARS!!!!!!!

Brian Pic

But this has to be said. I was a huge ETF fan. After Ronnie formulated FIR I questioned a lot of their stuff. Love his voice but his music just wasn’t for me. Until this.... he really is a genius. Although I didn’t like most his stuff you can’t question his talents. This man, this band is revolutionary. Ahead of the curve. This is gonna be a big year for them. 2020 gonna slay for them. Great song. 🔥🔥🔥

Bloody $24

Talk about a terrible timing for this single to come out. LITERALLY THE DAY AFTER DEREK’S FIANCE PASSED AWAY FROM CANCER!

Jacob Knight Cyrus

I think they just found their pocket because this will be a song I play for ages. So much art, I can’t describe it. Just... wow.


The new falling in reverse (losing my mind, losing my life, drugs, popular monster) has been some of the best stuff I’ve listened to in a while 🤘🔥🖤

just post the freakin review

Man his voice just destroys me when he screams. I can’t stop listening to it!! 🖤🖤🖤


Falling In Reverse have always been quite experimental in their career, but it's really starting to pay off with these last few singles and Popular Monster is no exception. This ridiculous song is the perfect blend of beautiful melody, Ronnie's pretty sick rapping skills, and the heavy side of FIR. The band has undoubtedly made their own style now, and if this is just the tip of the iceberg of what's coming next year, we are blessed. *Side note: that was the FILTHIEST breakdown I've heard in so long, I have no words. Please experience that for yourself.

srv lover

Sounds like a Hollywood Undead rip-off...his rock work was actually unique and really well done. This rap/rock mix has been done, and it’s been done BETTER. I’m not sure why he felt THIS was the right way to go. But this is worth skipping.


Ronnie does it again

double pedaling monster

Love this!!!!! Man when the metal part hit during song I hurt my neck head banging 💥💥😂😂


Again with another great song to be added to my collection


At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it..but the more I listened the better it got! Super deep.


Falling In Reverse has been through a lot of changes over the course of their career. And dabbling into different genres have been very difficult and often questionable but I think..Ronnie showcases his most powerful track in recent memory. Losing My Life was great but this song..This song is everything. Rap Verses, Dark Piano Melody, Ronnies singing on the chorus and the instruments energy when it is being played is powerful.Less we forget the breakdown. The breakdown catches you off guard and Ronnie shows is that they can still be heavy and he has that metalcore scream still inside. I believe FIR have finally found a great way to blend their genres perfectly. A wonderful listen.


I’ve been a fan since 2015 and honestly this band has grown so much. I feel like a proud mom. This song is absolutely amazing and my boyfriend, who doesn’t like Falling in Reverse at all, said that this song was amazing. The music video for this song is creative and awesome!


Everything that was great about the first three singles, but with more instruments


They finally found THEIR sound and it slays. Great job, Ronnie!


I failed no nut November. This came out of nowhere and it was the best premature nut ever. The lyrics are so relatable and well written. Ronnie legit knows what he's doing in this modern day and age mixing rap with metal it's genius. Please release a full album soon or I will steal Charlie.

Whassss Up

Another great single by Falling In Reverse. This song has a mix of everything. If your a Falling In Reverse Fan. Definitely Add To Your Collection. Can’t Wait For The Next Album. Great Job Guys


Great Job Falling in Reverse, this was a fantastic song to listen to. Ronnie leading the charge with Rap, Heavy AND Light vocals. 5 out of 5 stars, just wow!!!


Right when i needed some good hard rock FIR delivers another banger of a single


I love the mix of genres, but I wish Ronnie would use his talent in the best light possible. The rap/hip hop feel could be tweaked a bit, it first came across as kinda cheesy. But I’m giving it 4 stars because of the incredible vocals and screams. Falling In Reverse does their absolute best in heavier rock music, and I hope to hear more soon.


I think it’s about time to announce that album


I like the style of the song a lot but I’m curious if this was for the Episode 4 tour. It doesn’t sound like a continuation of the past 3 singles. Either way this is still the only band I buy singles of. Hope a new full album comes soon!