Daft Punk - Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers) [Daft Punk Remix]

℗ 2013 Daft Life Limited under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers) [Daft Punk Remix] Tracklist:

#1 remix

BeSt remix ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The only con is that it's not a longer song,


I just bought this song and it says "purchased" but I've combed through all my songs about a dozen times and its no where!!


I love the song but it will not download on my iPod.


Why is this song NOT available for purchase? When I click on it 2 buy it indicates "Album Only". There only 1 song on this EP. Why list it anyway - just doesn't make sense. Oops, I forgot - this is typical iTunes "teasing". (Admittedly, I actually LIKE this version more than the album one because its 4:00 + longer). If you're NOT going to make a song available for purchase, DON'T LIST IT!!!

Eder Mazariegos

This is a good remix, but for Daft Punk I expected more.


The music sounds like a lost track from one of Chic’s never-released albums, circa 1977. The vocals, meh. No highs. No lows. Blah blah blah. A massive letdown for any true fan of Daft Punk. Any song that repeats the same line 8 times in a row (or more) was lazily and carelessly constructed. Yawn.


loving this!!!!!!!!!11


The radio edit of Get Lucky is amazing. The album version of Get Lucky is the most amazing song in my opinion. It will most likely be my favorite song for a couple of years. The song is so good, it really makes you want to dance. I got a CD and LP of Get Lucky that included 3 versions including this remix. I love this remix, even though it's 10 minutes, you can't get enough of Daft Punk especially if it's their song Get Lucky! I love the remix! All the Get Lucky versions are a must buy! Daft Punk are my favorite artists and they create incredible music! Wow!


Daft Punk will always by one of my favorite artists, but compared to pretty much every other major EDM artist, they can't remix anything. This is basically just different parts of the song moved around. But it'll keep the fans of this song happy. I guess this was to expected after hearing Daft Club. Good try Daft Punk, but you can't compete with the other remixers out there (ex. Justice, The Glitch Mob, and Pretty Lights).

Andrew Pattenaude

That seems a little overboard to stay up ALL night. Everyone needs some rest


I seem to like the fact that their remixes are actually re-mixes, like another mix of the song. Not like that other repetitive dub step junk EDM producers make.


Awesome remix!!!

The Groundling

Daft Punk have forgotten what we love about them. This entire album belongs in the waste bin. This mix is just extending the boredom.


This remix is the best remix, thanks daft punk!!!


There was a lot of criticism circulating Random Access Memories. I personally liked it and appreciated it for what it was. New EDM fans didn't get it. Old, dedicated, Daft Punk fans were on board. The more particular audiophiles hated it. What everybody agreed on was the brilliant mix of funk and electronic dance that was the Get Lucky Single. I think DP listened and decided to give the fans more of what they all loved! Well worth the $1.29. Wouldn't even think twice about buying this tune if I were you!


I get it, if u like this song, that's freaking great. But I just don't understand how u don't go insane by hearing "get lucky" a thousand times every time u play the song.

Kevin Wolff

I LOVE this version; this is what I expected all along when the single first dropped. I always wanted to hear Daft Punk (feat. Pharrell Williams) NOT Pharrell Williams (feat. Daft Punk) and this edition really brings back the techno vibe that was so overridden by the extreme funk and Pharrell vocal track.

Captain Robotman

It's everything I'd hoped the original mix would be... And more! Awesome.


This is an extended mix of the album track. If you love the single, this is 10 minutes of pleasure.

Magno Thompson

This is like a Hercules And Love Affair. I was expecting a house track, but thus kind of remix is also interesting.


the remix is pretty cool and made me feel "lucky" lol.....i liked!


solid remix of an amazing song, i prefer this over the original

rheum man

Still waiting for old yeller and Emma Watson to play a game monopoly with hitler in a speedo eating a french pancake that talks like Morgan freeman*sigh*- Cam cam


It is a GREAT remix, but it is a little bit lengthy to me


Such a great remix!


Just when I didn't this song could annoy me any more, I get proven wrong.


This is a great remix of the already great get lucky


Hottest song out there, has a disco hip-hop vibe that makes me wanna dance where ever I am!


Yep, much better.


I can tell Daft Punk was rushed in doing this. The music wouldve been a lot more better but hey, what DP makes is still 5 star work no matter what.


I friggen love it.


the first time I heard this song I was this is a good song!! but then it became every other song on the radio and it gets worst every time! it's majorly over played and it's not that great of a song so save your money and turn your radio on cause its probably on the radio

Sirius Maloik

Only Daft Punk is big enough to remix Daft Punk!


Their recent album didn't sound like them. This track sounds waaay better than the album!


I could listen to this all day


Better than the original!!

Esteban AM

stresses me always

Joao Paulo Cuginotti

What's the point of making a song "album only" if it is the only thing in the album??


The best remix from daft punk yet!!


This sounds more like daft punk much better then the original track and the whole album


Daft punk is always amazing everyone around the world. Even if they have no idea who they are or even what kind of music they make. The whole world is always craving for more of what they do: revolutionize. We crave it in every way, shape, and form. My opinion: Get lucky is definitely one of, if not the greatest song of all time. If they want to give it to us again, then it's a happy day for me.


Get Lucky is my favorite song, with this remix they really topped other songs

Invasion Moo

You got to buy this song, I would give a perfect 10/10 if you don't believe me click on the icon, but this song is amazing!


This remix is beyond amazing! I love it, thanks daft punk! If you loved the original get lucky, you will love this remix!


Man dis is tight work...shocking I didn know Neptune was on here great music


Remix? Just a 10-minutes edit which is very boring. I'd rather listen to the original one than this

chip cruz



I don't know what all the hate is about! This is great!


I love this remix!! Daft punk always comes back with some thing even better!!! Best remix!!!!