Green Day - Father of All M***********s

℗ 2020 Reprise Records.

Father of All M***********s Tracklist:


Congrats to Green Day for coming with something different yet still having some punk vibes to it. Don’t understand the hate from others doing reviews. It’s good for a band to take different roads now and again.


Yawn. Very sad


This “stuff” is Green Day?


Out of all the Green Day albums I listen too this one i listen to the most .I don’t hate the other I love them but this one it’s different has a different sound it’s a good change father of all, stab you in the heart and ready aim fire are great songs if you wanna try this album out try those songs the other songs are alright but out of all that it’s a great album I recommend it


“Father of All...”: 8/10; Great song, but it could be improved. This song is easily the song of 2020, mainly because today we worry about rioting in major cities all across the nation, the song stating “we are rivals in the riot inside us” which seems very true in major cities. The guitar is UNREAL in this song. Lyrics sound like you put Billy Joe in a blender but it’s great anyway. “Fire, Ready, Aim”: 9/10; NHL BAYBAY this song is perfect for the NHL’s Wednesday night theme. For a song that’s under 2 minutes, this song definitely takes the cake for this album. When Green Day has songs that are under 2 minutes, normally they’re “ehhh” (except for “Jaded”) but this one is PERFECT. “Oh Yeah!”: 10/10; BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM. HANDS DOWN. this song is a daily anthem for my life. It brings vibes from old day Green Day while staying in the new era of Green Day. It sounds like a little bit of everything that they’ve done in their musical career, with a twist of the new stuff. Rock on Green Day! “Meet Me On The Roof”: 6/10; love the music video, Gaten Matarazzo was perfect for the music video (and stranger things is LEGIT FIRE), but this song doesn’t really hit me as a... well... a hit. It’s decent, but not as good as some other songs from this album. “I Was A Teenage Teenager”: 9/10; Alright, Alright, alright. This is a vibe for sure! I was skeptical for the first 20 seconds of the song, but then the hook hit and I knew that I loved this song. I’m a nut for new music so I can see what a band is doing now and not judging based on what they’ve already done. This is one of those songs that is just [email protected]%#ng awesome! “Stab You in the Heart”: 9/10; from the first scream I knew this was a vine and a half. I love The Beach Boys vibe that it has in the hook, and this is a great song all together. “Sugar Youth”: 10/10; “Oh Yeah!” is the best song on the album, but this is my favorite song from the album. The lyrics sound like they’re pointed towards me when I listen to it because it totally relates to my life. I’m never gonna “@$%# the prom queen”. This song is an awesome banger that should’ve gotten huge. “Junkies on a High”: 6/10; questionable. It’s not a terrible song, but it’s not a fantastic song either. It’s okay at best. “Take the Money and Crawl”: 8/10; Okay! Noice! Noice as @$%#! Very vibe-ish! This is a great song and the lyrics are laughable (in a good way) and it’s awesome!!! “Graffitia”: 7/10; ...ehhh... okay I guess... this song didn’t strike me as a fantastic song, but it wasn’t a total train wreck... it was decent but I hope they can make more fantastic songs in the future like they have been for the past 30 years. Rock on and live on Green Day!


But I do.


People can say all they want about how Green Day’s music has changed throughout the years. They aren’t the same people they were 8-12 years ago. This album is great.

Giant Fluffy Bunny

Doesn’t sound quite like traditional Green Day, but still like it. Especially Oh Yeah! and Fire, Ready, Aim.




Even the singer looks disappointed in this album.


I don’t know why this album is getting hate, it’s good music, it may not be like Rock and Roll but it’s nice good

ava in chains

I’ve got paranoia, Green Day... I will admit that there are a couple of good songs, but idk about this album. I was born in 2006, so if you’re trying to draw in new listeners, try going back to the early days. I’ve always liked grunge and punk rock, and my friends listened to some of my favorite songs and liked them almost as much as the newer crap they listen to (any sort of rap or pop). If anyone can bring back music like the 90s, it’s Green Day. I get that you wanted to try some new things, but it’s hard to dislike the pure sounds from the past. I wasn’t a fan of this album, but hopefully you’ll go back to your roots and write something better.


I actually thought the songs were good I don’t know why everyone thinks they’re so bad


The above caption says it all


Bland, Boring, Forgettable Corporate Rock.

Realistic Gamer 348

Sound wise they’re there with the blasting guitars and pounding drums but this is easily some of their worst work lyrically.


