Daft Punk - Homework

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Homework Tracklist:

Trust and Us


Caserman 13

This album is my favorite in the discography Daft Punk. Most people say that Discovery is their favorite, but I enjoyed this one more. Everything is so catchy and is a great introduction to electronic music. This one to me felt like it had the most heart while making it. This is the album I listen to the most.


One of the best album ever!


The fact that I can't re-download the album in its entirety after I purchased it about a year-or-so ago only ruins the listening experience and therefore downgrades my typical rating. This album is worthy of five stars but because "WDPK 83.7 FM," "Revolution 909," and "Rock 'n' Roll" are no longer playable, this album loses a star for each song lost due to Apple's inconvenience.


This album is great it's got some really good songs to but here is my top 5 5.Phoenix really good song I enjoy it a lot. 4.Fresh is a pretty relaxing song with good beats. 3.Burnin Very loud but with multiple beats going on it is a song you can dance to. 2.Da Funk Again a song that really is just incredible but not the best. Before number 1 here are some honorable mentions Around the world Rollin and Scratchin and Rock n roll 1.Indo silver club this song is great a song to dance to good beats it's perfect and very underrated but this is a 9/10 album and their second best album.

Cow cat dog

Not as good as Discovery but still awesome!!!!


I'm so happy that it's not 12 freaking dollars!! Great album

madisongrunge (ig)

This is one of the best 90's albums ever!


My favorites are almost all of the tracks except "Teachers", "Indo Silver Club" and "Funk Ad".


This album was one of Daft Punks first albums all the music does truly sound like 90's music as well as the videos for some of the songs there are many on this album but here are the top ten 10.Daftendirekt: is a little repetitive and hard to understand the voice but overall good song 9.Revolution 909: this one is pretty awesome and should be dance to 24/7 and the music video is basically about the process of tomatoes 8. Burnin': This is a very interesting song mostly because I enjoy the base and the zip noise and the music video is great as well 7.Teachers: the voices in this one are interesting and it also pretty much says the names of popular DJ's 6.Around The World: a great song and an amazing bass line to it, it is repetitive but we all seem to move from that great song very Funky 5.Rock 'N' Roll: this one is one that doesn't have much recognition but there's many people who don't like it because of the sound but I honestly it's awesome😋 4.Fresh: a nice and retro song 3.Rollin' and 'Scratchin: now this one is horror like but really it's just amazing 2.Alive: THIS one is pure amazement it is one of the best song in this album and I enjoy the bass line 1.Da Funk: this is the very first hit single of Daft Punk and it is purely amazing the music video as well is great and definitely the best in the album

Dangerous Dafter

This is the Best Album You Can Buy in iTunes! Daft Punk is the greatest artist to live!


1 star for apple and i-tunes service more than for the album… I love the album. Anyone who purchased either this album or "discovery" (by the same artist) more than maybe a few months ago can no longer download any of these tracks via the iTunes store. upon contacting the apple store I was informed that the "provider had updated" the contents of these two albums and that because of this I would no longer be able to download them… I was give 5 free song credits for my trouble… 2 whole albums apple. I have to pay you for them again in order to have access to them via the iTunes store cloud?! i guess next time I upgrade my phone or tablet i'll have to sync it manually (with the wire) to my mac's iTunes now in order to get either of these two albums on it…. kind of a crap practice apple...


The best👌👌


All I can say is da funk is the song!

Miami Heat LJ DW CB

Great job with Around The World. One of my most favorite Daft Punk songs. Great bass and kick. Another good one is Da Funk. Nice smooth wave to it.


One of my favorite DP albums!


Daft punk's first album is a mark in history saying: "be ready world, here comes daft punk!" My favorite song? Da funk. One of the best songs of all time, and my favorite daft punk song. Buy it. You won't regret it.


It's good because it's daft punk


"Around The World," "Da Funk," "Revolution 909," & "Alive" are the best tracks on this classic album!!!


