Granger Smith - Country Things, Vol. 2

℗ 2020 This Is Hit, Inc. d/b/a Wheelhouse Records

Country Things, Vol. 2 Tracklist:


This album is amazing! It’s authentic country music...thank you!


One of the most underrated country artists out there!!!! The meaning and depth behind his songs is a gift to country music!!


Granger is dreamy af


Love it

Zachary Coburn

Found granger a year ago and have not been disappointed. Easily the most underrated artist out there. YEE YEE NATION BY GOD


Grangers best yet!


Granger Smith brought me back to today’s Country music, good clean creative music! Love Country Things I and II!


AMAZING Once again...YEE YEE!!! 🇺🇸

Paul Delac

Some real country music here


Granger is amazing and I love this album


This album is so good. You can tell he put his heart and soul into every song.


Very few artist that’s down to earth as Granger and the gang. My honor to support good music from a group that has morals and respect. I would love to see this be a number one albums across all charts just to show there are many more Americans that still take pride in true artist and put the true role models back on top.


Of course Granger Does it again!!! Love it

Get Reel Bass Fishing

Been listening to Granger for close to a decade now, and every story, every album, is perfect. Keep it up bro, no matter what you produce, you do it from the heart with passion, you have a supporter here 🙏🏼🙌🏼


Why is there no sound to the sample?


Yee yee

Kenny "the pitcher" Powers

Best album yet. Keeps getting better!

Swop is

This is one of my favorite albums by Granger!

Ria C R

Enjoyed Granger’s version of Nan Made. Congrats to Brett Sheroky and all involved with the making of this beautiful song. 💕


I have really looked forward to Volume 2 of Country Things!! Love Granger’s family, and all the things he shares across various platforms .... AND, I love his music!! You can tell he’s real and genuine, and loves to tell a story in song. It’s refreshing to hear these new songs... I love “Heroes” from Volume 1 and I think “That’s What Love Looks Like” is gonna be my favorite on Volume 2!

Plano Adam

This volume 2 lives up to it’s hype with songs from Granger and Earl Dibbles Jr. taking Texas Country Music from the heart of the earth up to the highest hills. Six String Stories, Man Made and Where I Get It From are my favorites from this volume. Honest lyrics from the heart anyone can relate too. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


One of the bets musicians out there, especially in country. Inspirational and fun.

briitany miller

Granger puts his entire heart into his music. ❤️


I purchased Vol. 1 and have been SO pleased with the music, and now that I preordered Vol. 2, I can’t wait for it to drop!! What a great artist! His music is real, raw, fun, and sounds like country music should. Our family truly enjoys Granger Smith’s music!! Thank you for putting out great country music!!


Wife and I saw the guy who wrote the first song on the album. It’s a great song! It’ll be our song for our wedding.


I’m ready for this masterpiece


One of the most underrated country artists out there!!

Eagle Valley Ag

This is real country music


First. Can’t wait for the album!

Itune Reviews

I’ll just go ahead and give Granger 5 Stars anyway. I just gave Clayton Smalley’s Dirt Road Therapy 5 stars too. Yee yee!


This album is going to be a So Kountry it’s spelt with a K YEE YEE @whiskeyintheair