How the hell is this Green Day this sounds like a 3 year old forced them to sound like the Jonas bro’s and so 5 year old girls listen to this crap, It baffles me that this is Green Day and I’m 11 THIS IS NOT ROCK THIS IS BUBBLEGUM POP like Backstreet Boys and Taylor swift


i used to love this band with their albums from 39 smooth to american idiot, but i feel like after that they started to get kinda soft. i mean i tolerated 21st century breakdown and even uno dos tre and revolution radio but this, well i mean it just sounds like one big car commercial with poorly done balids in between. im pretty dissapointed


When i first heard this album i thought it was alright, but then i listened to it more and more and than bought the cd (yes i still use cd’s). While i still prefer stuff like dookie and American idiot, this album is better than most people say it is.


It’s not horrible by any means but it’s not really all that good either. It has some bangers like stab you in the heart, sugar youth, and fire ready aim. But then there are songs like oh yeah and I was a teenage teenager that are just meh. The other songs are pretty good I guess but revolution radio was better.


We’re is the old punk sound


What were these guys smoking when making this album. Not decent at all.


This will be my favorite upbeat album for years!


Wish all the boomers would stop whining about it being so different from everything else Green Day’s done. Who cares? Yeah, other song are better, but what really matters is if the musicians like what they make. And graffitia is a banger.

Probably Best Album Yet!!!

Very Dissaponiting.They should have waited!!!!

MR Sl0th

What happened to Green Day ? This just sounds like poppy garbage🤦‍♂️

nickname boi 27

0/10 Best track: None Worst track: All

Not to bad for Lit

This album is like taking Uno Dos and Tre and thinking, “how can I make worse garbage than the trilogy?” There’s more musical talent from a garbage disposal than Green Day’s horrible record. It’s a symphony of multiple dumpster fires going on at once. Not sure what’s happened to the great punk bands of the past.


This album unexpectedly came out on my birthday and i speant the whole day lisining to it

mr.awesome-tank stars

I think that graffita and oh yeah we’re pretty bad but it only gets better and the top of the album is meet me on the roof


Was so excited for a new rock album full of great hits..... not a “surfer pop” album.... highly disappointed. Hope they play all their old songs during their new tour.


Okay so their sound changed a bit but its still a good album i just like the American Idiot album a little more


I hate to break it to ya. But Rock bands are not like fine wine. They DON'T get better with age. Think of every rock band you love and try to think of one where their new material is as good as their earlier stuff? Good luck! Green Day hasnt been punk for YEARS!! They are too commercial. Just look at their picture up above. They look like Vegas lounge singers for pete sake!


The songs grow on you!! I really really enjoy this album!!!

Pandora can shove it

I’m glad I didn’t buy this! Never thought I’d see these guys sell out like this. You do you Green Day. Enjoy your new fans while all your old ones move on.


This is pure garbage. I really want to believe that this is Green Day’s way of getting off their record label. This isn’t the Green Day I fell in love with in the 90s...their new albums were ok but nothing will beat smoothed out slappy hours or dookie or nimrod... let’s hope that they will drop magnus opus soon after this crap has been released. It’s supposed to be their actual real record.


This is a great album! Who cares if it doesn’t “sound like Green Day” these are 10 fun, rock songs that are a blast to listen to. They really did a good job experimenting on this one! At least they are actually trying something new unlike most bands their age.


Amazing, butch walker helped so much- love this album!!!!!


This is by far Green Day’s best work. They have truly grown up and left theirs idiotic punk fans behind. They’re still eating dog food while Green Day are going stronger than ever! The Kinks, John Jett, Lennon, Eagles, The Clash just to name a few of the CLEAR influences on this record. This has the hooks for Warning, the Social Substance of American Idiot, the Lyrics of 21st century Breakdown, the guitar work oh the trilogy and the dark tones of Rev Rad! It’s all of their best work wrapped in a gut busting 26 min ride of old, new and wild!!! Must listen! 5 stars!!!


Sure it may not be classic Green Day but it does mean these songs aren’t good.


Simply horrible

BuckShot J0nes

This sound like a 26 minute iPod commercial. The hell were they thinking?

doctor zhivago 112

What a shame, we just got noise shoved down our throats and no water to choke it down with


Let’s just hope this new direction these former punks are taking is just one bad music experiment that ends with this terrible album. Never again

The Darko

Classic Green Day album just a bit too short, I hope their next album will be at least 60mins


Sounds like their originals but not like they’re trying too hard. Not denying themselves a new sound.

St. Jimmy 409

Haven’t been a big fan of Green Day since probably 21st century even doe I bought the deluxe trilogy (big mistake) but I mean this one isn’t even that bad it’s been on repeat for a good week or so 👌🏼 could be a little better but good enough


This album shows how much this band has sold out. Moving on. 1990’s albums were great and then they decided to go mainstream and now here we are.

The Unheard

Not worth it.

We searcher

I’m a fan of Green Day and own all their albums except this one but this Album is a letdown and by far the worst album by them. You have Sum 41 who makes a new album and keeps the same style while Green Day on the other hand goes to complete trash and changes styles completely