Michael Jackson - HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I

℗ 1979, 1982, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1995 MJJ Productions Inc.

HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I Tracklist:


Mute R. Kelly

MJ was a satanist and a child molester


It's missing some stuff. Digitally removed. If you know, well, then you know. Get this on CD instead. And he is NOT a molester. Notice how molesters all have similar characteristics. MJ doesnt fit the profile. He was just mentally stunted, and acted like a kid. The real pedophiles are the elites that accuse him. Do your research. Stop believing the lying media, which is what MJ always warned us about.

dolan super fan😭❤️😘

I know that you are now die an I love your songs it so creepy you would If you come alive that would be amazing

MJ dancing fan

iTunes owes me BIG TIME!!! Why are the tracks separated and made into a different album?!!!! Really getting on my last nerve


Best music made on earth #MichaelJacoson the one & only ❤️❤️❤️ forever #Legend #genius


OK. I think we need to get a few things straight when it comes to this particular album. I see that there are people who don’t understand the word synthesizers. For instants, take the track in titled scream featuring Janet Jackson. A reviewer says that there is a cricket in the background. No there isn’t. What you hear is some police sirens in the background along with a scream, breaking glass, and glass along with the snare timed correctly to the rhythm. You also hear thank you for letting me be myself being sampled. If anyone remembers the album rhythm nation by Janet Jackson, she sampled that exact song back in 1989. If you don’t believe me, look in the liner notes. Now keep in mind, I am a blind musician and I recognize samples when I hear them once or twice. I might not get the sample right away, but I can pretty much make a guess. The song they don’t care about us was re-recorded after Michael came under fire for lyrics that were deemed inappropriate for listeners who were Jewish. When the Jewish community protested, Michael tried to defend those lyrics by saying he did not mean to be racist in anyway shape or form. He was talking about everyone blacks, whites, everybody. But there was such an outcry, that Michael had to go back into the studio and edit certain lyrics out. Lyrics I will not repeat in this review. If you want to know what those lyrics are, look them up on the Internet. I had a girlfriend originally buy me the double cassette back in 1995. I still have my copy on CD to this day and it’s the year 2019. Sadly, I don’t remember when I bought the CD. But I will say this. If you go and buy the CD again, you will get the edited version of they don’t care about us. They do not make the CD with the uncensored version of they don’t care about us. Keep that in mind.


...the king of pop. Despite all the controversies, despite what anyone thought of him, Michael changed music forever. He was so ahead of the times. This album is a gem beaming with talent.

Bobby Bee

Took me a while to actually add this to my musicquarium but I'm glad I did.. It's definately HIS story as told musically, with a brief run-through of his HIGHLIGHT moments - grab it!


This album is huge boi I’m obsessed and an Michael Jackson impersonator YAS BOI


He has most of his greatest hits, tabloid junkie, my personal fave, explains what he is going through. These songs are great lessons, and beats.

Reed girl 72

For 38 years.The late and great Jeff Porcaro lent his drumming talent. Not just to the band Toto. But also to Steely Dan Boz Scaggs and hundreds and thousands of other artists that needed his unique and own personal groove. Very soon it will be 26 years since his tragic death. He is without a doubt the best drummer of all time and truly missed and loved by all that worked with him. He leaves a lasting legacy that will never go away. And will always remain the number one drummer who appears every night in my dreams playing drums on my heartstrings forever and ever. I love him and will never stop thinking about him. He is so sexy 🎧😂🎻📀🎸😈💽🎼💛😏📲🎤💿❤️❤️💜🐱💙🎷😇🐈🎺💚📱🎹 Goodnight my dreamyeyed angel


I LOVE Michael Jackson I was born in 2005 and I wanted to go to one of his concerts but I was to young but I wish he was still alive because IF HE WAS I would go to one of his concerts.#R.I.P MJ.I own this album on cd and on iTunes and I’m going to buy this immortal album on iTunes and the Jacksons essentials album can’t wait.......hey everyone if you LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON On you’re next review post .#MICHAEL JACKSON FAN FOR LIFE!!!.at the end of you’re review. Ok .R.I.P.MJ you’re music will always blow my mind 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😎😎😎😎😎.

K Hammond

i love this album soooooo much


Really wish to get it for 1,00000000000000000000000000 days!


I heard it’s based off something that really happened I wonder what tho it’s kind of scary to me tho LMK what u think cause I can’t listen to that song without like being scared about maybe what someone did or what Michael saw


Amazing album A must buy

Her Majesty Queen Mima

Still the King. Always will be!