I cant stand any old Daft Punk, they're last two outings were so much better in every way....this is one of those albums people think are classics just because they're older but in all reality its average....their newest album destroys their older house crap....NU-DISCO BABAYYYY


I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I AM A HUGE DAFT PUNK FAN AND LET ME TELL YOU, THIS ALBUM IS ONE OF THEIR BESTS! This album stated Daft Pnuk and this is my 2nd favorite album of theirs. The song contains very original and amazing songs! This is no doubt the greatest house album eve created! I have no idea why iTunes is deleting the reviews on Daft Punk's albums, but, whatever! Wow Daft Punk, you guys amazed me! Dafendirekt - An Awesome song! This song is so cool! (10/10) WDPK 83.7 FM - A very short song, but basically what it is, is an introduction to the album. Nice! (9/10) Revolution 909 - A great dance song! You could dance to this song 24 hours straight! (10/10) Da Funk - This is actually the song that started Daft Punk's fame and I love it! It's my 2nd favorite song in the album! It's instrumental, but, it's the best instrumental song in the world! This is a must buy!!!!!!! (10/10) Phoenix - A great song! I love to dance to it! Awesome! (10/10) Fresh - Such a peaceful song! I love it! (9/10) Around the World - Wow! Just wow! This is the best Dance/House song ever to exist on planet Earth! Holy cow! This is my favorite song in the album and my 2nd favorite song of all time! The bass line in this song is amazing! The tune is incredible! The voice repeats but it's incredible catchy! Dang! This song also contains the best bass line ever in my opinion. I even bought a bass to learn this bass line! IT's so cool! I could listen to this song 1 billion times in a row and not get board of it! 7 minutes is long, but it's totally worth it! This song has gotten many rewards and is one of Daft Punk's most famous songs! Wow! This song really goes Around the World! (10/10) (I wish i could rate it more than a 10 but I guess it's not possible!) Rollin' & Scratchin - The sng is actually really annoying and it may hurt peoples noises, but it's very catchy and has a nice beat. (9/10) Teachers - I love this song! It does have the most lyrics out of all songs (mainly cause most of the songs are instrumental or repeats) and contains a lot of DJ's names in the lyrics. A great song! But how does it relate to teachers? High Fidelity - A very interesting and cool song! I like it! (9/10) Rock'n Roll - Basically the same as Rollin' and Scratchin' and Burnin' but it's very cool! (9/10) Oh Yeah - I love this song! It's very catchy ad I love the girl chorus! Awesome! (10/10) Burnin' - I love this song! It's very cool, kind of annoying, but it's awesome! Reminds me of fire! (10/10) Indo Silver Club - A very fancy song! Awesome! (9/10) Alive - A very awesome song! Very cool and a electronic, dance mix! Awesome! (10/10) Funk Ad - A cool song. It sounds like a mix of Da Funk and Dafendirekt. It's awesome! (10/10) Overall this is my 2nd favorite album of all time! I love it so much! If you guys didn't know, Daft Punk made this whole song in Thomas Bangalter's (One of the Guys in Daft Punk) room. It's pretty awesome. Daft punk started a revolution of music and this album started this House and Dance Era! Daft Punk's are the gods of music and kings of Dance and House! Amazing artists! This is a must buy album!!!!!!!!! (10/10)


1. Da Funk: maybe a little repetitve but still clearly best on album 2. Teachers: weird but awesome, hidden gem of all Daft Punk songs 3. Around the World: catchy, over-rated, and still fantastic, but consider buyong the radio-edit 4. Burning: better version of Crescendolls on Discovery 5. Alive: great overall song 6. Oh Yeah: not a dance song, but a good beat 7. Revolution 909: catchy, and cool 8. Daftendirekt: whatever that voice is saying, it is very addicting 9. Phoenix: takes a while to get to the good part, but the good part is worth it 10. Indo Silver Club: very cool