Kenny Chesney - Greatest Hits II

℗ 2010 Sony Music Entertainment

Greatest Hits II Tracklist:

Eric in Manchester

After Ma died Ann started to invite me and Kara up for dinner and we would take the trip up to the house and visit my aunt Ann and have dinner with her so me and Kara started using this song for me and Kara to come and see Ann and take some time with her and having a good time with her for some supper before going home to get to work the next day so that was when me and Kara came up with a verse for the song the good stuff was when she said mas and Kara grabbed the first big fight so I stared down eaton saw the neon light in a corner station it seemed right so I pulled up




It's just simply great. 👍

Very country. I didn't find any songs that had value. His first greatest hits album good though.


The best out there besides Garth live in concert . Great cd


Best greatest hits 2 I've ever heard kenny never stops


He's the best 🙌🏻 down

Jbird 0073

Dudes a poser. Beach cowboy. Really?




The Best

St. Clair King

As a Kenny Chesney fan, I have this album and it is one of the best. The majority of his good songs are on it. Love the beachy sound too.

Cant get enough of kenny

this guy is definetly the best country singer, keep makin great music man, cant get enough of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah ^^


I grew up (born in 1999 and listened to country almost religiously until I was 10, 2009) listening to Kenny Chesney and all of the others. I almost started crying while listening to this, remembering all of my friends and all the good times I had while being surrounded by country music.

C-o-o C-o-o

Kenny is one of the best country artists of our time, and unfortunately does not get much credit for this. His song "out last night" and "you and tequila" are my favorites. I just want to say that he is truely as great in person. YOU ARE A GOD KENNY


This whole album is fantastic..not a bad song on here..keep up the great work kenny..

Virginia Firework

I love Every Song On The Album Including Summertime, Out Last Night, And Ain't Back Yet. Go Kenny.

Chase Preister

doesnt get better than this!!!


The album has all of his great hits


Every song is on this album is great! It's easy to forget how many hits Kenny has actually made, incredible feel good music for a great price. Keep it coming Kenny, see you in Tampa next month!


Wow! A Kenny Chesney album for $8? And combine that with 17 hits? If you dont have this album already, now is the time!


The only song that I wish was on here would be Don't Blink. Other than that, Kenny picked some of his best songs over the last 8 years! If you like his music or just getting started this is a great way to here the songs that made him one of the biggest acts in music!


Kenny you have been a huge part of my life since the day I was born. My parents say even when i was really young, i would smile when you came on the radio. I've grown up with you, and I will never stop loving you<3 This album is the best of the best Kenny wise, and I love every bit of it<3

Alex farmer

Two of my favorite Kenny chesney songs are out last night and living in fast forward out last night is my favorite for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice job Kenny


My mom loves this song


This will always be one of my most favorite songs Kenny has ever done. I love this song.


If you love Kenny, this is an absolute gotta have for your collection! Kenny is the best at entertaining his fans!


Listen to this every night!:D amazing<3


Kenny is true country, relaxed, fun, beautiful, and crazy;) anyone who knows good music, loves country!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Kenny!!! Jace


I LOVE KENNY! omgoshhh ive liked him since i was 8, now im 14, and i still do! he was my first favorite singer and STILL, he comes in at numberrr 2! (justin bieber #1) haha! but I Go Back was the first country song i ever heard, and then i started LOVIN it from then on! Theres not ONE SONG on here that i dont like! i seriously give every single song a 10. Kenny, theyre AMAZING. Iloveyou and i SAW you in concert JUNE 5TH! ...BESTT DAY OF MY LIFEE!:)


I love the song aint back yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 tons

Great stuff on here. Since his last Greatest hits it seems he went with a beachy kind of feel. Still a very nice greatest hits though. If you didnt pick up his first one its about time you get that one also.

Big Earl the pearl

Great Album! Worth every penny just from the duet with Uncle Kracker.

Sweet summertime!!

I absolutely love this album!! I am a huge Kenny Chesney fan! I love how his music sounds like the beach because I LUV the beach. I can't wait for the Kenny Chesney 3D movie! I have never been to one of his concerts so this is the next best thing! :) I recommend this album to everybody!!


I already bought the CD when it first came out, I wish these 2 new ones were free for those who bought the original CD. But that's not going to stop me...I've been searching and waiting for THis is Our Moment since college football kickoff!!


I've been WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING for Ain't Back yet. It is an epic song... but I STILL CAN"T WAIT 4 SUMMER IN 3D!! Y DOES IT HAVE TO BE IN A MONTH!!! THAT IS 4EVER 2 ME!!!


I wish kenny would of waited but i am glad that he put two more songs on his greatest hits CD. He is awesome