Daft Punk - Human After All

β„— 2005-Daft Life under exclusive license to Parlophone Records Ltd./Parlophone Music, a division of Parlophone Music France

Human After All Tracklist:

lazzy punk66789

Great artistry = great musicians leads to robot rock LEGENDS 🀘🀟 I love it!


I love it! Technologic is such a good song! Daft punk never disappoints.


Speaks for itself... amazing still in2017


Great album overall, technologic it the best song!🎀🎼🎧


on/off is best track


Best song on the album


It's definitely the most experimental album DP have done to date, probably even more than ram. It's pretty repetitive and focuses on looping vocoder vocals over and over again. This works out pretty well on some of the tracks like TV Rules the nation and robot rock. My least favorite from the album is easily steam machine, it really killed the 5 star for me, and I almost always skip it when it comes on unless I'm preoccupied. Otherwise, I really like the idea and I think this definitely deserves its place in the daft punk collection πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


This is the best song ever you should buy it and if you see the video for this you will not go to sleep for 3 days XD Still best song in album


This has definitely become one of my top 10 albums of all time. I wish I would have discovered it a long time ago.


This album is fine if your a hardcore DP fan. However, I would not recommend it to newcomers. Its not terrible, but it's ridiculously repetitive (this is coming from a DP fan. I know their music is supposed to be repetitive.) So, yes. It has like 3 good songs, but its not great...


Daft Punk shift to the pure electronic genre with Human After All. My picks on this album are all of the tracks except the title track.


I listened to this album a lot this semester. It gets you through tough days when you feel like society is stacked against you… It has both simplicity and intensity, which is hard to do. My favorite album.


Daft Punk does it again! This album is great but possibly Daft Punk's worst. This era of their music is almost horror-like. Even the music videos are disturbing and horrifying but pretty sick! I also wonder why they deleted all the reviews for this album! Well, now I'm first for reviewing this album! Human After All - A very cool tune and very robotic! This song has a great Guitar line! (9/10) Prime Time of Your Life - I love this song too! It's very creepy, but awesome. The music video is disturbing, but if you love horror stuff, you'll love the music video. The song is true Dance/House music. Creepy! (9/10) Robot Rock - My favorite song of the album! The electric guitar line is the bomb! Very Rocky and Punky! Absolutely amazing! This is a great song for Rock/Dance/House lovers! (10/10) Steam Machine - A very creepy and weird song. But it's Daft Punk, what do you expect? Very horrific! (9/10) Make Love - A very peaceful, beautiful song. It sounds too familiar to many of their past songs and it doesn't really fit with the album's theme. (7/10) The Brainwasher - The creepiest song in the album. It's called the Brainwasher which is very horror like! I guess it's about taking out brains or something, so yah, incredibly creepy! (8/10) On/Off - I have to be honest. This is the worst Daft Punk song ever created. It's stupid. All it is a TV switching stations. I have no idea what Daft Punk was thinking! And 17 seconds??? It might mean something more in depth but I highly doubt it. (3/10) Television Rules the Nation - Very catchy! And yes, television does rule the nation! (9/10) Technologic - I got this song when I was little and this actually was the first Daft Punk song I had ever bought so the songs very special to me. It's one of the bests (probably the best) in the album! The lyrics are very creative and really, it is the only one with lyrics that are more than 3 words or something like that. It's quite unique as well!!!!!! (10/10) Emotion - Very roboticly emotional, but it repeats like crazy and only real fans are going to be able to handle the song. (7/10) Overall Grade - 8.1 out of 10 and a Letter Grade of a (B) Overall, this may be a disappointment to fans, but it still is Daft Punk and they are still the greatest DJs out there. This may just be an album only the hardcore electronic lovers will like.

Tim Goldberg

HAA is a flawed but interested experiment that won't appeal to everyone, even if you life Daft Punk's other work. I'd recommend giving it a trial run on YouTube before you buy.


Robot rock, human after all, emotion, steam machine, and technological are the best on the album! Television rules the nation sounds better on alive 2007. The rest except on/off are medium. On/ off is pointless and it costs $1.29?!?!

Miami Heat LJ DW CB

Great album. Robot Rock has to be my favorite. Television Rules The Nation is my second on this album. Both songs have a kickin beat to it and sick vocording.


I feel as though that Discovery is there best album but this album has more of an awesome Rock sound other than Discovery's more Electronic 70's 80's sound overall I feel as this is there Second Best Album overall.Technologic is probably one of my favorite songs of all time...Buy it use it break it fix it crash it change it melt upgrade it...

Haley loves this app

I just started listing to Daft Punk AND I LOVE IT u people are aw-some :3

Delta Dawg 117

Title is self explanatory. πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜


It's a lot like Electroma in the way that it's slow, it does carry on a little too much, but it's very emotional and straight forward. I listen to a lot of alternative music, and then I found Daft Punk. They've done an awesome job.


Probably one of the most misunderstood albums by daft punk. If you really listen to this album you'll realize that its still the daft punk we all love, its art, pure art.




I half to say, this is a daft punk hit. I love robot rock, tv rules the nation, etc. The main reason this probably was disliked, though, were the videos. Like prime time of your life. I can still s##t my pants when watching. But this still should be part of your collection.


Buy it, Use it, listen, it is amazing


So awesome. But Emotion sorta made me feel down, even though it may have been to calm things down.

EDM Child

This is one of there best albums!!!


For me its the best album ever made by Daft punk. What makes it really good is the repetitions that apears in all the songs, especialy the prime time of your life, robot rock and television rules the nation


Great album!!! Maybe because im a huge fan, but its what I wanted to here.


I am a huge daft punk fan. I love all their releases especially this release, especially Human after All. I honestly don't know why people dislike this album so much. For sake of space I will just name my favorites. (1) Human After All- This is my overall favorite from this release. I love the use of guitars on this track as well as the vocoded vocals. 5/5. (2) Television Rules the Nation- Great message even though the song only has a phrase repeated over and over. However, I don't mind that so much on this song. Unfortunately, the song does drag on for a bit. 4/5. (3) Robot Rock- Again the guitars come into play. Great riff and really catchy. 4/5. (4) Technologic- Second best on the album. Love the seemingly annoyed robot "singing" the song. Great beat and instrumentals as per usual on the album. Overall, Human After All gets a 5/5 from me and I consider it a masterpiece. However, everyone is entitled to an opinion, so if it isn't for you, no problem.