Number one of my fav MJ album! Yay 😊

Kyle Darst

This is a album I highly recommend. Mike shows that he is ticked off about all the lies about him. It's brilliant and this is a very underrated album. I'd rank this as his third best album(1. Invincible 2. Thriller). Scream- 9.5/10 They Don't Care About Us- 9.5/10 Stranger In Mascow- 7/10 This Time Around- 7/10 Earth Song- 8/10 D.S.- 7.5/10 Money- 7/10 Come Together- 8.5/10 You Are Not Alone- 9.5/10 Childhood- 8/10 Tabloid Junkie- 10/10 2 Bad- 9/10 History- 8.5/10 Little Susie- 7/10 Smile- 7.5/10


But still very moving and powerful songs as his songs always are..👍🏽I especially love Stranger in Moscow 😶so unique and soothing...🎶💭you could tell he was going through a tough time in his life when you listen to this album compared to 'Thriller' and 'Off the Wall'



Da Real Lion King

U can press on any song n dis album n find ure self dancin to it


90s MJ at his best. So much raw passion in this album. My KING forever

Sticker request

I Love all the songs, i like the way how he took revenge on Sneddon through D.S. it's a masterpiece the reason i love this album is that it is more Personal for compare to his other records, i love it when he's angry because you rarely get him angry!


Scream is the best song


i got the cd back in 1995 i love all the songs still do RIP king of pop


Yo I'm in love with MJ and I was searching for the rapper Future and Michaels album was just randomly the first option like I searched a specific album from Future and I got SO LIT WHEN I SAW MJS ALBUM JUST THERE I WAS LIKE YAAAAAASSSSS SLAY MJ

John Mike

Where is Smooth Criminal? It's one of his top ten songs of all time!


Good album

Noah Lipsey

HIStory: Past, Present and Future is perhaps one of the finest albums out there. This is one of Michael Jacksons most mature and solid albums in his entire career. It is sad that Michael Jackson and his label didn't think the second disc would do well as a stand alone album because it holds some of the most treasured pieces of art in his career. From "Stranger in Moscow" and "Earth Song" to "Childhood" and "Smile", HIStory perfectly presents Michael's most personal struggles in an absolutely beautiful execution. Not only is this one of his most involved albums, but up there with one of his best.


D.S. I never understood


But we all loved him as fans He's our king of pop~ forever ❤️


The title says it all. Michael made HIStory in this album. The songs are so personal, aggressive, and fearless.


This is true music, talent, and art. Buy this album, it is one of the best albums ever made.

Vampire 10000

All of his albums are the best. From when he was a little kid to a grown man, but with a child's heart. His albums are the best! Get them all!

El Queso Schneidawg

A truly timeless album! Better than Thriller and Bad, in my opinion, and on par with Dangerous. Highlights include Stranger in Moscow, They Don’t Care About Us, You Are Not Alone, and This Time Around, and 2 Bad—the latter is highly underrated. Buy this album whether you are new to Michael Jackson music (which is a surprise) or you are already a fan and are getting tired of his earlier music.

Shyanna a random girl

Scream has the F word, and This Time Around has the N word and the S word. I'm sure those 2 songs are surely explicit if it has those words. Other than that, fantastic music!

pumpkin da poodles

great ,but heavy


Very underrated album. The lyrics are amazing!

Neg!t!ve 88

I love this album!!!! 💜


Due to false claims from horrible people albums like this blood on the dance floor and invincible go underrated

This is kitten

I was scared of Michael Jacksons music when I saw the cover of "Thriller." I had nightmares for weeks! I was only six at the time, and I didn't listen to any of his music until just recently. My music teacher introduced me to and my classmates the film "This is it." After hearing "They don't care about us and "Smooth criminal." I fell in love with his music. If you are one of those kids who listen to pop artists, stop listening to "Anaconda and "Talk dirty to me" and listen to at least one of his songs. Note: I would hear "They don't care about us" first. Sorry I was late to the party.


This album is epic if you truly love Michael Jackson! He is The One and Only King of Pop!


All song in these albums are just amazing, every time I listen to these albums I enter a zone of happiness no matter how bad my day has been...


Stranger in Moscow is one of his underrated songs in my opinion.

Beaux Luis

By the release of "HIStory" in the states, Michael's tabloid image had for overshadowed his music. The excellent and intriguing "Blood on the Dance Floor" and "HIStory" was basically rejected, by Jackson's commercial standards. Those albums were globally influenced because like the woman who was his progeny, Michael and Diana Ross were bigger international stars than stars in their homeland. Songs like "Stranger in Moscow", "Earth Song" and "Scream" were designed to appeal to his global fan base. "Tabloid Junkie", "This a time Aound" and "You Are Not Alone" may be more oriented to the urban American consumer. Maybe.


So this is my favorite album by MJ because every song on it has its own meaning, we wouldn't have gotten this album if b***hes wold just be quiet but at the same time I'm happy. Scream is awesome..they don't care about us shows that mic wont stand for rascism. You have a great cover of the Beatles Come Together...the diss of the century in D.S. You are not alone shows that Michael is still the best as well as earth song. Money, Tabloid Junkie, 2 bad, shows that the media and idiots can keep spreading the lies because it didnt bother him. Childhood and Little Susie give us michael's soft side while still giving us meaning. With the fifteen hits this is definitely a must bu. I prefer to buy this and then smooth criminal since its not on here and then you'll have an awesome collection...HISTORY!

Miss janasia wilder

I think I'm the 9 year old in the world who listen to michael jackson one of is song helped me a lot that was tabloid junkie


So good. Very underrated

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