Grace Potter - Daylight

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Daylight Tracklist:

Trust and Us


I don' have nickname

No song on this album compares with her older stuff with the Nocturnals. When her songs are good they grab you by the heart and you experience the emotion. None of these songs measure up to her standard.


Taking nothing from the Nocturnals or any previoius work, this album is an excellent display of all the things I have come to appreciate about Grace Potter. There is the beautiful voice, the grace, the power, and raw emotion throughout the musical path she leads us down. These are memorable tunes that will withstand the test of time. I could be wrong bit there appearss to be sevral nods to those that came before her and if you listen carefully you may hear them. Hats off Grace this is an outstanding display of your talent and quite frankly I feel like some of your best. I am no expert but the writing and muscial compositions are first class. You've been missed.


Unbelievable talent and amazing voice just love this album


Falls way short of the old Grace I used to love. She's a shell of her former rocking self without her band, The Nocturnals. So disappointed . They were one of the best Live acts on the road, before Grace got full of herself and thought she didn't need her band. Boy was she wrong.


Anyone who loves to sing, needs to hear this album!!!!


Great collection of songs meant to be sung by this amazing voice. Had the pleasure and honor of seeing her live in Orlando....what a show!!!! Grace im in love with this album and your talent!!!!! Thank you for sharing your talent and keep these ballads coming.....


Love the soul in this album. Keep it going Grace!


Hey look a good song! Wish we had more of these on the charts. (Glares angrily at Justin Bieber)


Grace has come a long way and has achieved so much, yet I feel she’s still got so much more as a single artist to achieve, that’s ahead of her. I’m going to be a fan of Grace’s voice and music and follow her where ever her music career leads. I wish her all the very best of good luck and hope she just keeps moving onwards and upwards. If you’re wondering whether or not to buy this album, in my opinion, is well worth every penny, and I highly recommend it.


Her voice is amazing !!!!

Rapid Rich

I liked the older material she has done over this group of songs. The songs are very forgettable

Po Hammer

Although I'm new to Graces' music. I quickly became a fan after seeing her live recently. Lucky me, she had this album coming out. And it certaintly didn't disappoint. Powerful songs backed by her equally powerful voice. Yeah you need to buy this album! You'll thank me later. Now I'm about to scoop up the rest of her catalog!


Yes!!! I absolutely love this album. Grace, keep it going.


Glad to hear Grace singing ballads again...The whole album just flows...And seriously, you can't put Taylor Swift bubblegum pop in the same category.


I Hope This Wonderful Artist Is Met With Success And Kindness For The Rest Of Her Days!!!! So Wonderful!!!!


Soooo good! Do yourself a favor and get this album. Grace is genius.


Some of Grace’s most heartfelt songwriting to date, paired with production that lets her voice shine in a way that hasn’t been captured on her previous albums. Epic!


Very talented. Digging this new release. She's had a lifetime of great music, it's a shame she's no more noticed by the masses.


If the first track released is any indication of the rest of the album...she may have returned to her roots! I didn't care for her more recent over-produced,glamour-puss, pop-rock albums and didnt bother buying them. If she's back to her sound from This is Somewhere/Nothing but the Water...I'm so in, take my money! I'll re-rate appropriately around October 25th.


The marriage (no pun intended) between Grace and Eric V is perfect. The vintage vibes, the modern sonics and just great songwriting...I'm excited to hear the rest of the album and see what the future holds for her. She should be on everyone's radar.