Daft Punk - Human After All (Remixes)

℗ 2014 Daft Life under exclusive license to Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company


This album is like so good I’m looking for the vinyl version if anyone has or knows one plz comment .>.

Dare nocho

This is the most amazing remix album I've ever heard in so happy they finally released it for iTunes.


I already listen to this years ago Lol Great album if your a Daft Punk Fan!


Great !!!!!!


Why is everyone acting like this just came out? I guess it's just now getting popular with the new daft punk fans…


This is everything. Everything I need.


I'm really digging #10 Robot Rock 0[^.^]0

m0b 5pawn

C'mon, son! This is, by far, the greatest combination of remix artists for a record, ever. Along with the greatest duo in French House history. Oh, and mc_CLOUD? You're a fool...


I've been waiting for so long! Thank you Daft Punk!! 5 stars!!!!!


Was hoping for so much more than what was delivered (for me). This could have been a stand-out Summer album and instead it’s filled with remixes from unknowns. Let’s not forget the Technologic spoken-word track (which apparently resonates with iTunes customers).


In my opinion, this compilation is way better than the original album. I don't know why, but I'm really addicted to the last track!!!


WAYY better than R.A.M.