HAUSER - Classic

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Classic Tracklist:


... exquisite talented young, handsome and inspirational man. I really enjoy these tunes.


Love this album of classical music. The sound of the cello is overwhelming


I listen to him every Morning and post him on my Facebook❤️


I have waited for many years for this album literally checking frequently.. some of Hauser's classical concerts are astounding...visually and performance wise he is the connoiseur's choice....with exceptional prhasaing anad living passages of the Heart not less, no less. Bravo! More....The Mozart Clarinet and (MY god!) the Mozart Piano concerto 2nd movement!!!!! (wildly beautiful!!!!!)...only true classical buffs can understand the magic here....Music like this is not academic or for the dying it is for the young and young at heart.....RADIANT!


Fabulous music played with real heart by my new favorite cellist. Lush arrangements and lovely settings. Throughout the Covid-19 quarantine, Hauser’s music videos have brightened our days. I hope he enjoys great success with this new album.


I have never purchased classical music before. But I put my earbuds in and the world goes away!

Quyen Nguyen2

Especially during the current COVID-19 lockdown in Chicago!!!

Ex ABC App user

Love the music - HAUSER is so talented! I took one star off because the digital booklet has failed to download!


The nutcracker is not downloading


Simply put...the selections and Hauser’s cello are divine. This album is perfect. If you want to make your heart happy and find inner calm play this from start to finish 💕

Eli's Mom 5815

What a talent. A feast for the senses.


I bought this today and I am so happy I did. It has many favorites of mine, but also songs I did not know that I knew, like Racmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto, which had to be the inspiration for "All By Myself" (Briget Jones movie, Eric Carmen). Really pleased with this set and Hauser's sound is soothing and peaceful but has depth to play the more somber notes as needed. Love him! Met the Two Cellos at a show and they were the best guys. Just nice, funny, sweet, charming... Lovely work, Hauser!!! BRAVO!


Lo vi en Instagram!