Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac (Remastered Bonus Track Version)

℗ 1975 Warner Records Inc.

Fleetwood Mac (Remastered Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:

Trust and Us



I've owned this album on CD (90s) and more recently I had purchased & downloaded the 2011 Hi-Res 24/96 version as well. Though it was a definite improvement vs. the CD, it was very quiet (a bit too quiet really) which maybe was an attempt to avoid "brickwalling" (aka volume overload), but it was also a bit too bassy on certain tracks. THIS 2017 Hi-Res (which is what "Mastered for iTunes" means) version however corrects those 2 issues with the 2011 version. The volume here is definitely louder but def not TOO loud, and the bass has been balanced out as well. The tracks just sound more clear & ALIVE than ever before. I didn't want any of the extra tracks, so this was perfect for me as iTunes Store still only charged $9.99 including the 4 extra tracks, so it was still worth it. HIGHLY recommended! Do not hesitate to buy this version over the other older versions on here!!