Black Eyed Peas - GET IT

℗ 2018 BEP music group

GET IT - Single Tracklist:


Too much for the 1 Star-ers 2 handle


Stop judging Fergie’s presence and relax. The sound is groovy.


Fergie just made the group so much better


As a fan of BEP since Elephunk who dug back deeper into their catalogue into Bridging the Gap, which had a lot of conscious rap involved. I appreciate what they are doing here. When they do finally drop another album, and I hope they do, it will have some upbeat fun elements to it without doubt. Accept something a bit different until then please yall

Jaraya Soul

BEP are masters of staying relevant through the ages. If you listen carefully you just might catch the hidden lessons a lot of these “ critics” missed. The song was refreshing !!!


I was really expecting more than this from them. This is the musical equivalent of re-watching your favorite movie when you were a kid as an adult, and you realise it was bad movie, but you enjoyed it cause you were a kid and didnt know any better. Thats what this feels like. I'm not gonna get it.


Love reading reviews from suburban kids acting hard like they don’t like this song. You clicked to hear the song didn’t you? Sounds just like the Wiz Khalifa album to me and you gave that 5 stars. Probably own the latest Like Bryan album too. Maybe the new Jessie J album is tight. Check that out.

Dashing jhot

Nice beat


This is not music!!! If I could give it a negative star I would. As a musical artist you naturally evolve over time and become better - Black Eyed Peas have successfully become worse and lost the edge which made them successful.

Ben Kleschinsky

I was never a fan of the Black Eyes Peas, I actually really like this tune. It looks like people are not listening past fifteen seconds.

BJ Psenda

Don't know what you think you're 'gettin', since your lyrics seem to contradict themselves and just be random stuff you think will sell albums, but it won't be my money. No Flow.. No Soul.. No Clear Message.. No Fergie (or clear female voice which could add some spice).. No MONEY


Not today!

Bobby Bilivia

What is this garbage!? Is this even a song?! Big disappointment!

Ace of safe space

Song is terrible.


Donald Glover’s “This Is America” is way better. Like, a hundred times better.


I'm not mad at this. BEP has always been at the pulse of Pop Rap- so they fit in this lane comfortably. I judge all music the same way. Ok, I might be a bit harsher with rap. Talent, skill, uniqueness, good to the ears- all ingredients for a good song. This has all the necessary ingredients- in sure this will play on the radio. I just want a clean version for the car / my kids. Lastly is this the return of BEP? I hope so. Out!


What happened? This is the new hip-hop rap song from TBEP???


One of their strong suits back in the day was making songs that get you going by a great flow of vocals and music. This No music flow, no vocal flow. Just a choppy, irrelevant message (nothing clever in the lyrics). Pretty clearly a ground past their skill’s prime


I like it because I understand the concept


the Black-Eyed Peas became something once Fergie joined the band. That’s when they started cranking out hits but without her the music stinks.

[email protected]__?

For those clamoring for "Fergie", please realise the Black Eye Peas were rolling out hits, well before Fergie. Song has a smooth and mellow vibe, I enjoyed it. However, if you're looking for deep and meaningful lyrics to inspire you...Look elsewhere.


What a disappointment.


I think a lot of people will be say "yeah, miss me with this one!"


Can I give this a zero?

Fan of KB

Read it!


They need fergie

X50 cal

? Yeet


Love the black eyed peas


The song is bad but that review is 10/10


No Fergie, no Black Eyed Peas

Schneider #4

I neither like or understand this song or its lyrics... Sorry. 😬🤦🏽‍♂️


Their last single was great this is just garbage.


I am so glad there making a comeback although this sounds like a song that would go in the middle of an album instead of a main single ... it’s fairly well although idc for the set up of the song


This is not good. You ain't gettin' nothin'


Tired of this mindless bs "I got money so I'm something" Money doesn't make you anything better than anyone else. Dont believe me? Trump has money. Get It? Got it? Do good in your neighborhood.